Wednesday, July 19, 2017

My Parent's Visit | Day Five

Whew - by day five, we were exhausted.  We had thought about driving to Leshan to see the Big Buddha (something we haven't even done yet), but a two hour drive there and then another two hours back with the girls sounded tough to me so we settled on a much more relaxing day - we popped back by Jin Lin street for my dad to buy a mask, a local noodle shop, walking around tianfu square and then heading home for rest time, the playground and roller blading.  It was the perfect way to wrap up a busy four days touring.

^ Emma all ready to go - she was in the picture taking mood this particular day and I love it; she looks so big here! ^
^ I really can't believe we are going to have a legitimate kindergartner in a few weeks!! ^
^ sissy had some tears at first, but she pulled through with a few smiles. ^
^ some not so real ;). ^
^ and some bunny hops - in the preferred location, where Emma got her picture made ;). ^
^ first stop, Starbucks at Jin Lin street - I took the girls here while Papa George bought his mask. he was done quickly so we headed out before too long. ^
^ Nonni and Ev's strolling Jin Lin street. ^
^ they make even a pile of trash look good :). ^
^ teenager status ^
^ we found this article on NYT 36 hours in Chengdu and decided we had to check it out. ^
^ you guys, this noodle place was nuts??!!?? ^
^ us, outside, pretending not to be overwhelmed by the sheer chaos while my driver ordered us some dishes. ^
^ we finally got this tiny area to to sit in - girls in laps, it was crazy hot, we were a mess - here is a closer look at our dishes (unfortunately, I am not even sure what their names are so I cannot report back on what was better than the others). my dad liked them all if that helps :). ^
^ it appears calm here, but let me assure you my children were falling apart at the seams. ^
^ my driver had picked us up this chinese hamburger to share - also in the article. ^
^ this might be my favorite picture of my parents from the entire trip. my dad had a really nice guy sit beside him that wanted to work on his English so that was kind of fun for both of them. ^
^ I took the girls outside while my parents finished eating, but when they were done I snuck back in to get a look at the assembly line chaos. sheer, but very organized, chaos I am telling you. ^
^ after we were done we popped over to tianfu square - the girls had lunch at McDonald's (just in case you were wondering, they would not eat anything at the noodle joint while my dad, mom and I shared an oreo McFlurry). then we walked around stopping by to see these panda's last. ^
^ Emmy Lou and my dad. ^
^ Ev's was either tired or a little sad that she could sense my dad was leaving the following day. she was all cuddles with Papa George. ^
^ while this one remained full of energy - she is our little energizer bunny, always on the move! ^

^ waiting for the car - I love these shots with my parents (completely candid). ^
^ after resting and homemade chipotle burrito bowls, we headed to the playground. my mom caught all of these Emma expressions - she is our silly silly girl! ^
^ back at home, we worked on our roller blading skills ^
^ I am not sure if I have told you, but we gave them their scooters turned backwards to help with their balance.  it has helped them tremendously!! ^

That night my dad told them one more story, tucked them into bed and we all called it a pretty early night.  The next morning, my dad and I were up to head out the door by 5:30 - I dropped him off at the airport and headed to work.  We are so so so thankful that my parents made a huge sacrifice of time and money to come see us! We had the best best time during their visit :).  We were also thankful we got another week of Nonni snuggles before she eventually had to head back as well!

Monday, July 17, 2017

My Parent's Visit | Luxelakes Playground

After a busy morning that bled into the afternoon, we headed home to rest for a bit and then decided to load back into the car to take my parents to our favorite playground! After a lot of touring, our kiddos were in need of some quality playtime.

^ running free from the moment we got there! ^
^ every time we go, we find something new and freshly planted and this time was no exception - I loved these tall purple flowers. ^
^ and so did my purple loving girl ^
^ I love this capture of Emma - I have been waiting ages for her to wear this dress and I am so glad I got this picture of her in it!! ^
^ when big sister is not impressed by little sisters twirl, but little sisters twirl is on point. after this, Wes was walking down the hill and unfortunately, he tripped over the stroller and fell down the hill.  he sprained his ankle pretty bad but was still ok with going forward to let the girls play. ^
^ he was a trooper because he was in a lot of pain! ^
^ whee!! Evsie's pretending to give Emma a push from behind. ^
^ three little monkeys jumping all around ^

^ I love that they can legitimately see-saw together. ^
^ it is fun to watch my parents play with my kiddos ^
^ love this picture of Emma and my mom! ^
^ three crazy girlies in one swing ^

^ my parents really wanted a picture of all of us in this van - it just wasn't happening; everyone was far past their expiration date by this point in the evening. quickly after this we headed home, ate some dinner and headed to bed. ^

Friday, July 14, 2017

My Parent's Visit | Wuhou Memorial

After we visited Jin Lin street, we popped over to the Wuhou Memorial - I had heard they had a really pretty bonsai garden and it was not typically something we would have done on our own so it was fun to do it together with my parents (way back when I didn't have a clue we would ever move to China, I visited this place on a work trip, but it had been a long long time!).

^ I immediately loved the first bonsai tree I spotted - it brought me back all those years ago to a person selling bonsai trees on Pioneer Parkway out of the back of their truck (man, how I wanted one of those!). ^

^ my parents next to bonsai trees! ^
^ my parents went inside a jade exhibit while we kept our little ones company outside (still playing with their stickers!). ^
^ I loved how they made this ginormous bench from rocks. ^
^ stickers plus french braid plus my girl. ^
^ this was a huge vase - my dad spotted the cutest pandas on it (a sweet nod to Chengdu). ^
^ my dad taking a picture of me and my mom taking a picture of him ;). ^
^ every time I look at this picture, I cannot believe how fast Emma is growing - just look at those long gangly legs my dad is holding! I am constantly torn between wanting her to stay little forever and all of the fun things we get to do together now that she is a 'big kid'. ^
^ hieroglyphics, possibly? this is when we really needed a tour guide ;). ^
^ she is a magnet towards any water she can spot! ^

^ I love all of the archways they have in this garden. ^
^ lily pads for days ^
^ another cool archway ^
^ that led to the prettiest bamboo lined path. ^
^ and then we made it into the bonsai garden ^
^ and their were bonsai tree's everywhere you looked. ^
^ so pretty ^
^ and this little one magic'ed herself into a fairy ^
^ and cast spells on the trees.  I particularly love that tree on Everly's left. ^
^ I am not sure what this means, but I did remember from the last time I was there that it is very lucky - so I had my mom take her picture in front of it :). ^
^ four little adventurer's ^
^ if I am not mistaken, this is Wuhou :). ^
^ I love seeing their little french braids side by side. ^
^ afterwards, we were hot and hungry and headed to Iron Pig to eat some 'texas bar-b-que' for lunch.  it was so so yummy (especially their biscuits!) after a long day exploring. ^