Friday, March 28, 2014

Emma: 24 Months

Height: 34 inches
Weight: 24lbs 4oz

And away we go with our last monthly Emma update (late as usual, we wouldn’t want to change anything for our last monthly update ;))

Skills: Emma is really starting to piece her words together!  Her best phrase yet (with no prompting) was probably “break it- help you mommy”.  She also likes to say fix it, hold it (which she grunts out- we are working on this one), baby crying, clean it up, warm it up (in reference to food), Eberleah crawling, etc.  She also uses slang- which I kind of find hilarious (her favorites: sure, yep, yeah).  

Emma is able to answer questions now which just baffles me.  We asked Emma the other day who her best friend at school was and she looked at me and said “Pey-ton”.  Emma’s teachers had been writing us notes that Emma and Peyton had really been getting along lately, so I was first shocked that she actually knew the names of her classmates and second, shocked that it was the person that her teachers had told us about.  We have seen a couple of her classmates lately outside of school and she actually recognizes them and knows their names- I guess they really are not babies anymore! 

Likes: In no particular order Emma likes: bossing mommy and daddy around, eating most things (blueberries and ice cream at Nonni’s house are particular favorites), the “prize” (surprise) I bring her home every day (a little piece of chocolate or fruit hidden in my purse), her pink pajamas (yes, she actually insists on wearing them!),  coloring, playing outside, face timing Austin, bugs, when mommy comes home from work, the zoo, going to school, juice from a pouch, moccs, being the center of attention J

Dislikes: Sharing almost anything and everything.  I say almost, because if she does not want something then she says “Eberleah turn”- isn’t she a sweetheart ;).  Otherwise- everything is “my turn, my turn”.  She likes to tell Everly when to sit and when mommy can hold her (i.e. when she wants to go upstairs- she knows I will only go if I take Everly).  I am hoping this sharing thing works itself out, but I have a feeling this will be a constant struggle.  Emma still does not consistently sleep through the night.  Her pediatrician did not seem concerned at all!  She said she was on the verge of a big developmental breakthrough.  In my head, I was thinking- oh, is that what it has been for the last two years?  One, huge, big developmental breakthrough??!!?? However, I am concerned.  Sleep, sweet girl, sleep- we all like to sleep.  Emma dislikes sitting still at the dining room table or any table for that matter.  We are working with her that she has to stay seated until everyone is done.  Everyone includes Everly too J.   

Miscellaneous: She has grown 6 inches between this year and last year!  In my eyes she is just getting so big.  Definitely more of a toddler than a baby (which is obvious, but still so hard for me to wrap my head around!).  Emma has weaned herself completely of bottles, but is still hanging on tightly to pap-pap (her affectionate name for her pacifier).  She has moved into 2T clothing (except for the 18-24 month stuff I am still trying to squeeze her into) and still wearing size 3 diapers.  She has 11 teeth + 4 molars.  The last tooth is finally on its way- then we will get to deal with the 2 year molars L.  Emma still has wispy blonde hair and has somehow been the recipient of side bangs even though she has never had her haircut.        

I want to remember everything about Emma at two.  I want to remember how much her vocabulary is growing, developing and changing on a daily basis.  I want to remember that she copies all words that we say (the two I am most ashamed of is “oh gosh” and “dang it”), the rest of it is pretty cute ;).  I want to remember that she has an intense love for animals.  She can recognize almost all animals and is especially fond of snakes and rhinos.  She loves going to the zoo.  She says bye bye to every animal that we see (“bye bye rhino”, “bye bye monkey” etc.).  I want to remember the joy that she has when she gets to “play” or “slide” which is how she refers to every playground. I want to remember that she loves going outside especially in the front yard and by the pool.  The way her eyes light up is priceless.  I want to remember the way she gets so excited if we are going to have pizza.  Wes just brought a pizza home the other day and you would have thought she won a million dollars.  She was covering up her mouth and shrieking “pizza, pizza, oh gosh!”.  I want to remember the way she tells me to give daddy a kiss before I leave in the morning.  I want to remember the way she cuddles up with Wes every evening before bed.  I want to remember that she is slow and cautious to warm up to people/things.  I want to remember the first time she jumped in the swimming pool by herself.  I want to remember her fierce love and at the same time her jealousy towards Everly.  We rocked her world this year by adding Everly to our family.  I love watching them when Emma first wakes up, she loves saying “hi Eberleah, hi” and patting her back over and over again.  At the same time, I love watching them in the bathtub together at the end of the day genuinely laughing and playing with each other.  I can’t wait to watch this sweet (and oftentimes dramatic) girl of mine grow up.    

