Monday, September 29, 2014

How To Write My Name

For Wes's birthday a couple of weeks ago, we stopped by Chophouse Burgers (yes, it was on Diner's, Drive-in's and Dives) for his free birthday burger.  As we were waiting to get our to-go order, Emma was sitting at the bar with our receipt and a pen when she turned to me and said "How to write my name, mommy? E. A.".  While she was nowhere close to getting the spelling correct ;), I couldn't believe she knew that she had an "e" and an "a" in her name and wanted to write it!

I really wanted her to take the lead on writing, but we worked on spelling her name and we probably said "E-M-M-A" close to 27 times :).  She was so proud of herself and so was I :).

Close up look of Emma writing her name :).

Yes, I still have the receipt in my car.  I don't think I will be able to throw it away :).

Friday, September 26, 2014

First Fishing Trip

Last Saturday, Brent had a Boy Scout fishing event; so, we loaded the girls up and took them on their first fishing playing with worms trip.  It should come as no surprise to you that Emma was obsessed with the worms; just like bugs, she has a special place in her heart for the worms.  She wanted to hold them, pet them, feed them to the fish and ultimately ended up putting a few of them on her stroller.

And of course, Emma wanted Everly to have nothing to do with the worms.  But, in little sister fashion, as soon as Emma was preoccupied with something else, Everly made her way over to the worms.

Her facial expression

I don't think she knew what to make of the worms :).

The girls and I ended up playing on the playground most of the time, but near the end, Emma picked back up her interest in fishing with "my red one".

This lasted about two minutes; worms were thrown in the water, no fish were caught, but it sure was adorable.

I foresee many more fishing trips in our future :).

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Formal Living Room Moodboard

Every six months or so, I get the itch to decorate one of the rooms in our house.  We are still working on Emma’s big girl room and still wrapping up one of our downstairs living rooms, but I want to start to focus on the “formal” living room downstairs.  Formal is in quotes because we use this living room every day.  We actually use both of our living rooms every day.  Currently, the things that are staying are the curtains (but I want to add some pom pom trim to them!), the Restoration Hardware tufted Kensington sofa, mirror from Ikea, antique dresser and TV.  These moodboards that I create (in PowerPoint!), really help me to visualize what I want the room to look like and see if everything coordinates.  Once I decide I like something for sure, my next step is to check it out in person.  If I still really like it after that, I put it on my “future house purchases” spreadsheet with the price.  It helps me keep track so that if I see something on sale, I update the price with the new lower price and sometimes snag it if I think the price is fair! 

What do you think?  What's your favorite part? Least favorite part?  I have really been eyeing a Gray Malin pint; now, I just have to bite the bullet and go for it :).  One day :).  

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Pink Picture 2014

I am calling this our best official  pink picture 2014- good, no?!?!  We are all mostly looking at the camera (ahem- I am talking to you, Emma!).  These pink pictures started years ago, literally years ago where we either wear pink or stand by pink flowers or if we are lucky, both!  Sometimes we include our parents and sometimes its just the girls (mom included) and sometimes it is just the girls (no mom).  We take them at all different times of the year, but typically in the summer months if possible!

Just the girls 2014.

What was really happening at my legs while we were trying to take some of these pictures :).

We always have several outtakes each year- it is a chore to get the four of us to smile and look at the camera each year.  You should blow these up and take a close look at our faces- hilarious!

And now, just for kicks here is a look at previous years of pink pictures (all dug up from my mom's snapfish account- I couldn't find year 2011!).  The first few are not dated, so I tried to put them in chronological order, but I am not sure it is perfect!

Pink Picture 2009 :).

Pink Picture 2010 :).

Pink Picture 2012 :).  We must have missed out on finding the pink flower this year!

Pink Picture 2013 :).

Pink Picture 2014 :).

And because 2009 had so many good pictures, here is a few more from that year!

The pups came this year!

Bailey was my spoiled fur baby! And I took pictures with him like he was my real baby :).

I also loved this shot of Ally and Ranger :).

Love this sweet family of mine (so glad our dad forced coerced us into taking these pics year after year)!  Next year, I will have to dig up even more from the archives! These pictures date back to when we were babies!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

So Much To Say: Volume 7

Conversation One (I took home some plants to transplant from my parent’s house)
Emma: “Where is the plant’s mommy?”
Me: “The plants don’t have a mommy”
Emma: “Yes, they do. They mommy at Nonni’s house”

Conversation Two (as she is eating watermelon)
Emma: “My belly says it’s really hungry.”

Conversation Three
Emma: “Boca is here.  We need to let him in.  He needs his ‘prise.”
Me: To humor Emma, I go over to the backdoor to open it.
Emma: “You got your purse Boca? It’s really heavy. Ok, I can help you.”

Conversation Four (Emma is passing out goldfish to Bailey)
Emma: “He needs to say his prayers before he eats.”
Emma: “Father. Son. Holy Spirit. Amen. Bailey”
Emma: “Ok, you can eat now.”

Conversation Five (I had just told Emma to be quiet because Everly was going to sleep)
Emma: “Daddy need to be quiet”
Me: “He is being quiet”
Emma: “He just coughed”

Conversation Six (while kissing and hugging Everly)
Emma: “I lobe you so much. Moon and back Eberleah.”

Monday, September 22, 2014

Sister Weekend

The week of Everly's birthday, my sister, Adrienne, came home for a week from Colorado.  We are always happy to see her!  And planned a jammed pack family weekend to hang out!

I like how she closes her eyes when she gives kisses :). 

After a cold morning of swimming and some birthday party prep, my mom bought us some pizza.  We ate, put Emma's animals to bed (pictured above) and then headed off to a Grapevine Winery for some wine tasting! 

Cheers!  We tried four different wines!

Ally and Austin looking a bit fancy!

Group shot!  Love everything about this picture!!

After the winery, we came home, Wes and I got naps for our crew and then we headed back over to my parents house for dinner.  Everly and her daddy :).

Love this series of pics of me and my girl (the first outside before dinner, the last two are inside after dinner).  Sometimes her smile can be hard to capture on camera- it seems like she always puts on the straight face when the camera comes out, so I really treasure pictures like these :).

The next day, we had Everly's birthday party.  Our party guests filtered out about 4, we tried to get naps and then headed to Mass with my family.  After Mass, we went back over to my parents house for family dinner :).  Candid pictures of some of the dinner guests :).

The sunset was spectacular :).

Everly had so much fun dancing and soaking up all of the attention :).

I feel like we look freakishly like twins here!  Definitely the same face shape!!

Love these two so very much :).

I am pretty sure I caught Bobbob mid-sentence, but love this picture nonetheless.

Ally and Travis (ps. I love the way that Ally poses in pictures with Travis- always on the right hand side with her arm out!).

The next morning, these two were all ready to go for the day!  Everly was sporting her new outfit from Austin and Ally- these shorts are favorites of mine! So is that ponytail!

We let Everly open up her last present from my parents this morning!

Emma handed her the card and took over the present opening #littlesisterproblems.

We took our annual pink picture (separate post tomorrow!) and had a nice walk around the arboretum- Nonni carried Emma and Austin pushed Everly; it felt like a mini vacation!

We finished up Adge's visit by taking my dad to lunch for a late Father's Day Celebration :).

Fun weekend spent with my sisters and my girls :).