Wednesday, July 12, 2017

My Parent's Visit | Jin Lin Street

We decided not to wake up as early the next morning and we took our time getting ready - after braiding the girls hair a couple of weeks prior, I finally remembered to ask my mom to french braid the girls hair before we set off for the day! 

^ Nonni's are the best, especially ours :). ^
^ these two are kind of obsessed with each other. and I love that. and I hope the obsession never stops - even when Em's is a teenager. ^
^ Evsie's got a turn too while big sis supervised ;). ^
^ three hands are better than two when it comes to french braiding ;). ^
^ I love this picture for a lot of reasons - but that look that Emma is giving Everly plus that she added a tiara are my favorites :). ^
^ we went outside by our little wall and showed Nonni where she sees many a pictures of the girls taken.  ^

^ lots of kisses for Nonni. ^
^ and then they all broke out into their model poses - Nonni was a natural and fit right in with this gang. ^
^ get it girlies!!! ^
^ the girls played on these rocks. ^
^ while we enjoyed a coffee. ^
^ and this fan - I don't like fans decorating wise, but I feel like fans in North Texas are a must.  now, I love this fan and it might change how I feel about fans in decorating. ^ 
^ after we had showed my dad one of my favorite Starbucks in Chengdu, we headed out to take a walk around Jin Lin street. loved having extra hands to help push strollers!! ^
^ dad and Wes enjoying Jin Lin street. ^
^ mom and Wes enjoying Jin Lin street. ^
^ you cannot go to jin lin street without trying some crazy snacks - in light of everyone's stomach's we didn't want to try anything too crazy, but I did want them to have the local Chengdu french fries and then I got some potstickers for us to share as well. ^ 
^ we sat here for one hot second before getting booted because we were not buying any tea. ^
^ my parents with their local snacks! ^
^ then my dad and I went off to find us some juice to try - we settled on kiwi which was pretty delicious.  we had watermelon later on (not pictured) and it was the best of the best. ^
^ my parents in front of this area at Jin Lin street where everyone hangs a red type keychain for good luck - fun fact, on Wes and my first visit to Chengdu together, we have this same picture here. ^
^ having Nonni around means reapplying lipstick. ^
^ Nonni or Papa George (I can't remember right now) spotted these turtles on a ledge. ^
^ Emma is our nature/bug/creature lover and enjoyed watching the baby turtles. ^
^ on our way out, my parents stopped to buy some bookmarks and we bought the girls a package of stickers that ended up entertaining them for an hour (my dad classified this as a 'need' instead of a 'want' ;)) and they sat here and played for a little while my parents finished up. ^
^ which was right outside of Starbucks. ^
^ these people were all taking pictures of the girls and they were good sports when I turned the camera on them. ^
^ and last, my parents at the entrance/exit to Jin Lin street - aren't they the cutest? ^


  1. I still think it is so crazy that you and the girls draw a crowd taking photos - maybe you should start charging like the people dressed as pandas. 50 Y for a photo with two adorable american girls :-)

    1. I would never have to work again!

  2. I love Emma's purse and their braids!!! And that pretty fan! Cecil is insisting on one in Connors room and I can't find one I like 👎🏼