Thursday, March 27, 2014

So Much to Say

Conversation #1 (after repeatedly saying no to me and Nonni during her 2 year old birthday celebration)
Nonni: "Emma what is your favorite word?"
Emma: "Cake"

** we were expecting her to say no, so we of course burst into laughter**

Coversation #2
Emma: "Rhino rhino sleep"
Me: Confused trying to figure out what she is talking about, "Emma who is asleep?"
Emma: "Rhino Rhino" (pointing at our white ceramic rhino that is hanging up)
Me: "Oh yeah, Rhino is asleep Emma"
Emma: "Wake up, Rhino, wake up"
Me: "Is Rhino awake, Emma"
Emma: "oh yesh", (gets up in the chair and pats him)

Conversation #3 (on our way home from Chick-fil-A after a surprise encounter with the cow)
Emma: "Coowww, sleep, oh no"
Me: "Emma the cow had to get in his jammies and go night night"
Emma: "wake up, wake up Cow"

Conversation #4 (Wes is getting Emma ready for bed)
Wes: "Where do you get all of that energy from?"
Emma: "School"

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


I feel like I have been very sappy on the blog lately- always lavishing how much I am loving these girls of mine. Today is no exception :).  I was looking through my Photo Stream and noticed that I have a ton of sister pictures lately.  We are really trying to instill in the girls that we have given them a best friend for life; partners in crime, late night secret telling buddies, ice cream sharing cohorts, etc.- I mean sisters are the best (I have three myself).  There have been a lot of hard times having two kiddos, but there have also been a lot of good times.  I just love the pictures of their budding relationship!  

I love having a brown haired daughter and a blonde haired daughter- I just think it makes them that much more special, especially when they go in for a hug and their heads are intertwined :).  

Everly Grace: 34 Weeks

Likes: standing unassisted for brief periods of time, first taste of pizza, first pigtails (mommy is in love!), going to Cecil and Kelli at the end of our day, weekend naps with mommy, hanging out with Ally and Travis

Dislikes: still prefers mommy to most people, Emma pushing her away from the toys (Emma has started using her hips), falling down the stairs (eeep! And up went the gates)

Monday, March 24, 2014

These Girls

I got to hang out with these diapered beauties one day, almost all day (Emma went to my in-laws for a bit) during the week

while Wes and Bobbob had fun gambling :).  

Everly and I made the most of our time without Emma hitting up the hospital, Old Navy, Staples (to get her larger than life engineering print) and most importantly the mall.  No mall trip is complete without a stop at Chick-fil-a :).

I hesitated for one nano-second before giving her a bite of my ice cream!  I didn't know if Wes would want to be there or if I should wait until she was one before giving her processed sugar.  In the end, I decided to just go for it.    

I think she liked it :).  

Emma really really really likes for me to put her and Everly in the crib together so that they can "jump" and tickle each other.  Yes, she has a really hard time understanding that Ev's does not know how to jump yet. 

On this particular day, I guess Everly had enough of Emma's shenanigans and decided to tickle back.  Emma was screaming with delight.  

I just love to see these girls play and interact together.  For all of the tough moments that there have been having two kiddos so close in age, it is moments like these that really take your breath away and make you think that you are doing something right (and they really will turn out to be best friends ;)).   

So sweet and innocent (she would want you to believe!).  

We wrapped up the afternoon by bug hunting in Emma's room.  I know you are thinking what?!?! For some reason, ladybugs love love love Emma's room. 

Emma loves them too.  Showing off her ladybug!   

I love these girls of mine.  

Friday, March 21, 2014

Parenting (Most Specifically Mothering)

My dad sent me this quote the other day and wrote "this might just b u love, daddy". And let me tell you, it just made my entire day.  Probably my entire week.

"The most significant thing for a parent to contribute to anyone is their own Connection and their own stability. An effective parent is a happy parent. An effective parent is a parent who laughs easily and often; and who doesn't take things so seriously."

I really try to be that mom. The mom that laughs through the good times as well as the tantrums. The mom that tries to remember that everything is just a phase. The mom that realizes her love is enough as long as she shows it every single day without fail. I love these girls of mine to the moon and back. Besides my husband, they are my everything.   

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Everly Grace: 33 Weeks

Likes: clapping, climbing the stairs!, waking every hour to eat during the night, family trip to Ikea, eating in a highchair, eating lots of different kinds of foods, charming strangers with that smile, ice cream mall date with mommy, Starbucks date with mommy and Papa George

Dislikes: going to anyone except mommy when she is around

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Letter to Everly: 7 Months

Sweet Eberleah (this is what all of us with the exception of your daddy call you J),

How in the world have you been in our lives for seven sweet months?  You seriously make every day of our lives better and better and you have completely stolen my heart. 

