Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Best Little Weekend

Mondays (and now Tuesdays) are rough. Mondays of the week of quarter close - double rough. Luckily, our family just had the best little weekend to serve as a memory until we can get to the next weekend (which just happens to be a three day weekend! yay!!).  

When I got home from work, we made a pit stop at Nonni's house for some ice cream.  I kept marveling at the fact that Everly just went and grew up overnight. Look at those long, toddler-like legs all sprawled out on the swing gently reminding me that she's not a baby anymore.

If there is water, the girls will find it. They are obsessed with all things water.

It was 'attack of the Nonni and give her all our kisses' before we left. I don't think she minded one bit :).

After our short visit at Nonni's house, we picked up Daddy and headed to the playground at our church where Eberleah continued to show off her toddler like legs.

And her ridiculously cute smile!

I just love this little girl so much!!

Sticking her tongue out in concentration as she slides down the slides :).


Emma decided it would be super fun to 'help' Everly slide down the slide.

I am so happy these two have each other - there is just something so special about a sister relationship :). When they fight, they fight hard; but when they love, they love extra hard.

Sums up their personalities to a tee ;).

After we got to see Nonni again (she was at church for Stations of the Cross), we went home and got ready for bed! We had a big day planned!! The Easter Egg hunt at our church followed by some park time followed by some time at Grandma's.

They had cute little activities for all the kids while they were getting all set up for the hunt.

The girls 'playing' at the bean bag toss.

Evsie's concentration face :).

Then, it was time for the main attraction before the Easter Egg hunt.  We figured Emma would be all over the Easter Bunny after her love for all things characters at Disney World, so her hesitation caught us a little off guard.

Then, we were shocked, times a million, that Eberleah not only got close to the Easter Bunny, but gave him a full on hug.

So mad at myself for cutting off the bunnies head :(.

Both girlies with the Easter Bunny! They were just adorable!!

Then, it was time for the egg hunt! This would be the first one where Everly kind of knew what was going on, I was not expecting her to fully get it, but she picked up egg after egg with such concentration!

So proud of herself for collecting all of her eggs! She didn't even realize they were going to have treasures inside :).

Emma was supposed to wait to hunt with the 3 - 5 year olds, but there was no holding her back once Everly started. She hunted with such abandon that at one point all of her eggs fell out, I told her that was ok, she just got to hunt again!

She was pretty darn proud of herself too, and this one definitely realized that there would be treasure inside ;).

We went inside to have a snack and uncover more chocolate than we knew what to do with! Eberleah was pretty pleased when she discovered choc-late inside :).

After our snack, we loaded up and took the girls down to the duck park close to our house to let them run out some energy :).  They loved chasing after the ducks- I am not sure the ducks felt the same way :).

Everly was determined to catch up to one!

There was some sister negotiation so that Emma could switch stuffed animals with Everly- she was ready to hold the bunny!

Negotiation success!

Emma and I went on a walk, while Everly and Daddy stayed behind to admire the ducks :).

We moved onto the playground before too long and Emma wow'ed me by swinging in the big kid swing.

Her and Wes had been working on it (he was teaching her to hold on tight) and she was so proud to show off her new found confidence.  It was another one of those not-so-subtle moments that my babies are really growing up :).

Love it when I capture a closed-eye smile!

I caught Evsie's playing peek-a-boo!

Look at how big my girls have gotten- I spent the whole weekend grappling with how they got so big so quickly!

When we got home, Emma climbed up in daddy's lap to confirm that he was still in fact her 'best friend in the whole wide world'. She has consistently saying this for about two - three weeks and while cute, I wish she considered me her best friend :). It is safe to say I am a little jealous of my husband when Emma hands out these strong accolades.

We got the girls a nap and then dropped them off at my in-laws house for date night. We dropped them off a bit earlier than normal and enjoyed a solid hour wondering around Target at our own pace. Heaven, I tell you :).  Then we headed to dinner where we enjoyed margaritas, guacamole and a flat bread.

I love having this guy all to myself for an afternoon :).

On Sunday morning, we woke up and Everly was 20 months old! We went outside to get some pictures for her 20 month old post and I loved this outtake :).

After Mass, we headed over to Nonni's house. I have to enroll this girl in gymnastics, stat.

We started off our visit with some ice cream.

And some scooter riding ;).

My dad got a new scooter and the girls (mainly Emma) wanted to give it a try.

Papa George doesn't think she is ready for a ride quite yet, but she sure is going to be trouble when she is big enough. I can already hear her saying 'faster, Papa George, faster!'.

Emma and Nonni headed across the street to see if they could find the ducks.

And Everly quickly followed.

After we jumped, hunted for fish and ducks, we headed back to my parents house. My parents were encouraging Everly to run- it was hilarious :).

On the way back, Emma felt that Everly (otherwise known as her brother George) needed some help so she started patting her on the back and steering her in the right direction.

Love witnessing small moments like this between my girls.

Emma had been waiting since Friday night to help her Papa George plant some of the flowers and was very excited to get the process started.

Watering the flowers that she had planted.

When we got home, I thought that we should take advantage of the nice weather and have a picnic outside! Emma loved this idea and loved bossing us all around telling us the appropriate places to sit ;).

After lunch, we headed in for naps- Emma insisting to sleep by her 'Eveleah'. I just adore the way she she is resting her hand on Everly's hair.

She always asks when Everly will be big enough to sleep in her room at night, I just can't wait until these two can cuddle up to each other every single night.

We wrapped up our weekend with a pizza dinner on the porch at Bobbob's followed by some ice cream for the girls :) And to think that just a few months ago, I thought Eberleah didn't like ice cream. Silly me. We had good conversation, good wine and the perfect weather to wrap up our weekend.

Love weekends like this!