Thursday, January 29, 2015

'Bebe' Love

Everly's love for baby dolls runs deep. Ever since she has been 9 or 10 months old, when she spots a baby doll, she picks it up (even if we are not at home) typically, happily, chattering 'bebe' all the while.  Literally, we call her the baby doll snatcher. Just last weekend we were at the zoo and she snatched a baby doll out of someone else's stroller. And we didn't even know that someone.  Last Saturday, we were at my sister-in-law's house celebrating my father-in-law's birthday (did you catch all of that?), when I noticed that every time I saw Everly, she had a baby doll in her possession. And oftentimes, it was a different baby doll and I couldn't help but snap a few pictures so I can always remember her 'bebe' obsessed days!

Playing on the slide with Emma. 'Bebe' doll in hand. Check.

Trying to ride the bike. 'Bebe' doll in hand. Check.

Riding in the car. A couple of 'bebe' dolls in hand. Check.

Receiving smooches from her sister. 'Bebe' doll in hand. Check.

Ball Catcher. Cheeks. 'Bebe' doll close by. Check.

Cousin picture. 'Bebe' doll in hand. Check.

Double fisting 'bebe' dolls + 'bebe' doll smooching. Check.

'Neigh' (side note, she calls all things that look like a horse, 'neigh'. 'Bebe' doll. Ready to play. Check.

This girl loves her some 'bebe' dolls.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Same Outfit, Different Girl

When I posted about our Christmas morning, my sweet friend Kelli commented that she loved seeing the girls in the same jammies and that it was like looking at a mini Lauren and mini Wes. And I couldn't agree more. Then I thought it would be fun to look back at some pictures of both girls wearing some of my favorite clothes (in no particular order :)). Definitely one of the perks of having girls so close in age!  I think it also makes them look more similar in some instances :).

This dress is one of my absolute favorite favorite dresses I have ever purchased- I was so happy when I put it on Everly and it fit. Let's just not pay attention to the boogers and chocolate on her face, ok?

We have even had some of their profession pictures made in the same outfit, same location :).

Thank you for indulging me in a trip down memory lane :).

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Winter Wish

Emma loves Mickey Mouse. And is equally big fan of Minnie Mouse.  She loved the Disney special Minnie's Winter Bow Show this year.  In the show, there is a segment where Minnie's nieces hold up a snowflake and make a chant that goes something like "if you hold this snowflake up in the air, and say your winter wish is for snow, then all this snow starts falling down". I have heard her say this wish at our house no less than five times and it seems like she is constantly asking me when it is going to snow, so one day I just decided to make her winter wish come true :).  Me telling her it was almost time for snow!

Her first look at the snow!!  In case you want the recipe for this fake snow: 2 cups of baking soda + 1/2 cup hair conditioner.  We didn't have that much baking soda on hand, so I just improvised.

She was a little hesitant (and confused) at first).

But before long, started digging right in.

Then, her and Ev's horse, who they have affectionately named Neigh, got to get in on the action- eating, drinking and playing in the snow!

So messy!

But so joyful!

And totally worth every inch of the mess I had to clean up!

We did this activity while Everly was napping; as soon as Ev's woke up, they took the snow outside and continued to have fun dumping it all over each other, our garage and the driveway :).

Monday, January 26, 2015

December Little Things

WOW January 2015. How did 2014 come and go in a blink of an eye?!? I did a quick blog search and I started writing these official little things posts in February 2014. 11 straight months of recapping. I love it. I hope you do too! I cant believe I am approaching 3 years of blogging- it's just crazy to think about, but anyways I digress. Now that I am done recapping Christmas, let's finish up the last post dedicated to 2014.

The minute we got back from Port Aransas, I had to fly to Chicago for an overnight trip (hello temps in the 80's to temps in the teens!!!).  I was missing my girls like crazy, but I did get to FaceTime them for some needed mommy talk.

When I got home from Chicago, Wes had this waiting for me- seriously, Emma, out of all the things you could be thankful for you are thankful for your lunchbox??!!?? When I posted this online, Emma's little bestie's mom (follow all of that) told me that her child was thankful for lunch- I am thinking there was some preschool collusion going on there ;).

I already posted several of my favorite pictures that I took of Emma on our park date, but I just couldn't help but post one more!!  I mean, this girl! those expressions!! She is hilarious and a piece of work all at the same time ;).

When we got home from the park, I cuddled my baby girl for one last nap before heading out to College Station for the night.

