Friday, July 14, 2017

My Parent's Visit | Wuhou Memorial

After we visited Jin Lin street, we popped over to the Wuhou Memorial - I had heard they had a really pretty bonsai garden and it was not typically something we would have done on our own so it was fun to do it together with my parents (way back when I didn't have a clue we would ever move to China, I visited this place on a work trip, but it had been a long long time!).

^ I immediately loved the first bonsai tree I spotted - it brought me back all those years ago to a person selling bonsai trees on Pioneer Parkway out of the back of their truck (man, how I wanted one of those!). ^

^ my parents next to bonsai trees! ^
^ my parents went inside a jade exhibit while we kept our little ones company outside (still playing with their stickers!). ^
^ I loved how they made this ginormous bench from rocks. ^
^ stickers plus french braid plus my girl. ^
^ this was a huge vase - my dad spotted the cutest pandas on it (a sweet nod to Chengdu). ^
^ my dad taking a picture of me and my mom taking a picture of him ;). ^
^ every time I look at this picture, I cannot believe how fast Emma is growing - just look at those long gangly legs my dad is holding! I am constantly torn between wanting her to stay little forever and all of the fun things we get to do together now that she is a 'big kid'. ^
^ hieroglyphics, possibly? this is when we really needed a tour guide ;). ^
^ she is a magnet towards any water she can spot! ^

^ I love all of the archways they have in this garden. ^
^ lily pads for days ^
^ another cool archway ^
^ that led to the prettiest bamboo lined path. ^
^ and then we made it into the bonsai garden ^
^ and their were bonsai tree's everywhere you looked. ^
^ so pretty ^
^ and this little one magic'ed herself into a fairy ^
^ and cast spells on the trees.  I particularly love that tree on Everly's left. ^
^ I am not sure what this means, but I did remember from the last time I was there that it is very lucky - so I had my mom take her picture in front of it :). ^
^ four little adventurer's ^
^ if I am not mistaken, this is Wuhou :). ^
^ I love seeing their little french braids side by side. ^
^ afterwards, we were hot and hungry and headed to Iron Pig to eat some 'texas bar-b-que' for lunch.  it was so so yummy (especially their biscuits!) after a long day exploring. ^


  1. Love this post - so glad you got to have so much fun while your parents were there. Texas BBQ in China? Wonder what it tastes like :-) What in the world is that drink? Must be delicious!

    1. I think it was just a mojito :) and the bar-b-que is quite good even by Texas standards ;).