Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015 Favorite Blog Posts

I thought it would be a nice walk down memory lane today linking up with Andrea, Erika and Narci to cover my favorite 15 blog posts of 2015.  What can I say, it is so hard just picking 15 ;).

In chronological order, here we go.  All the way back in January, my favorite post was Same Outfit, Different Girl.  If you haven't figured out by now- one of my greatest joys of having two girls just 17 months apart is dressing them. And I am thrilled that I get to pass the clothes from Emma to Everly- I had so much fun documenting them in the same outfit (and I am realizing since this post was a year ago, I need to do this again!).

In February, and my most popular post to date other than posts where I participate in a link up, I took the girls on a Rabbit Hunt and we had the very best time exploring our neighborhood together :).

During February, we celebrated Emma turning 3 with a Worm Bash in her honor.

Then, later on in February, we had two of the best days of our little family of four when we road tripped to Orlando Florida and spent a week at Disney World.  My two favorite days were the days we spent at Cocoa Beach and Magic Kingdom.  Disney World has a magic spell on us, we loved it so much and cannot wait to go back.

In March, we had the Best Little Weekend where we ate ice cream at Nonni's house, played on the playground, had an Easter Egg hunt at church, went to the lake for more playtime, squeezed in a date night, spent more time with Nonni and Papa George and ended the weekend eating pizza and ice cream with Bobbob and Colleen.  It doesn't get any better than that!!

In mid April, we visited the Arboretum in order to Stop and Smell the Tulips and take in our gorgeous Texas surroundings.

And this may or may not be my favorite picture of Emma from this year :).

At the end of April, we conquered the seemingly impossible and witnessed the Sweetest Sight.  After 20 months, Everly was finally sleeping in her very own crib all through the night!!  You don't know what an accomplishment this was - we were so happy to have that girl out of our bed :).

Not too long after the sleep accomplishment, our Everly Grace was finally Weaned.  Breastfeeding was magical and sparkly and produced the best endorphin's but at the same time it was also exhausting and I experienced attachment like none other and I was happy to kiss my breast pump goodbye.  21 months to the date breastfeeding my sweet girl.

Later on in May, we had quite possibly the best picture taking session ever where I caught pure magic when I yelled out 'Chase Your Sister'.

Wes and I drove to Shreveport, Louisiana to see the opening of the 1989 Taylor Swift concert and I went into total teenage fan girl mode versus normal responsible mommy mode and had the time of my life.

In June, I took a whirlwind tour of Asia making stops in Japan, the Philippines, China, Malaysia and even India (I never made it around to blogging about all of the stops, but here are a few of my favorite pictures :)).

In July, we had the best 4th of July weekend having a pre-party with just the four of us, going to Light Up Arlington and then spending the actual holiday with my husband's family.

In mid July, Everly started preschool (more of a camp during the summer) and all of the sudden I watched my baby grow up overnight (and I may or may not have shed a little tear when Wes texted me this picture while I was at work).

In late July, Ev's turned 2 and we celebrated with her Favorite Things Party complete with swimming, pizza and brownies :).

In mid-August my mom gave us all Blardigans and we rejoiced with gleefulness as our lives all got a bit cozier (seriously though, I reach for my blardi all the time!).

In early September, Emma had her first soccer practice and it was equal parts adorable and ridiculous to watch a bunch of three year old's learn one of my favorite sports.

In mid-September Wes and I got away to Mexico to celebrate our 5 year anniversary- we had the best time catching up with friends, playing water sports and swimming with turtles.

We wrapped up September attending not only our Church Picnic, but Austin's too where we got our fill of riding ponies, eating cotton candy and jumping in bounce houses.

In October, the girls and I had the best little Girl's Morning complete with pictures, storytelling, playground time and a trip to Starbucks :).

In late October we had a whirlwind week of hitting up the State Fair, road-tripping to College Station then Austin, going to Boo at the Zoo and then celebrating Ally's birthday!

For Halloween, our family costume was S'mores :).

Our November was marked by a Pefect Fall Weekend and our annual trip to Port Aransas (full recap still to come in January ;)).

There are still many things to blog about that happened in December, but for me, this Christmas will be marked by the arrival of Snowflake our Elf in our first, annual North Pole Breakfast.  We had so much fun with our silly and slightly ridiculous elf and I can't wait to bring her back again next year!

I just adore this family of mine and keeping track via the blog of all that we are up too :).  We had such a great 2015 and I am excited to see what 2016 has in store for our family- it will be exciting to say the least!!