Monday, August 31, 2015

Everly at 24 Months

… I just didn’t think life with Everly could get any better, but I was wrong! Now, Everly says ‘love you!’ regularly. There is nothing better (I say that phrase too often, huh?) than your kiddo telling you that they love you.  They are the three sweetest words when strung together. Also, now she can say Emma correctly! And will do so if we ask her who that is (while pointing at Emma or a picture of Emma).  However, she still mostly refers to her in everyday conversation as ‘Nah-mi’.  Now if only she would start saying Everly ;).
… is starting to do imaginative play back and forth with Emma on a daily basis. I just love to watch their relationship grow and develop- my favorite things I have witnessed are the use of pretend money (Emma is always telling Everly that the items in her shop cost five dollars and Ev’s reaches into her pretend pocket to grab the money and places it in her hands), riding pretend horses side by side on the couch, listening to Emma read Everly a fake (or sometimes real) story book, playing princess in their new house (Ev’s is always the baby and Emma is always the mommy).
… on the other hand, Ev’s also rocks independent play. She can read a book to herself or her baby doll, she doesn’t mind going outside and playing with the water table or ‘princess castle’ by herself, she is content in the playroom by herself for about 30 minutes at a time.  This is so the opposite of her sister who needs to be around someone at all times, we are really soaking this in.
… carries around a tube of toothpaste/diaper cream that she refers to as her baby. No lie, this is the most random toddler thing ever.  She will carry around until it bursts and she will smear it all over herself. We learned our lesson after the second ‘baby’ exploded so now we try to leave all tubes out of Ev’s reach.

… has seven teeth and four one year old molars. Maybe, just maybe by the time she turns three she will have all her teeth ;).  Seriously though, I think she would win the award for slowest-teeth-getter ever.
… likes to ask why over and over and over again. This is a normal (one-sided) conversation with Everly. “Berries. Red. Why?” or ‘Juice. Blue. Why?’.  Sometimes it is a little moer interactive: the other day I told her the graham crackers were all gone.  She asked why? I responded that her and Emma ate them all.  She asked why? I said I don’t know why do you eat all of our food? And she responded with why? Ahhhh, I gave up on that conversation!
… likes to drink from regular cups- prefers the cups to be full of ice water (do not forget the ice!).  The only problem with this- she spills her water every.single.time.  Followed by the sweetest ‘sorry’.
… stands at the top of the stairs and yells ‘guys’ or ‘you guys’ after she wakes up from a nap or in the morning if we have pulled her into our bed in order to catch a few more ‘zzzzzz’s.
… still likes to eat as soon as she wakes up and is quite grumpy until she gets some food in her belly.  She is obsessed with waffles for breakfast.  My favorite part about the breakfast routine is that she loves to say ‘ah ready. ready’ while dancing all over the kitchen once she hears the toaster pop signaling the waffle is done . I have also found her saying ‘good. good. good.’ after taking her first bite.
… went number one in the potty the night before she turned two. A couple of days later went number 2.  She was so proud of herself and we were so proud of her rewarding her with lots of clapping and M and M’s.  However, this does not seem to be a trend that will continue no matter how many rewards we try to offer her.  We waffle back and forth between pushing her to start potty training since she clearly knows how to use the potty or waiting until she is clearly ready.

… is really into friends (two of anything similar are friends in her book); since my post the other day, she found two blue forks, held them up and declared them friends, two cards from a deck of cards and two bows- she does not discriminate when it comes to friends.
… started preschool this month and she did great! She follows the rules, eats her lunch and most importantly takes her nap. I think she was so excited to finally get to go to what she had been dropping Emma off for since she was born! We were elated that she got to have our beloved Ms. Debbi and we were sad to see the program end after four short weeks.  We are so excited to see all that she learns this coming school year.
… is talking up a storm.  She has really come into her own lately.  Here are a few of my favorite phrases she says ‘love you’, ‘here you go’, ‘you guys’, ‘what those mommy?’, ‘share momma?’.
… can recognize McDonald’s and shouts French fries as soon as she sees it. To say this girl loves her some French fries would be an understatement ;).
… says her prayers every night and they are the cutest thing.  She will make the sign of the cross and say Amen.  I follow up with the prayer that her school says ‘God is great, God is good. Let us thank him for our food.’ She typically chimes in on food and then says ‘lettuce’ which I finally realized that she got from the part of the prayer that says ‘let us’. Then I ask her who else she wants to pray for and she will say Emma followed by Mama and Daddy and then my favorite part- she says me! (meaning herself).  Then she will pray for baby sheep, daddy sheep, horsie, lollie, baby de-o-dore, Nonni and Papa George.
… is a whopping 33.75 inches tall and 24.5 pounds and seems to be growing more and more each day!  We just love this girl and can’t wait to see how she continues to grow and develop in year 3. We just hope she stays her sweet sweet self.