While I was out of town, Wes finished decorating the outside :).

Later on that week we went over to Nonni's house to share some Corner Bakery cake I had gotten- this is where Emma claimed that her and Nonni were 'share buds'.  Sweet Em's was *wired* that day :).

Before we hit up the Christmas parade, we tried to convince the girls that it would be fun to play in the leaves (I just loved the pictures I got of Emma last year!); however, they were not so sure of the leaves this year!

Did get this sweet shot of Eberleah Grace :).

This is what our Christmas tree looked like one week after being decorated- ornaments only on the top half! Down went all of the ornaments!! We will try again next year :).

Daddy went to play golf and so I tried for the ever-elusive double nap.  I got one down and one making faces- I will still call that a parenting win.

Then, we headed over to Bobbob's for some afternoon chit-chat.  Emma convinced Bobbob it was time for some ice cream; Bobbob went to make Everly a bowl and I told him 'no, I don't think she likes that stuff!'. Turns out girlie loves that stuff and I had just been holding out on her!!

This is definitely a big thing and not a little thing, but it fits nicely in this post! On December 8th, we got to welcome sweet Theodore to our family. It was love at first site for all of us! but especially Emma! She just loves this little baby and has far surpassed my expectation in her reaction to a new baby in our family!

This girl seriously loves to read. I hope it sticks!! Wes turned around in the car one day and just saw her reading to herself!

Wes does not like it at all that I let Emma get up on the island after I get home from work; he just knows she is going to fall (and deep down I know he is right!), but it is our special little time together.  Ev's has been stomping and saying 'pease' over and over again and so one day I let her get up there too.  Emma rewarded me with some sweet kisses for Eberleah!

She was pretty darn proud of herself that she was allowed to get up on the island (p.s. they were supervised the whole time! pps. I love a baby in skinny jeans!!).

One December Friday night we had a perfect family date night (Razoo's happy hour for me and Wes followed by Mc Donald's ice cream and playing for the girls). I would just like to note that Ev's is two for two in earning herself a free ice cream cone for being so cute! I think it helps when you just ask for a little ice cream cone ;).

The following Saturday morning is when we took the girls Christmas pictures; afterwards, we changed them into their leggings and let them play at the park for the rest of the morning. Emma loves it when they can snag two swings and swing side by side :).

Wes didn't even know I caught these next two pictures- I just love how he will get right in there to play with the girls. And don't even get me started on when they reach for his hand. It makes me want to have 53,000 more babies.

After the park, we moved onto feeding the ducks (I always love when I remember to bring a few pieces of bread for this activity- it totally makes their day!).

Sisters :).

Sometimes my heart can't handle their cuteness.

Later on that morning, we went over to my parent's house to check out Ally's engagement ring!!! We are so excited for Ally and Travis and couldn't wait to see that bling in person!  Everly rewarded Ally with saying her name and some high fives for a job well done on the engagement ;).

The next Sunday we got together at my mom's house so we could all snuggle our brand new nephew/cousin baby Theodore or as Emma likes to call him baby Seodore! She just loves being his mommy ;).

All the cousins in one chair!!!

After our visit, we headed out to the zoo.  And Everly was just the cutest.  So it's only right that I over share pictures of her, right?!?!

I mean the scrunched nose, the smile, the outfit!

She was literally just so excited by every single animal that we saw! Here she is exclaiming that we saw the monkey's :).

I mean, I could not love her more if I tried.

Emma got up and close with the gorilla's :).

Have I mentioned yet that it was raining and a tad bit cold- we nearly had the whole zoo to ourselves! At one point it started to actually rain a little hard, so we made our way to the reptiles- because it is inside and Emma's favorite place. She insisted on getting her picture made on the turtle! Even though it was raining, I am not one to turn down picture requests ;).

Emma was loving all of the one-on-one time she got to spend with the snake. We were even in for a special treat- the snake went #2 right in front of us! It only goes #2 once every two weeks so the zookeeper was telling Emma how *lucky* we were.  As you can imagine, Emma was delighted.

Afterwards we made a quick pit stop at Central Market- we are teaching Emma young that samples are the best!

On Sunday, I was gathering some stuff that I needed to donate to the pregnancy center, our infant carrier being one of those things and Emma had to have one more go in it.  I texted Austin this picture and said "she is having a hard time letting go. those fur boots I am donating, I am not having a hard time with ;)". You win some, you lose some.

