Friday, July 7, 2017

My Parent's Visit | Pandamonium

** I had a scheduling error and this post originally went up yesterday so make sure you go back one post not to miss out on anything ;). Also, I have to give all blog title credit to my dad - he loved this phrase the day we visited the panda's :). **

My parents second full day here promised to be the best weather of their whole trip so we decided to make the most of it and do two big attractions: first up, Chengdu Panda Base! We decided it was worth it to beat the crowds so we left our house at 7am - it makes me tired just typing that ;).  What we didn't know is we were in for a delightful surprise!! Here are a few pictures if you would like to take a look.

^ these bamboo lined paths are my absolute favorite at the panda base - I was pretty thrilled that Ev's wanted to twirl for me :). ^
^ look at her go! ^
^ when I think about their childhood, I will always remember twirly dresses. ^
^ Nonni and Everly smiling on our way to see some panda's! ^
^ and a smooch - too bad that girl walked right into my picture :). ^
^ my parents were excited! ^
^ I took them on basically the same path that I took my co-workers on back in April so first up we saw these medium sized guys! ^
^ the girls hadn't been to the panda base in over a year so it was fun and special for themtoo! ^
^ I just love how clean and majestic this one in particular looks! ^
^ sooooo cuuuutttteeee! I am not sure there is a cuter animal ;) ^
^ my mom is pretty cute too! ^
^ Emma took as many rides on Papa George's shoulders as she could get. ^
^ my mom spotted this guy in a tree and he turned out to put a little show on for us getting down the tree! ^

^ more Papa George shoulder time! ^
^ he moved down a little further! ^
^ we were so happy to have these two in China! ^
^ peeking out from another direction ^

^ after watching that panda - we walked for awhile and found some younger panda's. ^
^ evidently we were really missing something further down ;). ^
^ mama panda was relaxing ^

^ this one was pretty small and adorable ;). ^
^ Nonni, Everly and a goldfish :). ^

^ these two have a special bond and I adore these pictures :). ^
^ from this picture, I can see why everyone asks me if they are twins!! ^
^ the reflection of the sky in the water! ^
^ and then we happened upon the best surprise!!! we found ourselves in line to look at not just one baby panda, but twin baby pandas. we were not totally surprised because Wes had told us that baby pandas were born, but when we went to the nursery we thought they would be in they weren't there, so we were pretty surprised that they were here! ^
^ the excitement was contagious - Emma said she had been waiting her whole life for this, I may or may not have been squealing and we may or may not have walked through the line twice.  Ok, all of those things happened because look! so stinking cute!!. ^

^ sigh. could baby panda's be any cuter?? ^
^ then last, but not least we walked through the red panda area and spotted the most friendly red panda - it walked right next to Wes and he even got to touch it! ^

^ I think these red panda's are pretty cute too! ^
^ on our way out, we found a peacock! ^
^ Ev's was getting a little too brave for our liking - so we moved along, watched the video on the panda base and headed out off to our next adventure! ^


  1. Great post - and some great pictures! I love the reflection of the sky and I laughed out loud when I read that Emma said she had been waiting her whole life to see baby pandas.

  2. I love these grandparents posts! Can I just say, your Mom looks fabulous!

  3. Wow, that would have been fun watching the panda climb down that skinny tree trunk. How old were the twins?

    1. I think mom has a video you can watch; the twins were 5 - 7 weeks old, I believe.

  4. Cute bears. I can't believe that picture where your girls look like twins! Seriously!!