Friday, February 27, 2015

Ice Cream at Nonni's House

As you might have gathered from all of my little things posts, we spend at least an hour or two one morning or afternoon a weekend at Nonni's house. The girls favorite thing about going to Nonni's house- definitely the ice cream! If we are there for more than thirty minutes and they haven't asked for ice cream yet, it is a small miracle.  Most of the time, they have their ice cream in pink or green cones, but since Nonni only had brown cones, they settled for cups!

Emma loves to dictate which color of ice cream, pink, orange, green and 'banilla. She will always tell Nonni whether it is enough or if she needs a little more.

Random side note, I think Eberleah is going to have a small gap in her front teeth! Love it!!

We are always extra excited if baby Seodore is there to visit with and hold too. We are not sure if the feeling is mutual for Theodore ;).

Her baby blues are stunning :).

I think this picture pretty much sums up the Emma-Seodore relationship; Emma is head over heels in love with baby Seodore and sweet Theodore is not quite sure what to think of big cousin Emma.

We love visiting Nonni's house :).

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


As part of my house goals, I mentioned that I wanted to upgrade our camera. I am happy to say this is complete. We settled on the Nikon D5300.  As soon as it arrived, I dressed the girls up and headed out to the botanical gardens on what I thought was going to be the first nice morning. The temps were foretasted to be in the low 70's; however, it was only 43 degrees in the morning. The girls didn't do great, but since we were already in the area, we headed over to the zoo afterwards and let the girls ride the carousel.  Believe it or not, this was Ev's first carousel ride!  Anxiously awaiting her turn on the 'neigh neigh'.

Emma picked out her yellow horse so Everly settled for the grey 'neigh neigh' next to her.

While Emma was all smiles, Ev's was a bit nervous at first.

But as soon as it started going around and around, she smiled like a champ!

Love when we capture this girl's real smile :).

Watching the girls ride this together got me incredibly excited about our upcoming trip to Disney!

Love these two :).

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


If you have been reading my blog for long, or following along on Instagram, you definitely know by now that I think Everly and I look a whole lot alike. And there is a soft spot in my heart for our resemblance. There are certain outfits that I put her in or ways that I style her hair and I just think to myself and out-loud, man, we really do look alike.

I have been putting Everly's hair in pigtails lately and I just can't help but gawk over our resemblance. Everly at 18 months, me as a baby at 21 months.

Love my mini.

Monday, February 23, 2015

January Little Things: Part 2

With all the birthday hoopla, you thought I forgot about wrapping up the little things post, didn't you? I would never forget on you.  If you missed part one you can catch up here, but for now on with part two. 

One Monday afternoon, I found two old lollipops at my desk and I brought them home for the girls as their 'prise; I wanted them to stand together so I could get a picture of them in the matching outfits daddy had picked out + their lollipops and this is what I got, cute right?

Eberleah made up for it with some sweet kisses :).

The next night, we went over to Papa George and Nonni's house. We were so happy they made it back from their cruise! We missed them!!

Emma and Everly helping my mom get ready for dinner. I love that she pulls both ladders out now for her two girls :).

Ev's indulged my mom and gave her some smooches.

While Em's indulged me at home and gave me some hugs and smiles :).

The next day, I met Wes at the dentist office to watch Everly while he had some work done; I think i got the better end of that deal ;).

After our girls weekend, we all got ready for Ally's engagement lunch. Emma helped daddy do some light yard work before we got going.

She looks so old and grown up here!

We tried out a selfie with the real camera!

Oh, hi Eberleah. You are so sweet!

If you have been following along, you know that my youngest sister, Ally is marrying Travis. Travis is one of seven kids. Let that sink in for a minute. Seven kids. I am proud of myself for taking my two girls to the zoo. And there are just two of them. Anyways, I digress. My mom had an engagement lunch for Ally and Travis and Travis's whole family came so everyone could get to know each other. It was crazy and chaotic, but lots of good fun! My mom had brownie sundaes for everyone, but that would not do for Emma. She wanted her 'pink and green and orange ice cream mixed with banilla'. My mom always has two buddies when she pulls out the ice cream.