When driving up, Emma saw this yellow hat and just had to have it.  She kept proclaiming, "every sing day when it rains, I wear my yellow hat." Ummm, she has never worn this before and honestly, it doesn't rain very much!

On the Sunday before Christmas, our church had a milk and cookies with Santa. My girls were still not Santa fans at this point :) but I loved how they had a chair for the parents to sit in next to Santa. Ev's was bawling her head off at the sight of Santa and we didn't even make her get close to him!

I have been making it a point to get out my real camera more this month- I am trying to talk myself into upgrading my camera! and I got this sweet shot of Emma. I just love when I can capture her real smile :).

We went over to Nonni's house and Emma was being super affectionate ;) and showing off her "candy corns" she got from visiting with Santa :).

One of the girls favorite things to do is play on the 'companio' at Nonni's house- we all think that Emma has combined the words computer and piano to come up with 'companio'.

It was Ev's first time to get in on the ice cream action at Nonni's house and she was beyond pleased with herself and rewarded Nonni with some of the sweetest 'tank you's'.

Then, we headed over to baby Seodore's house so Emma could practice all of her mommy skills.

Emma loves helping to feed baby Theodore his bottle and always rewards us with the cheesiest of cheeseball grins (in all fairness, when we ask her to say cheese) :).

Everly was contemplating stealing 'theophant'- baby Theodore's alter elephant ego that also happens to be named Theodore, but decided just to give them the staredown (she had just woken up from her nap!).

All the cousins on my side of the family < 3.

One thing is for sure, baby Seodore will not be lacking in love from Emma.  This girl just adores her cousin.

On the Monday before Christmas, I had to work a 1/2 day in the morning (from my parent's house!) before I was officially on vacation- Wes texted me this picture to let me know that our Penguin officially bit the dust :(.

After work, I scurried home for some mid-day baths and then the holy grail of double naps :).

Emma photobombed my pictures of the watercolor for the 'Feeling Blessed' post.

The next day I met up with one of my college besties for some breakfast at a local diner- LOVED catching up with Steph (Nat- if you are reading this, we missed you!!).

When I got home, we played played played. And pulled toys out the girls hadn't seen in ages.

And then we took double naps for the second straight day :).

After our naps, we headed back to baby Theodore's house because Adge was in town!!! This might be my favorite picture of Emma and Theodore to date - this girl has all the love and snuggles and smooches and sweet talks for baby Theodore!

Ev's aunts entertained her by watching her put a bowl on her head :).

Our visit was funny. Ev's was once again slow to warm up to everyone, and about an hour and half into our visit, she stands up, points and shouts "Bebe!!". It was like literally she just realized he was there.  Then she gave him some love with mama Emma standing by on watch out.

It looks like Emma might have a blue-eyed cousin!

Don't worry, Everly, you are still my baby :).

Oh, sweet baby Theodore, we just want to give you all of our love!! I love the way Emma is closing her eyes when she hugs Theo.

This day I got to nap with just Emma.

Obsessed with being her mom!

Then, Christmas celebrations came and went and two days after Christmas, both girls rocked their naps. Ev's took a three hour nap and Emma took a four hour nap! Christmas really took it's toll on these girls. Everly woke up all smiles.

And wanted to play a rousing game of peek-boo on the stairs while Emma was still asleep.

Emma woke up and had the best bed head ;).

The next morning, Adge and I had the second part of my secret santa gift- a one-on-one Starbucks date! So good to catch up with her!!

Wes, the girls and I did a little after Christmas shopping!

After our 'welcome to our family, baby Theodore lunch', the girls met everyone else over at Bobbob's house to watch the Aggie bowl game!  Emma was excited to see me, and likewise, I was excited to see her :).

Ev's had been playing around with Bobbob, Wes and Emma and a few minutes before everyone got there crawled up on the couch and just passed out.

She stayed that way until Adge convinced me to let her hold Ev's while she slept.

Emma was equally excited, ok probably a little more excited to see, baby Seodore!

She really likes to give him all her love!  I think, by the look in his eyes, that he loves her too!

Love this picture of Ally and Bobbob :).

Once she woke up, Everly was more than happy to participate in the 'eat ice cream at Bobbob's house tradition'.

Then, we rang in the New Year like crazy people. Ev's wound down with some Christmas Dora and Emma put her 'hat' on and made some phone calls :).

2014 was so so so good to us made up of lots of big things and little things! We can't wait to see what 2015 has in store for our little family :). Thanks for following along with our journey :).