Thursday, June 15, 2017

Nonni and Papa George are in China!!

And we are so stinking excited to have them here with us for a little bit!! As you can imagine, I want to spend as much time as possible with them so I will take a blogging break for a bit and can't wait to share some of our adventures with you soon! 

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

June Little Things | First Half

June will always be divided into two parts - the first part which is pretty normal (minus all of the end of school year hoopla) and the part where Nonni and Papa George come!!!  We are all getting so stinking excited, the girls have been asking about it every day and Emma is old enough where she now understands the concept of a countdown.  So here is a look at the first part of our June... the part before Nonni and Papa George arrive...

^ hi, mom! picture to start the month (p.s. those are 3T leggings on Emma ;)). ^
^ Friday night playground date with our friends - we went to the little playground in their neighborhood - just getting her exercise in. ^
^ always well accessorized. ^
^ Everly loves creating scenes for her and her babies and this particular Saturday morning, they were having a sleepover complete with drawing some pictures :). ^
^ I love seeing the way her brain works when it comes to drawing - she is mostly interested in drawing pictures of mommy and her (not going to lie, I kind of love that ;)). ^
^ scooter ride with dad! ^
^ while this girl and I practiced roller blades. I am not sure why she is making this terrified looking face, I promise you she begs several times a day to go outside and practice. ^
^ I was picking up after quiet time and I found this drawing :). ^
^ this Saturday we went to a birthday party in our neighborhood and there was a pinata - obviously a huge hit with the kids and now both girls are planning what kind of pinata they want for there 4 and 6 year old birthday parties and beyond ;). ^
^ check out Emma's reach. ^
^ Ev's was up first or second. ^
^ unsure at first, but then gave it some good whacks. ^
^ by the time Emma watched Everly, she knew just what to do and gave it a few good whacks. ^
^ on her second try she even got some candy out! ^

^ I asked her where she learned to tie her jacket around her waist (I never ever do this) and she said that the big kids at school do this - it reminds me just how impressionable these little ones are. ^
^ next to the Starbucks, there was a cake store and they picked out the cake they want for all of their next birthdays all the way up to their wedding day cake - it was fun to watch them squeal with delight over every new cake they laid their eyes on. ^
^ the most stylish toddler I know! ^
^ we tried out a new place for lunch called Good Good - very similar vibe to Chipotle and these nachos were the winner for us. ^
^ walking to school one morning Emma found a birds nest! she rescued it (there were no eggs) and she anxiously looks to see if a bird has come since bringing it home. ^
^ dresses and ready for her student led conference. ^
^ could she be any cuter or more excited about showing mom her big book of stuff she has been working on all year??!!?? ^
^ at the end of the school year, the girls classes have student led conferences where each student gets 30 minutes to show their parents what they have been working on all year.  after the conference, the teacher sends home the book with the parents.  I love love love this concept - someone else keeps all the artwork for the whole year. it is a great chance for the girls to show off their hard work all year. ^
^ we are super duper proud of them! ^

^ and I loved seeing how much they had grown up throughout the year.  I need to go back and post a comparison picture on the first and last day of school - the change in the girls this year is unreal to me. ^
^ Wes took the girls princesses to feed the fish after their student led conferences while I headed to work. ^
^ we continued our roller blading practice this month. ^
^ the 'lessons' are a lesson in patience for all of us ;). ^
^ this about sums up how Everly feels about roller blading - she may or may not spend more time on the ground as compared to 'skating'. ^
^ one random night we headed out to eat in our neighborhood (it has been forever since we have done this). ^
^ we sat right in front of the big fish tank which made the girls pretty happy. ^
^ last Friday was the girls end of the school year concert so I was home to drop them off at the bus stop. she wanted Elsa braids which I think are the cutest next to her piggie buns. ^
^ not so sure of all the extra sister love Emma was doling out this particular morning. ^
^ they have grown up so much this year! I know I already mentioned that, but I just can't get over it!! ^
^ Wes took pictures on the big camera and I need to download them to give you a full recap - but they both did so well and we are especially proud of our munchkins!! ^
^ Saturday morning started off with a Starbucks run and a shared chocolate muffin for our munchkins. ^
^ then we headed to Polar World!! (I think I mentioned that we were going to go the weekend before, but it ended up raining all day that day so we postponed it a week). ^
^ Ev's matching the windmill :). ^
^ Emma especially loves whales and dolphins so this was right up her alley. ^
^ three girls waiting for the dolphin show. ^
^ and two girls sharing some popcorn. ^

^ blowing her whistle with lots of gusto. ^
^ we met up with some friends of ours and headed to ride some rides! ^
^ you can't see her face, but I think you can feel how happy she was. ^
^ there is nothing that makes me happier than watching them be happy. ^
^ the girls swam for a bit (I can't believe I didn't take any pictures??!!) and then we got some ice cream! ^

^ moving to China has not hurt their ice cream game one bit - it is strong. ^

^ watching sea turtles with friends. ^
^ after we wrapped up at Polar World - we headed to Peter's and Wes and I did this... ^
^ while the girls did this. this might possibly be the best idea ever - now I am all for family dinners together (we eat together every.single.night. but some nights I am also up for free babysitting.  the girls played here more than an hour and a half and we had to call them when their food arrived. they got along unbelievably well this particular night. ^
^ when we didn't think the evening could have gone any better, we were getting ready to pay and the waitress asked us would we like a margarita to go?? what, adult sippy cups?? - yes, please! (for those of you that are new here, don't worry -we have a driver so there is zero percent chance of us drinking and driving). ^
^ I am not sure if you could tell in the Polar World pictures, but I attempted to do french braids on the girls on Saturday (they want braids that go in a crown) and then of course, it was requested again on Sunday. ^
 ^ not terrible for my second attempt, but I definitely need to watch a few videos and up my game. ^
 ^ is she five or a teenager? I cannot believe how fast she is growing up. ^
 ^ imitating big sister! ^
 ^ putting her own spin on the 'model pose'. ^
 ^ we had our car both days this weekend and we had to run a quick errand at Ikea and incidentally had to have some ice cream before lunch. ^
 ^ waiting on some friends to get to Good Good for lunch.  then we stopped by an expats house who is leaving and bought his scooter (more on that in another post). ^
 ^ and headed home and took the girls to the outdoor swimming pool.  they were elated it was open even though it is still freezing cold. I would say they swam for hours, but it was honestly probably minutes... ^
 ^ before heading home to make someone a birthday cake... ^
 ^ that's right, on Monday morning we had the first birthday celebration for our youngest girl. ^
^ more to come on this, but since she has a summer birthday and has seen every other kid in her class turn four and asked for a cake repeatedly, we made it happen for our sweet girl! ^

the girls had their end of school parties today and attended decked out in their princess gear.  June is off to a fantastic start and I have a feeling it's only going to get better :).