Papa George built Emma (and everyone else) an outdoor fire! She loves an outdoor fire and often requests them from Papa George!

We were getting in position for the group picture, Emma thought it would be a better idea to direct the picture ;). She walked around saying 1, 2, 3 cheese rather than smiling for the camera.

Ev's gave Papa George kisses bye bye! This is a huge step for our Eberleah!!

And gave Aust smiles upon smiles when she picked her up!

Later on that night, I tried one of my favorite dresses of Emma's on Everly and it fit! and she ate her first banana. Definitely document worthy, right?!?

On Thursday morning, I headed to College Station for the night for a recruiting event. I tried to explain to Emma that I wouldn't be back until the next day.  I really thought she understood the way she was kissing me bye bye! With such passion! However, Wes said that when I had only been gone for an hour or so, she asked if they could go outside to wait for me to come home :).

This girl was all smiles, not a clue in the world her milk supply was about to walk out the door and hopefully wean her all in the same day!

Sweetest kisses on the lips from Eberleah :).

FaceTime with my girl from College Station is always a crazy, wild ride but so worth it!

Friday afternoon, we headed over to Nonni's house to visit and for some ice cream as per our new usual.

The next morning, we had our family pictures taken and then headed over to my sister-in-laws house for my father-in-law's birthday. I just love seeing my girls so grown up sitting up at the kiddo table.

Everly had lots of fun playing with this mesh net type thing. Aunt Celeste has more toys than we have, the girls were in heaven!

Me and my mini.

The girls loved playing with these cars while we were over there.

All the grand kids making funny faces :).

Ev's likes to stick out her tongue in concentration when sliding down the slide!

The next day, we headed to the zoo and Everly continued to show her enthusiasm for being at one of her favorite places. Just check out those dance moves! Get it girly!!

Do you get this excited when you spot the monkey's??

LOVE Everly's face as big sister gives her a smooch!

I just love this girl and her energy.

You might remember in Everly's last monthly post when I mentioned that she has lots of phrases in her vocabulary like 'whats dis?' or "where daddy go?'.  This is the accompanying hand motions with her questions. Cracks me up.

Wes sent me this picture on January 28- this was Emma one year ago.  It is just so hard to remember back to when she had a pap pap and she would only drink her Gatorade out of a bottle. One year later, no more pap-pap, no more bottle and thankfully, no more diapers.

I honestly cannot remember where these pictures were taken, but Emma did not want to wear her shoes wherever we were; I just love it when the girls hold hands.

Big sister leading little sister.

Wherever we were, we ended up at Nonni's house for some ice cream. I am thinking this had to be a mid-week ice cream visit.

I got to have lunch with this cutie and his mama on the very last Friday during January. He is the perfect lunch companion right now, he just sits contently in his stroller gazing at the lights, while I catch his mama up on all the work gossip ;).

On a daily basis, Emma likes to attack her Eberleah :).

During the last week of January, Everly and I spent a lot of time working on her sleeping skills. I did not want her to think I had abandoned her, so we spent a lot of our awake time attached at the hip, doing all the things Eberleah likes, like swinging.

Nose scrunch smile brought to you by a girl that finally learned how to put herself back to sleep without nursing! Biggest milestone of January, for sure!

And somehow, we made our way back to Nonni's house for some ice cream. It's a good thing, we don't keep that stuff at our house :).

The last Saturday in January was exhausting with our Rabbit Hunt :). We cuddled and made up for it with some naps that afternoon ;).  As a side note, I have always wanted the girls to share a room and more specifically a bed. Can you just imagine the stories they would tell as grown-ups about their memories of sharing a room?!? I received my first glimpse of this possible when Emma told me 'I just want to lay close to Eberleah, mom'. My heart burst into a million little pieces. These two are blessed to have each other.

As I mentioned in part 1, January far exceeded my expectations and was my favorite month to date of 2015 ;).