And with that, all of my monthly posts are complete!!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Pap Pap

Emma was obsessed with her pap pap. So much so, she kept gnawing on those things until she was close to two and a half. So when Everly was born, I picked up new pap pap's in anticipation of her arrival and packed them up to bring to the hospital.  Imagine my surprise when Ev's never took to a pap pap.  I remember trying to force her to take one, but she always refused.  Fast forward two years and she found an old pap pap in the playroom popped it in her mouth and said 'goo goo'.  I just about died when I saw her with a pap pap- definitely looked more like Emma than ever before.  When I brought out the camera she got shy and hid behind me. Oh silly girl and her pap pap.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

'Friendlier With Two'

As I was looking for Everly's two year old quote, I came across this quote and it really stuck with me: "it's so much friendlier with two." from Winnie the Pooh.

I know I have said this several times on the blog, but I just really love having two kiddo's.

And especially two girls.

I really feel like I hit the jackpot with these two crazies.

It is definitely friendlier (and more interesting ;)) with two.  And they keep interacting more and more every day.  And I keep falling more and more in love with them every day.

Everly almost always wakes up first every morning and the first thing that she says is 'Nah-mi go?' or 'Nah-mi night night?'.

Fast forward from wake up and their favorite time to play together is the last 30 minutes before bed- they are delirious and happy and seem to get along best during this time. Last night, Emma was pushing Everly (excuse me, her baby) around in a diaper box. The night before last, they were giggling up a storm playing with a pool noodle that they refer to as 'Twinkle Toes'.  You get the picture, it is always pretend.

They love to dance and twirl together.  The faster they go and the more spins they get in, the better.

Whatever adventure they go on, Emma is always leading the way and Everly is always following (perfect for their personality types).

I strive to raise daughters that are best friends.

That are there to laugh with each other in good times protect each other with life gets hard.

And that continue to love each other 'ahhh much!'.

Even though they tell me that they are going to live with me forever (well Emma tells me this and Everly just says ever), one day they will grow up and go off in this world.  Even though they might go in different directions, they will always have each other.

These are two my my most recent favorite pictures of Emma and Everly. Late July and early August was filled with lots and lots of hand holding :).

Just the way I like it :).

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What's Up Wednesday

As part of my New Year’s goals, I wanted to participate in a blog link up. Now that we are halfway more than halfway through the year, I thought now was as good as time as ever J.  I am linking up this week with Shay, Shaeffer and Mel for What’s Up Wednesday.

1. What we’re eating this week…
This week we had lazy stuffed bell peppers, spinach and blue cheese meatloaf and pulled pork/scrambled egg tacos so far.  Maybe for next month’s post, I will actually take some pictures of what we are eating ;).

2. What I’m reminiscing about…
There is a lot of back to school talk this week in our area, but my girls don’t start back for two more weeks. However, that has not kept me from reminiscing about them being little. I have seen these two sayings so many times this week “enjoy the little things in life for one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things.” and “the days are long, but the years are short.” and they have really stuck with me.  I came across this blog post that I had written but never published about the first time I put Emma in two piece pajamas and my thoughts on savoring every moment.

Savoring Every Moment              
When I was having Emma, the number one piece of advice that I probably received was “savor every moment, they grow up so fast”.  I really took this advice to heart.  I changed my work schedule so I am home at 5.  I am not on my phone and rarely take phone calls between 5 and 7.  That time every night is dedicated Emma time.  We play, we go outside, we eat dinner together, sometimes get a bath and get ready for bed.   

I feel like I have done a pretty good job at savoring every moment and still I feel like the days are going by way too fast.  I put Emma in a two piece pajama set on Monday night and I felt like my girl had aged three years.  As I was holding her while she was drifting to sleep, a few tears rolled down my face (which is not hard these days with my pregnancy hormones).  Then, Wes sent me a video a few days ago of Emma sliding down the slide by herself with no help.  How is she already this old?  I have been so intentional about making sure that I don’t take any of this journey for granted, but yet I can barely remember her newborn smell.  The memories of the first few nights at home and how we all slept on the couch (Emma in her pack in play) are fading.  All of our time spent nursing, my first day at home alone with her, introducing her to her great grandparents for the first time all seems like it was years ago. 

