Monday, July 17, 2017

My Parent's Visit | Luxelakes Playground

After a busy morning that bled into the afternoon, we headed home to rest for a bit and then decided to load back into the car to take my parents to our favorite playground! After a lot of touring, our kiddos were in need of some quality playtime.

^ running free from the moment we got there! ^
^ every time we go, we find something new and freshly planted and this time was no exception - I loved these tall purple flowers. ^
^ and so did my purple loving girl ^
^ I love this capture of Emma - I have been waiting ages for her to wear this dress and I am so glad I got this picture of her in it!! ^
^ when big sister is not impressed by little sisters twirl, but little sisters twirl is on point. after this, Wes was walking down the hill and unfortunately, he tripped over the stroller and fell down the hill.  he sprained his ankle pretty bad but was still ok with going forward to let the girls play. ^
^ he was a trooper because he was in a lot of pain! ^
^ whee!! Evsie's pretending to give Emma a push from behind. ^
^ three little monkeys jumping all around ^

^ I love that they can legitimately see-saw together. ^
^ it is fun to watch my parents play with my kiddos ^
^ love this picture of Emma and my mom! ^
^ three crazy girlies in one swing ^

^ my parents really wanted a picture of all of us in this van - it just wasn't happening; everyone was far past their expiration date by this point in the evening. quickly after this we headed home, ate some dinner and headed to bed. ^

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  1. Emma needs to recognize that twirl is on point!!! Lol poor wes!!