Tuesday, February 28, 2017

One Monster Post to Wrap up Home

Ok, with the exception of a few more posts (pictures on our favorite bridge and one chock full of videos-hopefully!), I decided to combine the rest of our pictures together to give you a monster post of our last week at home. Ready, steady, go!!!! (p.s. that is how Everly says ready, set, go and I think it is pretty adorable ;)).  On the 26th, we went to Aunt Celeste's house and then Aunt Kelli's house - you can see a few of those pictures back here.

This was a fairly normal morning scene - Nonni helping the girls with breakfast (I think all of the big things are fun, but the most meaningful moments are these little moments interwoven throughout our trip).
Emma and Nonni.

Emma and Everly and Nonni's favorite past time - painting their nails!

Everly asked Nonni to go outside and take her picture to send to Papa George - how sweet is that? And how could we possibly say no to that request?

The way she has her hands folded plus her rainbow nails - it is all in the details and man, I love these details.

Nonni took the girls to nap - she returned with this toot who was not ready to take a nap so Adge and I took her outside to hang out.

We came back inside and Adge was telling Everly a 'scary story' (if I remember correctly, it was about a worm that lived in the woods behind my parents house.

I think she is fake laughing at Adrienne's story #possiblyareallaugh.

And back to the story.

When Emma woke up - she was all smooches saying bye to Adge.

Adge was heading out to a wedding and the girls were going to Wes's parents for a sleepover and Wes and I were headed on a date!

One last smooch bye bye and we were on our way!

No date night pictures, but we had a fabulous time hanging out at Gloria's and running errands and soaking in alone time.  The next morning, we grabbed coffee, picked the girls up, then the girls and I dropped Wes off at golf and headed back to my parents house.  Surprise of all surprises - Adge was still there (the bride was sick)! Emma set up a snake farm for us all to enjoy.

And everyone got to 'pay a fee' and 'get to hold a snake'.

H was thrilled!

Love this picture of Adge and Theo.

I tried to get that elusive cousin picture (Katelyn was missing, but turns out she did not miss much!).

The next day, we had Everly's well check and we headed to the trampoline park afterwards!

I don't think I included this picture the first time around! Ally and Evsie's.

Nonni plus Katelyn plus Emma :).

That afternoon we met Austin and her family at the playground.

One happy smile up there!


I cannot get over how long her hair is!

Evsie's wanted to hold Helena.

Even though they are not the same size - they look the same size here!

And Helena had enough - Theodore was a completely snuggly baby and tolerated Emma and her multiple requests to hold him very well, let's just say H is not quite the snuggle bug ;).

Everybody wanted to take a turn with Helena on the slide!

Nonni and H :).

We hit up the swings for awhile.

This girl has always loved these types of swings!

Three kiddo's all swinging at the same time.

Evsie's 'helped' Nonni push Emma.

Love this picture of Nonni and Everly (p.s. whoa! how did Everly's legs get so long!!)

The following evening Nonni made lasagna (my favorite!) and invited everyone over to dinner to say bye to us! I was bound and determined to get a cousin picture with all five cousins in it!

Everly wanted to hold Katelyn because they were matching!

Theodore's face - can you even believe Austin will be adding one more girl to this clan by the next time I snap a cousin picture?!?!

Emma's face :).

We got Nonni in there too! And Theodore is seriously still cracking me up!!

So many characters in this family!

Annnnnd #overit ;).

Emma still wanted to get her some baby Katelyn time! Can you believe that she was once that little??

Everly with Bobbob and C :).

These two are pretty lucky to have each other! And I think they adore each other ;).

Her cheese face - I am not sure what to think?

The next morning it was cold, but it was the only morning that we had where I could take their pictures on my favorite bridge - here she is practicing her smile face before we left.  We promised donuts for good behavior and they delivered #sortof :).

When we got home, I snapped some more pictures and then Emma took over the camera and got a few with Katelyn :).

Here she is with her pretend phone snapping away ;).

Shenanigans brought to you by Everly, Papa George and Lambie (funny story - we left our Lambie on one of the airplanes - I think the final one, so when we found another one at Kroger, I scooped it up and then we lost it later this same evening and went on an all out hunt for that Lambie).

Silly gooses!

Papa George holding both of them on his back!

We already miss these moments :).

And just like that, it was the 31st and we found ourselves at the airport bright and early with tons of suitcases filled to the brim with goodies saying our final goodbyes to my parents.

We had a harrowing experience with our littlest one going through security (that I would rather choose to forget), but finally, we made it to our gate with a helping of coffee in tow ;).

And this is how we felt when they said the maintenance crew was going to board our plane #notagain.  Luckily it turned out to just be a half hour delay.

We are so so so thankful for my parents for hosting us (and the home cooked meals), for Wes's parents watching the girls so we could sneak in some dates, for both of our families rearranging their schedules and prioritizing us the entire time we were there and mostly for the gift of time - we really felt like we got to soak in lots and lots of time with everyone we hold closest to our hearts.  It was a magical Christmas season.