Monday, February 29, 2016

January Little Things | Part 2

Grab a cup of coffee (or lunch), get ready, settle in- this post is a doozy.

I documented a day in our lives on January 16th and we left off with Everly being cranky and Emma just recovering from being sick.  On Sunday after Mass, we took a walk around the block.  I should have known that Everly falling asleep on the walk was a sign of what was to come that day :/.

We woke her up when we got home and had some snuggles all piled into one chair.

After naps, we made our usual Sunday stop of Nonni's house where all kiddos involved enjoyed an ice cream cone :).

And unlimited drawing space since Nonni's floors are covered with paper!! My parents are in the midst of a remodel and this is one of the benefits :).

We drove home to pick up daddy and headed over to Bobbob's house for pizza with him and Colleen.  This girl was just not feeling her best (no pizza!) and fell asleep on me shortly after we got there.  Having your babies sick is just the worst feeling in the world.  And it was like somehow, I really questioned myself if we could gear up for round two of sickness.

She continued the trend the following day so we began checking her mouth religiously to see if she too was susceptible to cold sores.

Luckily she was on the mend by the next day (we think she had a much more mild version of what Emma had).  When I got home, Emma asked to go to Chick-fil-A for dinner and since we hadn't been in what seemed like months, we obliged and headed that way to find out that it was some sort of activity day at our Chick-fil-a complete with the cow!

Hehe, I don't even know what to write about this picture :).

The girls worked hard on their sunshine's and earned some free ice cream cones!

On Thursday night, we got to meet our new favorite niece- baby Helena!

Friday's is the girls day to just stay home with Daddy which means that they will oftentimes still be in their pjs when I get home from work.  This Friday night was no exception- it was us, our jammie's, bubbles, nice weather and the perfect Friday evening.

I love to watch her blow bubbles- she doesn't fully get how to blow and mostly ends up just spitting.

Co-conspirators :).

These next three pictures are some of my favorites - best buds :).

Bright and early Saturday morning, we headed down to the Passport Office (ours is at the post office) to apply for the girls passports.  I took this blurry picture right before they told me no pictures were allowed #ooooppps!

Then, we headed to my parents house to have lunch with Ally and Travis (who were in town visiting from Houston).  As a surprise, four-day-old Helena came!

I hope these three girls are all best friends one day :).

Everly looks so long with a baby in her lap!!

Austin went to go feed baby Helena and we noticed that Theo was feeling a little bit lonely and left out- he was only four days into his big brother gig- so we tried to cheer him up with some Mitchell funny face selfies :).

He was quite enamored with Ev's silly face ;).

Baby Helena came back out to visit, but promptly fell asleep- Emma wanted to hold her, no surprise there ;).

Oh Theo- it is rough being the oldest.  If you ever need to chat, Emma and I are available :).

When we pull Ev's hair out of a top knot, she always has massive bed head; except she didnt get it from sleeping :).

I can't remember what game they were playing this evening, but I am sure whatever it is- it was pretty adorable :).

Wild Saturday night at our house- Super Emma chased us all around!!

On Sunday, we celebrated my father-in-law's birthday with my husbands family!

This girl was loving eating all of grandma's olives and rewarded grandma with some pretty sweet kisses!

Poor Aunt Celeste did not get the same reward ;). No olives, no kisses!

Emma and Grandpa!

The weather was beautiful so we played for awhile outside before heading home.

One night we headed to our favorite Mexican restaurant to celebrate some good work news!!

On Friday, Wes took the girls to the park for a couple of hours.  The weather was perfect and the girls had a blast, telling me all about it when they got home.

Love their shadows and that my husband takes pics of them for me to see!

Flying high!

I swear these two are the happiest on the swings!

Crazy Friday nights at our house- hanging out on the driveway watching the sunset and enjoying the beautiful weather!

Wrapped up the night with baths, pretend birthday parties in the bath and lots of smooches.

Bright and early Saturday morning, we headed to the park to get some pictures of Emma for her birthday.  We couldn't leave the park without actually playing on it! So we let them run around for a bit- Emma's favorite, this 'flower' where she spins herself around and around until she is so dizzy she falls down.

My two girls, side-by-side :).

When we got home, baby Seodore was already waiting at our house! We offered to watch him so he could get a breather from his sister and some special attention from Emma.  I would say, he was a little underwhelmed with the special attention part of the deal ;).

It was a pretzel party at our house- we had run out, she we shared Theodore's stash and then Wes ran to the store for more!

Theodore's favorite part of the day- playing with Bailey! I had never seen him dole out so many free hugs; I think he needs a puppy in his life :).

Later on that day (after naps), we headed outside to eat Popsicle's and blow bubbles.  This one is particularly fond of purple Popsicle's.

We finally realized that they could take the bubble wands and shake them from side to side to produce bubbles rather than blowing them!

It was mind blowing to these gleeful children of mine.  Side story, I always thought I would hate our driveway when we had kiddos because it is rather steep.  I have honestly been shocked by how much I like it- and the girls love it! They do everything from racing their cars/bikes down it to running down it to star gazing on it.

Love this picture!

On Sunday morning, I headed out to try to grab a few pictures of Everly for her 2.5 year old post since she was being rather uncooperative the morning before.  Emma got in on the 'helping', but she thought she was helping by making funny faces behind her.  And I couldn't help but smile and take a few pictures of the scene. For the life of her, she couldn't figure out to stand behind me- the one with the camera!

When that didn't work out she smooched her

and stroked her chin.  I ended up getting a few gems with them both together that I am saving for an upcoming post.

I also snuck and there and had Wes take a few pictures of me with Emma for her annual love letter post (this one didnt make the cut, but I loved it too!).

After Mass, we headed back to Veteran's Park (where we had just been the day before), but this time to meet up with my friend Kelli and her baby- baby Connor.  Kelli had brought a big, red balloon so we could hopefully get some shots of Connor on our favorite bridge.  The girls had fun carrying it to the bridge!!

The sun is pretty blinding, but these turned out to be my two favorite shots!

We played and played and ate pretzels at the park and it was nice to catch up with Kelli.  When we finished up, Wes was still golfing so I decided to take the girls on an impromptu lunch date to McD's.  They were pretty excited they were going on a 'date' and they decided to hold hands in order to show their affection :).  This was the day where I remember thinking to myself wow, they are truly getting along.  They were so hilarious with each other at McDonald's- chasing each other all around, stopping for bites of their food, doling out kisses to me and to each other.  It really was the sweetest couple of hours.

After lunch, we headed home to take naps- my favorite Sunday afternoon ritual!  After we woke up, we headed to my parent's house to say hello! and 'help' Papa George with his projects :).

Ahhhh, January.  You gave us a rough start with jet lag and sickness, but overall- you still turned out to be a pretty good month :).