Saturday, July 29, 2017


I asked my baby to stay three forever, but just like that overnight she turned four years old and I can hardly stand it.  Every year for the girls birthday, I choose a quote that I think sums up their last year - I haven't found the perfect quote yet so stay tuned ;).  A few things Everly loves at 4 years old: strawberries, dressing up in her Minnie Mouse dress, stuffed animals (love might be an understatement, obsession might be more accurate), twirly dresses, swimming underwater, smelling flowers, scooter rides, visits to the candy store, traveling to Thailand (she asked if we could go there for her birthday) and Disney World, snuggles with mommy and lots and lots of smooch-a-looches. This girly brings so much joy to our lives and we feel incredibly blessed she's ours :).

p.s. after her birthday party, I was asking her if she would still be my baby even though she's four years old now and she responded, "even when I am seven, I will still be your baby.".

Friday, July 28, 2017

Celebrating our Everly Gracie (at school)

Can you even believe that our baby girl is going to turn FOUR this week? Hold me - she is getting so so so big, I can hardly stand it.  While I love this new stage that we are getting into with little kids rather than toddlers, I also just can't believe we are not going to have little ones running around anymore.  Everly saw every single one of her friends at school turn four during the year and just didn't quite understand why she was also not turning four for much much longer.  We decided to go ahead and celebrate Everly's birthday with her class during the last week of school and I have a few pictures if you would like to take a look.

^ our strawberry loving girl requested a strawberry cake with strawberry icing (which would be my last pick, but she loved it and it was her birthday so we went with it).  Sunday night - we got to baking and taste testing ;). ^
^ when the girls went to bed, the cake had not cooled enough to frost so they were very surprised when they woke up in the morning (I added the sprinkles without telling her).  they could not wait for our driver to get here to go to school! ^
^ the party girls waiting on the car ^
^ Emma was soo sooo funny this particular morning - her and Everly had made elaborate plans how they would talk Mrs. Lauren (Emma's teacher) into letting Emma come to Everly's class party even though she would miss Chinese class -of course, Mrs. Lauren said yes - but you never would have thought that the way they were scheming. ^
^ me and my girl in her class! ^
^ we did it first thing in the morning (I had meetings all afternoon) and once her class all arrived, we got down to partying - aren't a bunch of four year olds sitting about the table the cutest! ^
^ in true Everly fashion, she was a little embarrassed at first when everyone was singing happy birthday! ^
^ but she eventually warmed up and started to enjoy it ^
^ and was beaming by the end! ^
^ Emma telling Everly to make a wish before blowing out the candles ^

^ my favorite two pictures from the morning - I just love it when the girls are so sweet to each other. ^
^ and she blew out her candles one by one ^
^ until they were all blown out - Emma's proud big sister face kills me, she is so stinking proud! ^
^ and then the kiddos ate some cake! so so happy we were able to have a little classroom celebration for our baby girl. ^

Wednesday, July 26, 2017


If you follow me on Instagram then you know that we spent the last 11 days trekking/vacationing/sweating around in Singapore and Malaysia.  I had a work trip to Malaysia so we sandwiched our weekends with time spent in Singapore.  And we loved everything about it!! However, arriving back in Chengdu at 1am Tuesday morning, working, trying to arrange paperwork for a meeting with the U.S. consulate tomorrow morning and most importantly getting ready to celebrate our Everly Gracie turn FOUR this weekend has us feeling a tad bit exhausted ;).  Can't wait to share more - it just may take a few days!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Indoor Playground Fun

We have been looking to find an indoor playground that is suitable for the girls to burn off lots of energy in the winter when it is too polluted to go outside or in the summer when it is too hot to go outside (we're picky ;)) and I am happy to tell you that after two successful Saturday's spent at this indoor playground, I believe we have found a great place! It is completely targeted at our kids age group which makes it perfect for both girls.  There are so many fun things to do to keep the girls entertained.  And both times we have stayed and played for four plus hours! Here are a few pictures if you would like to take a look (p.s. I will apologize in advance for the pictures being so dark - the lighting is really hard in this place).  

^ the first time we went, I hadn't even finished putting on my socks before Wes was beckoning me to look at Emma scaling the 'rock climbing' wall. ^
^ a very miniature carousel ^
^ ball pit ^
^ huge slide with a video projector that changes often - I love when they project slides on a slide :). ^
^ the kids can ride all the rides themselves here (minus the bumper cars). ^
^ Emma loves climbing on this jungle gym. ^
^ almost as much as she loves this swing! ^
^ and this trampoline - see so many fun things to do!! ^
^ Evsie's gave rock climbing a go. ^
^ my little climbers. ^
^ a real life game on your phone/iPad - the girls love this too! ^
^ these pictures are 100% in order that is how many times she climbed up this wall (and you can go again and again without taking the harness off - there is no time limit!). ^
^ they played with this where air takes up their ball for a solid thirty minutes - mesmerized watching the balls go all about. ^
^ Everly told us she discovered a whole new world! ^
^ another look at one of the contraptions where you can put the ball in and watch it go. ^
^ both girls in the boat! ^
^ I was smarter the second time and had them both wear leggings! first thing they wanted to hit up, the rock climbing wall. ^

^ Emma and even Wes and I love these interactive mats - Wes and I played a round of soccer. ^
^ riding the bumper cars with Everly! ^
^ Everly thought it was hilarious to hide in the balls ^
^ and then pop up! to surprise us ;). ^

^ she did this over and over again!! ^
^ she was really hidden this time! ^

^ the girls love the slides! ^

^ there is even a sand box inside! they will spray you with air to get all the sand off before you are allowed to leave ^
^ capturing her real smile full of joy ^
^ Emma's silly, please don't take my picture face :). ^

We are pretty happy we found this place! I see lots of time spent here in our future :).