Wednesday, April 30, 2014


After a disaster of an attempt to get Emma's pictures in the small bluebonnet patch across from our house last year, we decided to make the trek out to Ennis one Sunday morning.  We were going to leave after Mass, but the girls had woken up super early and there was a threat of rain so Wes said why don't we leave right now.  So that's what we did.  We were in the car right after 7am- me with an overly optimistic attitude :).  

We got a little lot lost.  But we finally made our way to the trails.  Albeit beautiful, the trails were a little disappointing.  I thought there would be fields upon fields to take bluebonnet pictures in.  There were fields, but they were all behind fences.  And nowhere to get out and take bluebonnet pictures.  So we just finally drove back around and stopped in one patch at the beginning of the trail.  

Sweet sweet Everly had taken a nap most of the way and was pretty happy to sit there and smile for pictures :).  Have I mentioned that I love this age?  I really do.  I am a total newborn/infant mama.  


Although Emma started out with her pouty/don't take my picture attitude, it turned around fairly quickly when Wes had a "fake" butterfly in his hand :).  Favorite picture of Emma from the day! 

Anything to make this sweet girl smile :).  

After this we decided to head back home, it looked like the rain was coming and there were no large patches of bluebonnets to take our picture in.  I had just told Wes "I don't think we will ever do this again", when we happened upon this glorious patch of bluebonnets.  This is just what I had imagined. 

Ev's was hungry by this point, so I tried to feed her and Wes tried to take Emma's picture :).  I think I got the easier job this time around :).  

My favorite picture of Everly of the day (notice the outfit change :)).  I wish her hands were not blurry, but oh well :).  

Emma had all but given up at this point, so we focused on Everly. 

Classic Everly face :).  

We even got out the tripod and attempted to take some family pictures- without Emma because she was still pouting. 

Then, as she saw us trying to get Everly to smile, someone decided they wanted to join in the family pictures.  For some reason this picture really reminds me of my childhood (less two additional kiddos of course ;)).  

And everyone looking at the camera, I call this a win!

I pushed it and tried to get some pictures of me with the girls.  Emma was only interested in hugging Everly.  

Ev's you crack me up.  

This look says, "send help pease!".

This look says "I'm over the bluebonnets mommy".

So happy we finally found my "fields upon fields of bluebonnets" I had pictured in my head :).  

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Best Weekend

I don't normally post weekend recaps, but this weekend was too good not to share.  I feel in some ways like we are starting to come out of the fog- this weekend made me realize that our little family is really starting to click in the very best way :).

We had a wedding to go to on Friday night- we arrived a little an hour early and serendipitously there was a new to us splash pad in downtown Fort Worth.  We let Emma play for a little bit while we finished our Starbucks.

The big splashes scared her :).

She managed not to get soaked and then we were off to the wedding.  These two spent a lot of time together  (while I was trying to get Everly to sleep) and were too much cute for words.

It took awhile, but I convinced this girl to go to sleep in the Ergo :).

Emma ate some yummy tacos with Grandma.

Family picture that cracks me up!

It was time for cake which Emma had been looking forward too since I got home from work.  I asked her to take a picture with me and this was her reaction.

Then, I asked her to say cake and this is the smile I got- love her!

The next morning, we were up and ready for breakfast out (we have not eaten breakfast out since Everly was born) followed by the zoo.  I wanted to take a few pictures of Emma in her new "i cream shirt" before we left- she insisted on the glasses which I think made for a really cute picture!

And smiles :).  I believe this smile was brought to you by either the word "animals" or "cin-mon roll".

We were true to our word and let Emma have a cinnamon roll for breakfast (along with some eggs).

Ev's got in on the cinnamon roll action :).

All my loves ready for the zoo.

Emma and daddy feeding the birds.

Emma wanted "in there baby carrier".  Poor Ev's was not feeling like herself this day.

Both girls fell asleep before we pulled out of the zoo parking lot.  We made a pit stop at chick-fil-a for a drink (we had a few errands to run)- I went into order it (both girls were still asleep) and I turned around and there was Emma.  As soon as I had gone in, they woke up!  We did the only natural thing and got Emma an ice cream cone!  This girl certainly loves her ice cream!

After we got home, Emma actually wanted to take a nap.  Her and Wes took a nap upstairs and Everly and I took a nap downstairs for 2+ HOURS.  They both woke up at 5:45!!!! We played outside, messed with the pool, had hamburgers for dinner and it really was just the perfect evening!

Emma slept through the night!  I was a little worried because of the 2+ hour nap :).  We went to Mass and my parents house.  When we got home, Wes had heated up the pool and it was all ready for us to have our first swim (since it was Everly's first swim, there will be a whole post to come :)).

I was able to find Emma the same swimsuit in the next size up at Goodwill last summer for $2.49- talk about lucky!  I love this swimsuit so much!  Now the girlies can match!

I went and got pizza for lunch- Emma was in heaven.  After our pizza picnic, Ev's was so tired she could barely stand it.  I took her inside for a nap while Emma played in the pool with daddy and brothers.

We wrapped up the evening with dinner + homemade "nana" bread + chasing Everly up and down the stairs 50ish times (Everly likes to climb, Emma likes to scream "Eberleah crawling" with her hand over her mouth- it is quite the scene).

Love this sweet family of mine :).

Monday, April 28, 2014

Emma Nonni Love

It is probably safe to say that these two are each other's biggest fans.  Emma loves her Nonni and is quite obsessed with her and (I think) the feeling is mutual :). The Easter 2013 picture is one of my favorite ones and we were thrilled to re-create the picture this year too!  

Easter 2013
Easter 2014
I love their special relationship- they are lucky to have each other!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Everly's First Rangers Game

We headed to the Ballpark in Arlington for the first afternoon game (excluding Opening Day) with both girls in tow.

Some might think we are crazy, but I want the girls to have as many "life experiences" as possible!

As you can tell- they feel the same way ;).

As it turned out, we picked a terrible weather day again- you may remember this picture from last year.

It was a little warmer this year, but raining.  We picked Emma up from school early so we also had the luxury of dealing with no nap + sugar high from the school Easter Egg hunt.

We still had a ball (pun intended); even though every time we asked Emma where are we, she responded "basketball game".

Especially watching Emma and Everly eating Nachos :).

I am teaching them to like nachos as much as me.

Fun times with this sweet family of mine :).