Thursday, July 6, 2017

My Parent's Visit | Day Two

We woke up bright and early on day number two ready to tackle the panda base only to discover it was raining.  Womp womp.  We had studied the weather the night before (therefore, we had a contingency plan) so instead of rushing to get ready, we took our time getting ready and eating breakfast before heading out.

^ first stop, Global Center (otherwise known as the boat :)).  it was a perfect first stop because it didn't matter whether it was raining or not :). and I was really hoping to show my dad how cool the Starbucks are here - there are so many unique chairs and lots of extra space compared to the one that is within walking distance to our houses in the states.  he was impressed! and we shared a caramel machiato :). we walked through the basement and the first floor and then took them up to the top floor to look through the glass bridge and we ended up with some caramel popcorn to share (you will notice a theme - this was four days full of treats!). ^

^ Nonni and her two girls :). ^
^ my dad outside the global center. ^
^ both of my parents!! ^
^ our next stop was Mike's Pizza (sadly no pictures of our delicious pizza - but trust me, it was yummy).  After pizza Emma went to the bathroom with my mom and came back with lipstick on which naturally meant sissy wanted some as well :).  since I don't wear lipstick ever, this was a rare and very special treat for my girly girls. ^
^ I love this picture of the three of them!! ^
^ my parents in front of Mike's Pizza (I asked them to pose for a lot of pictures). ^
^ working on our peace sign pose ;). ^
^ even though it was still raining lightly, we decided to push forward and go to People's Park - umbrellas in tow. ^
^ three pretty girls ^
^ the prettiest flowers ^
^ I loved the way the water was piling on the lily's. ^

^ the girls both wanted one of these suckers and when they both spun the wheel -it landed on dragon (the luckiest!) which made them pretty happy. and me pretty happy too because there were no fights about who got which animal ;).
^ we had wondered around and showed my parents were people were normally dancing and singing and doing various activities, but due to the rain no one was out.  however, when we walked to the very front we saw a group dancing and my parents obliged and jumped right in with the girls. ^

^ at some point Emma fell while twirling and got her dress all muddy, but lucky for her she had another outfit on underneath (I had told her she could only wear it under her dress because the skirt is size 3) - it ended up working out perfectly :). ^
^ my girls adore dancing with their Nonni and Papa George (do you remember the ball we had at Christmas?). ^
^ when we got to this part there was nobody behind where my parents are - we garnered quite the crowd.  I think it is sometimes hard to relate to me telling stories of people taking the girls pictures over and over and over again, but my parents got to see it firsthand. ^ 
^ even this was a bit out of control and more people/pictures than normal. ^
^ once we realized that, we made our way out of there and I stopped to show my parents the front entrance - I wanted to grab a picture of them and then guess who jumped in?? Emma!!! ^
^ and then, of course, Everly wanted a turn. ^
^ followed by a smooch. after this we headed back to the car. ^
^ as we were leaving People's Park, we told our driver that we wanted to drive through Tianfu Square and she suggested that we stop at the Wide and Narrow Alley since it was on our way.  the girls were having a meltdown of sorts, so I showed my parents where we would be and we left them to adventure on their own.  When the girls calmed down we also wondered through part happening on a cotton candy stand. ^
^ that just happened to make the prettiest cotton candy. ^
^ so pretty, right?? the cotton candy and the girl ;). ^

^ I love this picture!! ^
^ that first (or second) bite! ^
^ this girl loves her daddy! ^
^ four of my favorite people! ^
^ my girls are kind of obsessed with them - and really, what's not to love ;). ^
^ earlier in the day, Emma had asked my mom if she could paint her nails followed by hours and hours of asking/begging while we were out and as soon as we got home my mom got the best rainbow manicure of her life ;). and the next day I did too - totally weird for me because I never have my nails painted, ever. ^
^ I am glad my mom let Emma do this all by herself - she really had a great time and was so proud of herself!! that night we ate leftover Mike's Pizza, shared some wine and went to bed ready for our next adventure.  ^


  1. Fantastic post - this may be my favorite so far. Not a lipstick wearer either, but your mom has great style and taste - the lipstick looks so good on all of them! Glad you were able to go back to where you started on this grand adventure. The cotton candy is a post in itself - I have never seen it so fancy. What do you think they do with all the pictures of your family? Do they post them on blogs like yours - look at these beautiful Americans dancing I saw at the park? Thanks for sharing - your smiles are so big and that makes me smile :-)

  2. Ummm how have you never have your nails painted?? Girl! It's so fun! I love having red nails the whole month of December! The most beautiful cotton candy!!! I loved seeing the crowd y'all had - so interesting

    1. I just meant I normally dont paint my nails, I have definitely had a manicure before, but just not something I have done in the last five years or so...