Tuesday, July 4, 2017

My Parent's Visit | Day One

I had some big work meetings on this particular day so unfortunately I wasn't able to swing it where I would have enough time to head home to get the girls before picking my parents up at the airport - I think they were pretty happy to see me though ;).

^ on the drive home, Wes texted me this picture - she was this excited to that Nonni and Papa George had landed and she would get to see them soon! I don't have any pictures of their arrival since I was in the van, but the girls had on princess attire and Wes had made them some 'welcome to Chengdu' signs to hold up to greet my parents.  there were hugs and smooches all around when we arrived home. ^
^ pretty quickly, we decided to head out on a walk to show my parents our neighborhood. ^
^ the best view - Nonni and Papa George reunited with Em's and Ev's. ^
^ down at the front of our neighborhood, we had fun showing them our market (and all the strange things that are available there), the girls showed them their beloved candy store and then we meandered to the playground. after our walk, we headed home to eat - Wes had made us some delicious pulled pork for dinner. ^
^ after dinner, Nonni and the girls played monopoly (my mom was the banker and the girls just kept giving Nonni their money ;)). ^
^ even though it was getting late, we could not pass the night without Nonni painting their nails. it is the girls favorite (she brought new nail polish too!). ^
^ Nonni's favorite activity too ;). ^
^ reading books with Papa George before bed.  pretty soon after the girls went to bed, we all retreated to bed extremely happy that Nonni and Papa George had arrived safely in Chengdu. ^

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