Sunday, April 30, 2017

Tokyo | Disney Sea (Part Two)

Ok, so picking up right where we left off (just a week later, this past work week was crazy) - midday at Tokyo Disney Sea.

^ when we left off, I had gone to ride a ride (the name of the ride is escaping me right now) while Wes and the girls got in line to meet Ariel - since I had a fast pass, I was able to meet up with them in line while Wes went to go ride Indiana Jones ^
^ she always wants her picture taken with me ^
^ then Emma will get in on the action too ^
^ I bet you didn't know, I was obsessed with them ;) ^
^ and then it was their time!! ^

^ they had a nice chat with Ariel sharing their names, ages, and their sister status (Ariel told the girls all about her sisters) ^
^ and then it was official picture time ^

^ the characters at Tokyo Disney may have been the nicest of all three Asia Disney's we have been too ^

^ I know she probably won't remember these trips when she is older, but when she looks back on this blog (or book, I still have dreams of putting these blog posts in books for them) I have no doubt she will see the pure magic and I hope she remembers the feeling of exclaiming, 'this is the best day ever!'. ^
^ at this point, Everly and I walked back to the front to search for my backpack (spoiler alert - we found it!!) while Emma and Wes waited in line for caramel corn - Tokyo Disney Sea in general feels very much like Epcot in some regards (the front entrance especially) ^
^ reunited, we munched on popcorn and decided to make our way to the Arabian Coast part of the theme park - I had done some reading about the food at Disney Sea and I was most excited that we found these - it was a chicken cream bun and it was delicious! ^
^ we got the girls these maple pecan balls (a cross between a donut and cake) with milk ice cream - also delicious ^
^ the number of people that queue to take their picture in random spots really cracked me up. ^
^ there is a double decker carrousel in the Arabian Coast area so we hopped in line (before this, we had watched the magic lamp show -the hard thing is the shows are always in the native language so we don't get much out of it). ^
^ the anticipation was building ^
^ Evsie's was pretty happy with her 'lollie' choice ^
^ by the way, she calls them elephants now and more often than not she says because and not ca-cause and my momma heart yearns for those baby years just a little more ^

^ me and my girl! ^
^ we spent a few minutes getting our sillies out ^

^ this was about 1 or 2 in the afternoon - the crowds never died down ^
^ so a backstory about this line for smoked chicken - we first walked past the line about 10 in the morning and the chicken smelled so good, but the line was outrageous!! this time when we walked by the line looked manageable so Wes hopped in the line while the girls and I found a place to sit.  ^
^ this was the best thing I smelled all day ^
^ Wes made it near the front of the line!! ^
^ we decided to sit right out here to eat our chicken ^
^ oh my my my - it was delicious, Emma even ate a whole chicken!!! this tied with the chicken and cream bun for me as the best thing we ate all day! ^
^ Evsie's really wanted to meet Minnie Mouse so we walked back to the line (it was more than an hour), it didn't bother her because we ran into these monkey's again!! ^

^ she was pretty thrilled! ^
^ smooch-a-looch for monkey ^

^ Emma got out her camera to take a picture again and Everly would not let go of her monkey friend :) ^
^ I love that they took time to look at the pictures too - these monkey's were a surprise to us and the girls favorites (minus Ev's obsession with Chip and Dale). ^
^ high fives! ^
^ blowing the monkey kisses bye bye ^
^ acting like a monkey! ^
^ after we ran into the monkey's we decided that we had ridden most of the rides that we wanted to ride and we were going to take a walk around the park and soak in the atmosphere and that whatever we happened upon would just be bonus (sometimes I feel like we spend our Disney days go go go). What we were not prepared for was how much bonus we would be fortunate to experience :). ^
^ first up we ran into Mr. Incredible (I think that is what he is called?) ^
^ the girls didn't have a clue who he was, but they were thrilled nonetheless ^

^ ha, I love this! ^
^ we ran into another snack that I had read about!! ^
^ Wes and I shared this shrimp bun - we both thought it was pretty good! ^
^ we were pushing the girls in their strollers and all of the sudden I hear Ev's shout 'character!!' and then hurriedly pop out of her stroller to go have a look for herself ^

^ after it was 'their turn', they were obsessed with poking at his white cotton tail ;).  I say their turn loosely because they always just scooted themselves right to the front. ^
^ the park was one of the most beautiful that we have seen ^
^ it was situated right on Tokyo Bay ^
^ tower of terror - Emma was tall enough, but we decided not to frighten her so we passed on this. ^
^ we ran into this cutie mouse - I am not sure who she is (Aust, do you know?) ^
^ the girls loved loved loved her ^
^ she jumped with them ^
^ she danced with them ^
^ she watched them twirl ^
^ and, of course, she gave hugs and kisses bye bye ^

^ her mouse friend was pretty silly too!! ^

^ kept raising his hands while the girls tried to give him high fives ^
^ just look at those smiles ^

^ smooch-a-looch and hugs galore ^

^ then we ran into another one of these girl chipmunks - still not sure who this is? ^

^ they loved her dress, badge on her dress (i.e. necklace) and shoes ^
^ we took a boat ride through Disney - Ev's was busy showing off her Eyore ^
^ this Disney is pretty unique because there is a hotel right on the property - those orange buildings to the right is the hotel ^
^ we found this boat with a playground near by and we explored and played a bit just taking our time ^
^ we walked down to the Toy Story ride, but the line was more than two hours so we just looked around and decided to head back to Mermaid Lagoon ^
^ running into Donald Duck on the way ^
^ more pictures of Donald courtesy of Emma ^
^ I was excited to find a churro line that was not too long - too bad I didn't read the sign and it was coffee flavor and not cinnamon sugar :/)
^ there is a playground inside Mermaid Lagoon where the girls played for 30 - 45minutes before we decided to go get their treat for the day - Emma decided on nail polish and Everly decided on an elephant ^
^ one more walk to the front of the park to grab a few snacks and then settle in for the illumination show ^
^ this girl was so tired and fell asleep in her stroller on top of her elephant ^
^ so pretty at night ^
^ waiting for the show to start and using my flashlight to check out her souvenir from the day - Ariel nail polish ^
^ these small moments are my favorite part of visiting Disney - Emma reaching up for daddy's hand in anticipation of the light show ^
^ and then it started ^
^ we had heard that if we were only going to see one show, this should be it and we were excited - it was spectacular ^

^ Lion King characters ^
^ the show was about Mickey's imagination and all the good that can come from having an imagination but also all the bad that can come from imagination - this dragon frightened sweet Emma to no end - she literally bolted when she saw it ^

^ right after the illumination show, the fireworks show happened - we couldn't believe it that we had finally stayed up late enough for a Disney firework show.  After this, we headed back to our hotel room completely tuckered out from the past two days activity. ^