The thought of Emma growing up makes me really sad.  But then I have to remember, did I stop to give Emma an extra hug and a kiss as I was walking out the door. Did I take an extra second to snuggle her in my lap before putting her in her crib.  Do I make sure to tell her I love her all of the time. And I do, I know I do all those things. But that won’t keep the years from passing by too quickly.    

They just grow up so darn fast.

3. What I’m loving…
Miss Everly Grace. Seriously, you guys- this girl has come to life in the last couple of months. She is talking up a storm and finally says ‘love you!’ over and over and over again! And I am definitely loving this! In addition to saying love you, when I ask her how much she loves mommy- she will raise her hands in the air and say ‘ahhh much’ or ‘sooo much’ which completely melts this mama’s heart.

4. What we’ve been up to… eating a lot of treats, apparently :).
Coffee Date with Ally

Friday ice cream and general shenanigans at Nonni’s house

Gigantic Snocone’s at Trader’s Village

Dairy Queen Date with Papa George

Swimming date with Theodore

Pizza date with Bobbob and Colleen

Breaking out our umbrella’s for the ‘rain show’ (according to Emma); spoiler alert, we got about 5 drops of rain

Starbucks date with my dad for his birthday!

5. What I’m dreading…
Potty training Everly.  She went number 1 and 2 in the potty right as she turned 2 getting my hopes up; now, she shows zero interest. So we will wait a bit, but I am still dreading it, considerably.

6. What I’m working on…
Trying to worry less.  It’s not going great, just in case you were wondering, but I am trying. This will always be a work in progress for me- the second something does not feel the least bit normal I go into total freakout mode consulting Dr. Google and hypothesizing the worst case scenario.  I am trying to quit google, but I keep relapsing from time to time ;).

7. What I’m excited about…
Wes and I are taking our first kid free vacation since we have had Emma and Everly next month! To say we are excited would be an understatement. We are celebrating 5 years of marriage (I can’t believe we have almost been married for 5 years!) and Wes’s birthday in our favorite spot.  This will be our 4th time to this resort and we just love love love it! As icing on top, our good friends Kelli and Cecil are going with us!!

8. What I’m watching/reading…
I read quite a few blogs but that has been the extent of my reading lately. Terrible I know. I have plans to get better at this, but it is just not in the cards right now. Wes and I have been watching America’s Got Talent and Flipping Out this summer and while we love these shows, we are ready for Survivor and the Amazing Race and the Ladies of London (ok, that is only me that is ready for the Ladies of London- I am obsessed with British culture ;)).

9. What I’m listening too…
Mostly just the radio. And Taylor Swift. Lots and lots of Taylor Swift. We are also obsessed with Rachel Patton’s Fight Song. I hear Emma and Everly from time to time bust out with “my life song!”.  Also, Emma and Everly have been singing ‘The Ants Go Marching One by One’ and ‘Five Little Ducks’. Ev’s singing is my favorite- she shouts ‘Ants. March. Hooray. Hooray.’ while lifting up her arms. I just want to bottle up that cuteness.

10. What I’m wearing…
My blardigan.

It is so comfy/cozy that even Emma likes to be wrapped up in it.

But no, really, mainly dresses and cardigans to work and gym shorts and t-shirts on the weekend. Not too exciting, huh? But I did buy several things from the Nordstrom anniversary sale that I am super pumped about come cooler weather. 

11. What I’m doing this weekend…
Breakfast date with my college roommate and I am soooo excited to see her! We haven’t spent any time (without my kiddos around) together since December so this catch up is long overdue! We may also try to squeeze in a museum or zoo playdate and pay Nonni and Papa George a visit before they head out of town!

12.What I’m looking forward to next month…
In vein with what I am excited about above, we are definitely looking forward to Mexico next month and properly celebrating Wes’s birthday and our anniversary. I am also looking forward to the last lazy days of summer (hopefully filled with pool time), potential onset of cooler weather, a pumpkin spice late date with Ally, a trip to College Station and our annual church picnic (filled with cotton candy and pony rides!).

13. What else is new?
I bought a Prius! I can’t believe I haven’t had a chance to blog about this yet, but I have been driving my 2004 Mazda3 since my last semester of college. I was in desperate need of a new car (by weird fate, my transmission gave out the day before I was scheduled to go look at new cars) and I am just in heaven with my new Prius. I have wanted for one as long as I can remember and I couldn’t be happier with my Prius.

I hope you enjoyed this- it was so fun, I may just do it again next month :).