Friday, February 28, 2014

Emma's Birthday: The Actual Day (16th)

Emma turned 2 February 16th!  She woke up bright and early (prior to 6 am if my memory serves me correctly), so some morning snuggles with my birthday girl were warranted/needed before starting the day.  

After we had a chance to fully wake up, we surprised Emma with her playroom full of balloons and her kitchen.

Her reaction was a little underwhelming according to the video and a little more gleeful according to the pictures.

Everly was fascinated with the balloons.

Emma was intent on pouring me more coffee.  Thanks, Emma- I needed it since you decided that 6 am would be a good wake up time.

We let Ev's work on her crawling skills.  She was still frustrated with herself at this point.  Girly could just not figure out how to go forward.

As soon as Emma spied the present- she said "present, Emma?".  So of course, we let her rip into it :).

We got her a sandwich making set to go along with her kitchen.

I just love this girl and her pap pap so much!

After a little bit more playtime, it was downstairs for breakfast.  I have been trying to let Emma get involved where appropriate when cooking.  She loves to pour the scoops of ingredients into the bowl and gets so excited every time I let her "help".

Then, it was time for our second annual tradition of pink chocolate chip pancakes :).

And someone got into the chocolate chips while my back was turned.  This was the look she gave me when I told her no more :).

Unfortunately my pancakes didn't turn out that great this year... I was literally piecing it all together on the special day plate.

At least the birthday girl didn't seem to mind.

After breakfast, we played bubbles outside.  This girl has had a serious, recent obsession with bubbles.

Then, we loved on Everly.

After a messy morning, I went ahead and gave Emma a bath before her family party while Wes cooked and cleaned.  All clean and back upstairs to play.  Wes just finished painting the playroom the week before so I played around with the lighting and our new pink walls.  This girl was my happy little model :).  

And on the window sill- I think this is going to be my new favorite room for taking pictures in!  It gets so much natural light.

Tried to get a few of Emma- but she wasn't really on board with this idea :).

Love this pensive Emma look.

Happy to see her grandma when she arrived for lunch :).

Then, the other set of grandparents + Ally and Travis arrived :).

Emma was thrilled that Nonni brought her some peh-pahs.  Seriously that girl loves bell peppers. And sometimes carrots.    

She is not so sure what to think about broccoli.  Me neither Emma ;).  

Everly has been a real tooter going to people other than me or Wes lately- trying to jump out of Ally's arms :).  

Ahhh that's a little better :).

Smooches outside for Emma. Pepper in hand for Emma.

We are lucky that this girl can be so chill (sometimes).  It never seems to fail that I find our second baby just sitting on the floor by herself from time to time.

Then, we ate taco soup + corn bread (funnily enough this is the exact same thing we had on her 1st birthday dinner, not even knowing that she liked it then :)).

Emma wasn't into it at first which surprised me since she loves soup and especially taco soup.  But as soon as she poured her soup from her plastic bowl (picture above) to my ceramic bowl (picture below), she was happy and ate up.  

After lunch, I told her it was time to put on her party hat.  This girl loves her party hat.  She knows that it means we are about to celebrate a birthday and she is about to get a treat.  Classic Emma smile :).

Entertaining both of her grandma's :).

We sang happy birthday and Emma blew out her candles- if you watch the video you will be able to tell that I was screeching at the end.  I was so excited that she knew how to blow out her candles.

Happy girl digging into the ice cream- I think Papa George was trying to jug for a bite ;).

I tried to get a picture of me and the birthday girl- what a face.

Then I tried to get one with both of my girls- haha.  Sometimes I feel like the pictures of all three of us will improve over the years, but somehow I have a feeling I might still get this face from Emma when she is a teen :).

After ice cream, it was time for presents.  Emma loves presents this year and totally gets the concept (needless to say I am already worrying about how she will react when the presents are for Everly when Everly turns 1!).

Emma went straight for the wrapped present to discover a cooking making set from my parents (also to go with her kitchen :)).

She was so excited exclaiming cookie, cookie and yay, yay over and over again that we had to open it right away.  Once we opened it, Emma took a big bite only to then discover that they were not real cookies.  It was hilarious.

We convinced her to open the other present that my parents gave her.  Once she looked inside the bag and discovered it was a dress, she just threw it over her shoulder and went right back to the cookies.  It was hilarious.  I, of course, love the dress and she wore it to her birthday party the following weekend.  

Back to the cookies, putting them on her pan.

Then, eventually in the Emma bag (which she still carries them around in to this day).

Everly had had enough at this point and really needed to be fed, so I went into the other room to feed her while Emma opened up her next parents from Wes's parents :).

Everly zonked out.

After present opening, teh grandparents left and Ally, Travis, Brandon, Wes, me and a zonked Everly headed upstairs to play.  It is fascinating to me how a 2 year old can capture the attention of everyone in the room.

Eventually, Ally and Travis left and it was time for a nap.  Can you guess who didn't want to nap after all of that fun?!?! She put up quite the fight, but finally gave in.

Once she woke up, we played blocks for awhile.

While letting this knucklehead chew on blocks for awhile :).

Then, we finished the day at the park- swinging, sliding and watching the ducks which is my girl's favorite.

In the words of Emma, it really was a happy day :).  Love you birthday girl :).