Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Beijing | Smelling the Wild Flowers

After the visiting the Great Wall, we were pretty wiped.  We ate lunch at the base of the Great Wall - Subway of all things and then had a little bit of time to kill before we needed to be at the airport.  Glenn suggested we go to an orchard, but we were just not feeling it - 8 days of travel will do that to you so we stopped by a little patch of wild flowers instead.

I am not sure if I have ever mentioned this on the blog, but Everly has an obsession with plucking flowers from any patch she sees.

This girl loves her a flower :).

Those big brown eyes!

I think sometimes these little detours are the most magical on vacations - the little serendipity moments.

She always wants the flowers in her hair.

And then we stopped to take our picture in front of this fruit bowl?!?! Quite possibly the most random idea Glenn had the entire time :).

On the airplane ride home - passed out within minutes, tuckered out from so much exploring.

Thanks for following along on our Beijing vacation, can't wait to share some of Tokyo with you soon!

Monday, March 27, 2017

Beijing | Great Wall

Happy Monday to you - I hope you had a great weekend! I am back today to finally share with you the pictures that we took at the GREAT WALL OF CHINA (and yes, it deserves all the caps because it really was so so so great!).  I couldn't believe how much I loved this experience, we definitely had the best time.  Wes and I agreed that the Great Wall was our highlight from Beijing and we still talk about it fondly (the girls too!).  Since this will mostly be pictures and not a lot of words (because literally I would be saying this is the best part, no this is the best part) here is an overview. We decided to go on a weekday and not a weekend (smart), we went to the furthest place away from Beijing because it is less crowded and supposed to be a better portion of the wall, we went up on the gondola walked about an hour or hour and a half (don't bring your stroller - you would just be carrying it) and then went down on the slide! Best decision ever, the slide is so so so much fun!!! Literally, we had so much fun, we bought tickets to do it all again (this time going up the ski lift and back down the slide with no hour long walk in between).  The girls had their moments, but overall - they loved climbing, exploring and adventuring during the walk.  The walk was mostly downhill with stretches of uphill too and perfect for toddlers.  I would say my toddlers are on the adventurous side and not much frightens them and this was perfect for their activity level.  Much more than this would have been pushing it in terms of their attention span for one activity.  Wes and I could have explored more, but we felt like we really got to see the Great Wall with the portion that we did.  So here are a few (hundred) pictures if you would like to take a look and if you have any questions, feel free to ask away :).

^ on the drive up, we started noticing all of the leaves changing colors ^
^ toddler attitude at its finest - at this point, we thought, this is going to be a really long day ^
^ it was quite a walk uphill from the car to get to the ticket booth ^ 
^ almost there ^

^ checking out the gondola's ^
^ our turn!!! p.s. I think this is the girls first gondola ride ^
^ our first look at the wall ^
^ spectacular ^
^ her mood had improved by this point ^

^ when we made it to the top of the stairs, these two insisted that we refuel with a snack - I am pretty sure our tour guide was thinking, a snack? we have only been out here for twenty minutes! ^
^ teenagers ^
^ loved this portion of the wall ^
^ their little feet on the Great Wall ^

^ family snaps on the GREAT WALL!!! ^
^ all smiles ^

^ smooch-a-looches ^
^ we got this picture first try ;) ^
^ love this one! ^
^ you rarely get to see a picture of me by myself on the blog :) ^

^ adventuring ^

^ my three loves walking on the Great Wall ^

^ how did she get so big?? ^
^ frolicking on the Great Wall like it is no big deal ;) ^
^ I see those awesome 'jumping on the Great Wall picture on lots of blogs - ha! didn't happen for us ;) ^

^ the steps were not that bad and pretty easy to navigate for toddlers ^
^ little girls that have already seen so much of this big world - we can't wait to show them more! ^
^ getting a hand from dad ^

^ we are smitten with her! ^
^ our feet on the Great Wall ^
^ me and my girl ^
^ and a smooch ^

^ the mountains in the background were definitely a highlight! ^

^ love them oh so much! ^
^ exploring all of the nooks and cranny's ^

^ #mamatried ^
^ it was not nearly as crowded as we thought it was going to be! ^
^ yes, she is wearing a pull up because we didn't want to take any chances with no restrooms to use ^

^ keeping it real, I tried to get a picture of them holding hands, looking at the camera and I got one in tears and one with her belly popping out (full disclosure, this was the last day on our trip and all we had were mismatched pieces left at this point or in Everly's case a 'too-small-for-her-zebra-shirt' ^
^ they recovered quickly and some of my favorite moments from the day came next ^

^ unprompted hand holding ^
^ again, why are they looking like teenagers?? ^

^ getting a lift from big sis ^

^ my favorite picture of the day! ^
^ details! ^

^ the leaves changing colors was so pretty ^
^ love this picture of Wes ^

^ i feel so lucky to be loved by them ^
^ they are too much, sometimes ^
^ taking the ski lift back up - wow, these things make me so nervous as a mama ^
^ my partner ^
^ looking down at the slide below us ^

^ can you see Everly and Wes? ^
^ Michelle Obama rode the slide! ^

^ ready for our sliding adventure ^
^ faster, mommy, faster! ^
^ Wes said that Everly was obsessed with the slide ^

^ literally one of the most fun things we have done as a family - as soon as we got off, they asked to do it again so we took the ski lift up (see above) and did it all over again :) ^
^ my other favorite picture of the day - Glenn snapped this one ^