This was a huge month for you as far as developing your gross motor skills.  You finally finally finally started rolling over consistently this month.  I don’t know why I am so excited about this because it also means that you have become a pain at diaper changing time, but I am excited so so excited.  You also learned how to go from your tummy or your back to sitting this month with minimal crashes J.  The biggest skill that you learned this month is crawling!  I was thrilled for you when you figured it out.  You spent the days leading up to crawling so frustrated with yourself and also not sleeping well, but when you figured it out- all of the stars aligned!  Except for the sleeping part.  More on that in a minute.  Your daddy and I think it is so funny to watch you crawl from room to room.  We forget that you know how to do that and then you just show up in the kitchen J.  You have also learned how to pull up and are pulling up on everything although your favorite is definitely the couch.  You can also cruise the whole length of the couch!  You are definitely a strong baby.  You are so tickled by your skills- often panting and grinning up a storm when you accomplish something.  It is so fun to watch you discover this big world. 

You have become quite the eater this month and have really figured out the thing called swallowing.  I really thought you were going to rock our world by not accepting the baby led weaning approach.  When we started the baby led weaning approach at about 5.5 months, you gave us a few scares with swallowing.  We backed off and gave you some jarred baby foods but you pushed them all away (with the exception of carrots).  I am happy to say that we started you back on regular food this month and you L-O-V-E it.  You, my sweet baby, were just not ready for food until this month.  Your favorite food is baked potatoes.  Whenever you eat baked potatoes, we get a lot of panting and grinning.  You also like strawberries, avocado, macaroni and cheese, re-fried beans, celery and carrots. 

As each month passes, we see a little more of your personality emerge.  You are a happy, laid back baby until you are not.  When you get frustrated, you definitely let us know.  You have already figured out that Emma likes to steal whatever is in your hands and so you shield yourself from her when you see her coming. 

Sleep. Oh, what a poor sleeper you are.  I have taken more of an attached parenting approach with you.  Some people may agree or disagree (my first time mommy self would have definitely disagreed), but you are currently sleeping with us.  I know- part of me can hardly believe that I just wrote those words and admitted it out loud.  You nurse a gazillion eight times a night and sleep best when I am holding your hand.  We are planning on transitioning you to your room soonish (probably when you are one). 

Miscellaneous.  You are mostly in 6 – 12 month clothing and you moved up to size 3 diapers this month!  It is so funny to me that you and Emma wear the same size diaper.  You are going to catch up to her before too long!  You still have no teeth, but I am really thinking that this lack of sleeping/needing mommy all of the time thing means that we are about to see one pop through.  You continue to have the best smile and best hair.  Your smile definitely lights up the room and most importantly makes my heart melt.  I would do anything for that smile.

You will always be my baby.  Love you to the moon and back.


Monday, March 17, 2014

Everly Grace: 32 Weeks (and an update)

Likes: practicing crawling from room to room, eating and trying new foods, nursing hourly between 7am and 7pm :)

Dislikes: taking her weekly picture*, going to anyone else (except maybe daddy) when mommy is around

*I told myself that I was only going to take Everly's weekly photos while they were fun.  Fun for her and fun for me.  As soon as I lay Everly down on the sheepskin, she flips around and crawls off.  This is not fun for me or for Everly.  I was stressed out about what I was going to do for the next 20 weeks.  I don't want mommy or baby to be miserable doing this.  I am going to continue taking weekly pictures, they will just start to look a little different.  Maybe it will be my favorite picture from that week or maybe I will set Everly in the windowsill and try that approach.  I am not sure yet.  However, I am still going to try to force her to lay down on the calendar because I need some kind of comparison month to month (and to Emma).

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Emma's Tree: 2 Years!!

My girl and her tree from Papa George at 2 years old in the dress my parents gave her for her birthday :).    

It started out a little rough.  Eating leaves.

Unsure of what to do when Mommy required pictures to be taken before her birthday party.

Looks so grown up (and a bit forced) here.

Hiding behind her tree, but still showing us that sweet, Emma smile.

Her mood improved a little bit when we encouraged her to hug her tree!

And a full blown hug.

And just because we can, lets look back at the tree pictures.  Just born when the tree went into the ground.

Emma and her tree at one year old.  Oh my goodness, those chubby baby legs.

And at two.  Looking so grown up.

Love this tree and her Papa George that gave it to her :).