Thursday, November 23, 2017


Every night before I go to bed (well, most nights), I lay there and quietly think about three things I am thankful for that day.  As much as I appreciate the grander adventures in life (travelling, living in China, having my parents come visit us just to name a few!), I really think it is all of the small things that I will look back and be thankful for.  The small things (or little things as I like to call them here on the blog) is what weaves our family unit together, it is what I hope the girls look back on and remember from their childhood.  Here is just a small sampling of the little things I am thankful for…

… bright blue skies
… trips to feed the fish
… watching the girls beam at their holiday parade
… couch snuggles every night
… reading books together
… playing hide and go seek
… lunch dates with Wes
… Emma walking me to the car every morning when I leave for work just to get one last smooch
… the smell of Wes firing up the grill
… getting out my ‘big’ camera and taking pictures
… trips to the playground (be it indoor or outdoor)
… hearing, ‘momma, I love you’ or ‘you are the best mom I could ever ask for’ – there are no better words
… coming home and seeing the girls waiting in the driveway
… watching the girls learn something new (roller blading, gymnastics)
… baking banana bread with the girls
… watching Wes and Everly put a puzzle together
… watching the girls dress up in their princess costumes
… the smell of freshly baked cinnamon rolls
… podcasts that make me laugh
… late night survivor watching sessions with Wes
… waking up to texts from my sister
… watching/helping the girls with their craft creations
… our Sunday morning gymnastics routine
… holiday cups at Starbucks (plus toffee nut is back in Chengdu!)
… for my blog that allows me to share pictures and stories with our families
… friends to celebrate milestones in China
... home cooked meals
... facetime with my mom and dad

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

November Little Things | First Half

And with this, I will officially be all caught up on pictures (excluding the fact that we are on vacation right now ;)). Ahhhh, it feels so good - I really can't remember the last time I was all caught up!!
^ November 1st was the most perfectly sunny day - we just wished we could have swapped it with Halloween day (which was sooo dreary!). ^
 ^ after school I found my little bats (that thought they were witches) still in their costumes). ^
^ the sky that day was just so pretty! ^
^ we went down to eat noodles/dumplings one night and Emma found her new favorite dish. ^
^ on my way home from work, I spotted that our neighborhood put up a Christmas tree! ^
^ the girls are loving playing hide-and-go-seek and this is their current favorite place to be found! ^

^ on Saturday morning, the girls worked on cards for Nonni - they thought that if they put the cards in the mailbox, Nonni would mail them presents.  luckily, I still had a few things from Nonni so she was able to deliver on their wishes ;). ^
^ about mid-morning we headed to a one year old birthday party. Ev's was delighted that they had a cupcake bar right when you walked in!! ^
^ Emma also found herself pretty tickled! ^

^ they had a lot of entertainment for the kids which was fun for them while the adults feasted on lots of local sichuan cuisine and red wine :). ^
^ I went way outside my comfort zone and tried pig's feet!! ^
^ after we rested, we took the girls to the playground and petted every puppy that would let us close :). ^
^ on Sundays the girls insist on dressing like twins to go to gymnastics class - and this time, they also insisted on some pretty funky hair do's. ^

^ my little hams! ^
^ sister smooches - I love love love how they always grab each others cheek. ^
^ I caught them in a mid-giggle sesh and I am obsessed with this picture. ^

^ three girls! ^
^ playing before gymnastics class. ^
^ working on her skilz ^
^ I think Ev's donut expression matches the one in the background (she could definitely be on a donut store ad)- girly loves herself a donut! ^
^ then, they worked on a craft. ^
^ rainbow bunny! ^

^ they also have a magic sand area there and the girls love playing with it after they finish their craft. ^
^ I despise SpongeBob (like do not like that show at all), but Emma insisted she needed to make this so we went for it, I didn't even ask for that peace sign, but it cracks me up! ^
^ bus stop pictures!! ^
^ I went with some of the team to my favorite noodle place and we tried a different kind of noodles in addition to my favorite noodles and it was delish!! ^
^ Emma has the best teachers - she made them paper crowns one night and they wore them the following day, the whole day (I sent them a thank you note because Emma was so pleased).  we have been so incredibly blessed by the school here. ^
^ Saturday, the 11th, was the best best weather day we have had in forever - it was cool but sunny outside.  Everly chose this dress and shoes and she looked so cute, I asked her if she wanted her picture taken for her book/blog (I am making the girls a book with their pictures in it for Christmas). ^
^ the moon was still out! p.s. isn't that a super pretty blue color :). ^
^ she got right to work on her model pose ;). ^
^ these boots have been favorites of both girls! ^

^ her smile and trying to capture her real smile is my favorite. ^
^ my favorite!!! I am thinking this might actually make the cover of her book :). ^
^ how did she get so big?? ^
^ those big brown eyes! ^
^ Emma turned into Princess Rosia (always when she puts her flower crown on) and wanted her picture taken too! ^
^ sisters! this picture cracks me up :). ^
^ never not twirling. ^

^ we went out in the backyard and tried to capture some of the sunshine and I just love how it makes her look like an angel. also it makes her look sooo grown up - much older than 5, I think. ^
^ then lion got in on the picture taking action. ^
^ trying to figure out how we will take care of our 'shy' plants in the winter.  have you guys heard of these? if you touch the leaves, they act shy by closing up.  the girls picked these up at the flower market and have had so much fun with them. ^
^ eating a banana blueberry salad and wishing Nonni was with us! ^
^ we ate lunch at Peter's (no pictures!) and then headed to our favorite indoor playground.  these two spotted a treble clef on the way in - Ev's music teacher taught her how to draw and she has been loving it! ^

^ so much playing going on - we stayed for nearly 6 hours, the girls love it so much! ^
^ another Sunday, another gymnastics class :).  you can't tell here very well, but the girls were dressed like twinsies again :). ^
^ still working on our cartwheels! ^

the week after this before we headed on vacation was spent resting - there has been HFM and colds going around the girls school.  we seem to be lucky and didn't get the HFM, but we all had mild colds and found ourselves in bed before or at 8pm almost every.single.night.  here is to a good Thanksgiving vacation - we have so much to be thankful for :).