Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Play Date!

After the zoo we had a little less than an hour to kill so we stopped and picked up McDonald's for the girls and Starbucks for me then headed over to my college roommates house for a playdate we were super excited about! 

My two college roomies!! (actually Natalie and I have known each other since 9th grade and Natalie and Steph met on the 1st day of college and we all became/remained fast friends).

We had been missing some baby M (my kids still refer to all of their 'friends' as baby xyz) and we were pumped to be able to see them while we were in town.

When we sat the kiddos down on the couch and Emma insisted that their dog, Jake be in the picture too :).

I can't believe it will be one whole year (or more) until we can recreate this picture.

Nat always has such fun activities planned for the kiddos - this time it was decorating sugar cookies.

The girls all did a really good job taking turns cutting out their cookies.

Then we let them play with it like play doh ;).

Decorating is serious business.

Getting sprinkles from Aunt Steph!

The finished product.

Time to eat her creation ;).

Before we left a few more pictures, Emma wanted one of her acting like a doggie.

Everly and baby M got in on the action too.

After playing for awhile, we said our goodbyes and headed home with full hearts.

I am always so grateful for catching up with old friends where it feels like no time has passed at all.  Thanks for having us over, Natalie :).

Monday, January 30, 2017

A Day at the Zoo

We bundled up and headed to the zoo! We had six adults (my mom, dad, three sisters and me) and five kiddos between us which could have been pure chaos, but we ended up having the best time! Here are a few several pictures if you would like to take a look (bullet point style).

three kiddos bundled up and ready to go!

that baby gorilla had us all swooning.

my favorite site - my family and a whole bunch of kiddos.

this one had quite the pouty face - somehow the gorillas scared her?!?! (p.s. she has seen gorillas no less than 35 times).

we convinced her to go back in - ok by her, as long as Nonni was the one holding her.

the girls debated whether the lizard (barely pictured, you can see his/her tail) was killed or alive. spoiler alert: definitely a statue.

three of my favorite people :).

plus my favorite Emma and Austin's baby on the way.

do you see that little piece of blonde hair still in our picture ;).

someone stole Theodore's seat next to Helena.

that is a whole lot of strollers!

hi, Helena!

my two favorite girls.

all the kiddos lined up plus Adge (Katelyn was sleeping).

three oldest cousins plus a barely there Helena :).

i see you trying to escape, Seodore.

those baby blues and natural pout.

really into learning about the billy goats.

my brown-eyed girl.

Nonni bought all the kiddos bird feed sticks.

which completely made their day.

we love this boy.

i think he loves the birds.

when they stand next to each other, i think it is undeniable that they are sisters.

H got in on the action too.

i think she will be Austin's animal lover.

she loves pink and was pretty happy when she discovered these pink shoes i bought for her.  these are the details i never want to forget.

we have the most stylish Nonni.

those pigtails got me all day.

we missed this little guy!

i hope they always have a special relationship.

she is getting so big!

i think they are at their happiest when they are together.

Ally and Katelyn!

i gave someone else the camera so i could be in a picture :).

those cheeks!!!

papa George helped her find flamingo feathers.

still loving all fake animal statues ;).

showing papa George her 'favorite turtle'.

i always talk about Emma and Nonni having a special relationship, but these two do too - they can often be found hanging out with each other and she is particularly found of Dreamy Eyes because she knows that papa George gave it to her.

our trip to the zoo would not be complete without petting the snakes :).

such a great morning/early afternoon with my family.