Monday, July 3, 2017

My Parent's Visit | What We Did

I have mixed feelings writing this post - on one hand, I am sad because it means my parents are gone, but on the other hand we had the best time visiting with them and I can't wait to share with you!! Nonni recently left last Tuesday and we spent the week recovering - I am talking 7pm bedtimes followed by 11 - 12 hours of blissful sleep.  My girls (and us too, if I am being honest) were wiped out.  So now that we have recovered, here is what our schedule looked like while my parents were in town (I think it helps if you have an overview before we dive right in).

June 14th: arrived at 3pm, picked them up from the airport and hung out around our neighborhood
June 15th: global center, Mike's Pizza, People's Park, Wide and Narrow Alley, drive around tianfu square
June 16th: panda base, local noodle house, dujiangyan
June 17th: jin lin street, wushan memorial/bonsai garden, iron pig, our favorite playground
June 18th: back to jin lin street, local noodles recommended by NYT, walk around tianfu square
June 19th: my dad headed to the airport, me to work, Nonni hung out with the girls and Wes
June 20th: me to work, Wes, Nonni and the girls checked out the grocery store and had Mike's Pizza for lunch
June 21st: me to work, we all left for Thailand that night!!
June 22nd - June 26th: we hung out in our favorite place in Asia!!!
June 27th: Nonni headed back to DFW

Ok, so now that you have an overview, you can see we were busy busy busy (hence why we were so wiped).  I know most weeks, I just post three times, but I will try to post more frequently in order to get you all caught up.  

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  1. Hooray - looks like a busy schedule, but I am so glad you got to share your life in China with your parents and your kids got to hang out with their grandparents. I know they missed each other! Can't wait to see the adventures and glad you got some rest. Happy 4th of July!