Monday, July 10, 2017

My Parent's Visit | Irrigation Project

The day before my dad told me he really liked trying local spots - now, Wes and I just don't know that many local spots.  We only eat out once a week (always on the weekend) and we will always choose western food, but my work team has gone to a few spots so I decided we would go to my favorite noodle spot.

^ my parents (and these girls) are always up for an adventure. ^
^ perfecting their peace sign! ^
^ we invited our driver to eat with us which was tremendously helpful when ordering ;).  we had chicken noodles and dumplings. ^
^ love this candid shot of Emma and Papa George enjoying the feast!! ^
^ this is my favorite chinese dish in all of chengdu. ^
^ my parents verdict: they enjoyed it! if I remember correctly, they really liked the dumplings, but they also liked the noodles too! the girls liked watching the cats that were outside ;) and playing in the van while we enjoyed the food :). ^
^ after noodles, we got back in the car and headed for Dujiangyan - specifically the irrigation project!.  when we got there - the normal entrance that we go in was blocked so we had to walk for quite some time - we ran into these panda's on the way! turns out they wanted money for this picture and I didn't have any - yikes, I learned my lesson for next time! ^
^ we made it! ^
^ it was a pretty day, albeit getting a bit hot by now since it was in the afternoon but it was clear enough to be able to see the mountains in the distance. ^
^ the water was running at super fast - just thinking about the girls falling down there made me weak in the knees. ^
^ this sweet little girl about to turn four - so many little adventures under her tiny little belt. ^
^ we made it to the famous part! we so happy for this little project that was so ahead of it's time - it caused Chengdu and surrounding areas to stop flooding years and years ago. ^
^ this type of stuff is especially cool for my mom in her work as a civil engineer on many damns and floodstreams (I think that is what it's called- mom and Ally will have to let me know if I got that right). 
^ that same sweet girl I just talked about was causing quite a fuss - shrieking 'momma' at the top of her lungs and complaining of being hot (adventuring is not all glamorous when you are three years old ;)). ^
^ I got her to perk up a little bit by betting her that she could not smile for me ;). ^

^ I got these next two pictures from my mom - they headed for this bridge while we headed back (it takes us much longer than them to get anywhere for obviously reasons ;)). ^
^ I love this little temple on the hill - you can hike up here actually (I am not sure if we will do this or not with the girls before we leave). ^
^ on our walk back, we discovered the most delicious strawberry Popsicles.  first, Everly got one and I had a bit and thought it was so yummy and I went back to get one myself.  then, Wes had a bite of mine and thought it was so good he went back to get one for himself.  then we met back up with my parents and told them about it and they had one to share.  then, Emma decided she wanted one and then my parents went back for one more. they were so dang delicious - like they just frozen the sweetest strawberries at peak season and they were 5rmb. man, I am still dreaming about these Popsicles. ^
^ so yummy! ^

^ we let the girls play in the water fountains before heading out - this was a highlight for them last time and continued to be so this time, they just have so much fun running free and getting wet without a care in the world. ^
^ we came home that night and my parents gave the girls some art supplies to work with and we got busy painting and ate some leftovers for dinner. such a good day exploring together! ^


  1. You should probably take your dad's advice and eat local at least once a month - I think you would enjoy trying new things and tastes. It won't be too much longer til you're back in Texas and you might miss the chinese food :-) The noodle dish looks delicious - the red things look like peppers or okra. I could almost taste the popsicles - they sound delicious. I'm guessing that the engineers in your family will correct your damn spelling of dam - so funny! Thanks for sharing!

    1. we eat local at least once a month, just not every week (I eat more frequently because of work outings). good catch on the spelling, my family would tell you that I have never been known for good spelling ;).