Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Door Decor

I am the idea person in our family while Wes is more of the execution and creative brains in our family.  For instance, I know I want a mustard tufted headboard in Emma's big girl room and boom he makes it for me or I know I want to be the dot family for Halloween and low and behold he comes up with a way to make that happen.  Now the door decorations, that was all him :).  Over the last three months, we have had our door decorated in some form or fashion as a monster (sorry we didn't get a better picture, but he looked like Frankenstein), turkey and finally Santa Claus! I am getting ready to paint the door blue (the same color that is on the inside) so I don't think we will have door decorations every year, but I kind of loved it so we will see :).

Monday, December 29, 2014

Everly at 17 Months

… has become a bit aggressive in the pulling hair department.  She pulls hair and likes to pull it hard and doesn’t seem to think there is anything wrong with pulling hair. We have tried to tell her no on several occasions, but she gets the biggest grin on her face and starts laughing as soon as she gets us :/.
… on a similar note, her hair is really starting to grow! And lighten up!  I think it will definitely outgrow Emma’s hair one day and I am just so curious as to when that day will be.
… is still a momma’s girl.  My dad affectionately refers to her as my shadow and comments when she takes steps away from me.  I still think in general, she is just slow to warm up to things.  She has made some huge strides this month in the friendliness bucket- she chased my mom around her kitchen and held Ally’s hand one day ;). It’s baby steps with this girl for sure!
… is into everything. And I mean EVERYTHING.  In one afternoon I made note that that I caught her hanging from the oven door (feet off the ground), climbing up on the potty to reach the sink, scaling the bench so she could get on the dining room table and climbing up on the tv stand in our back living room.  This girl is going to be trouble, I just know it! In addition to this, she fell down the stairs for the very first time!! Poor baby!! She has been climbing up and down the stairs since she was about 8 months old and Wes and I even were commenting a few weeks back that maybe she would make it out of these “baby/toddler” days without ever falling down the stairs- well, we spoke too soon!
… favorite food is cheese, but not all that interested in food as a whole. Sometimes we can get her to eat a good meal, sometimes we can’t.  I don’t worry about it too much and figure that she will eat when she’s hungry.

… has some new words in her vocabulary most notably mine and no! Which she says around/to Emma quite frequently ;).  One morning, she woke up and started moaning ‘mine’, I think her sister must have been haunting her in her dreams ;).  Other words in her repertoire that she says on a consistent basis are: stuck, on, hot hot hot, hat, ‘there he is’, Sant Claus, reindeer, light, diaper, one more, all done, trash, bebe and cheese.  She has also said a few names: Ally, Nonni, Bobbob, Blake and Austin and I think in general knows who she is talking about (for example, she looks at the person when you ask her where is Nonni).  She has still not said Everly or Eberleah, but I am just so curious as to what it is going to sound like when it comes out of her mouth!
… can point out a variety of objects in a book; certain animals, shapes and sometimes even colors!
… understands a variety of simple commands like ‘go get your diaper’, ‘give me/daddy/baby doll a kiss’ and my absolute favorite ‘hold hands with mommy/Emma’. 
… loves animals in much of the same way that Emma did at this age! The zoo makes her incredibly happy! Talking/hugging on Bailey makes her incredibly happy! And seeing any animal when we are out and about, you guessed it, makes her incredibly happy.  I just love to see her excitement and its palpable when she is around animals J
… still has the softest, squishiest baby skin.  Her thighs are just so squeezable and kissable- I love it!  Also, at this age, Emma had much more bruising- I think it is either a difference in personality (Emma is our bruiser and not afraid of anything, Ev’s is much calmer and doesn’t seem to scale objects the way Emma would) or skin coloring (Emma is much paler, Everly is much more olive) or a combination of both, but Ev’s has much less bruising :).
… slept in until 8:01 for the first time in her life! And boy was I happy. I felt well rested, rolled over to notice it was light outside and was shocked when I looked at my phone to see that it was 8:01 J. What a blessing!! Just in case you are wondering, this only happened one time this month, it was by no means a trend.

… is still nursing up a storm, although she still doesn’t ask to nurse.  I still can read her (i.e. cranky, tired) and know when she is ready to nurse.  Whenever I lay her down in position, she has started saying the cutest “hi!”; it’s like she knows she is about to get the goods ;).  I am starting to have some conflicting thoughts on this topic- I am so grateful that I still get to nurse her at 17 months, but I am starting to wonder when this phase of my life will be over, I just don’t see her weaning herself so I am starting to dread the weaning phase. How will I ever get this child to sleep?? I will have to keep repeating to myself “this is just a phase, this is just a phase.”.  
… is rocking the three teeth smile! No new teeth this month! Although, I am HOPING there is one on the way after her constant nursing and wake up’s the last three nights! Ev’s is also wearing mostly size 12 – 18 month clothing (although I do put her in some 18 – 24 month clothes!) and wears size 3 diapers.  She loves taking baths at night and never puts up a fight. She is still obsessed with baby dolls and picked up a few new ones over the Christmas holidays.
… loves to look at herself in the mirror and say baby. I have caught her looking at herself quite a bit this month- I am not quite sure if she knows that it is her though!
… met Santa for the first time and a second time this year and let me just say, baby girl is not a fan of the man in the bright red suit. In the slightest. However, she loves to grunt out “Sant Claus” very loud whenever she sees him at our house as a decoration, on TV or out and about. But ask her to sit in his lap, no way!
… had the very best time on her second Christmas.  She still wasn’t that into opening gifts, but she was definitely into the baby dolls she received. We have had a lot of family time over the last week, and she has just been the cutest- showing off her ever-expanding vocabulary, hilarious dance moves, animals sounds and identifying her body parts J.  I have found myself repeatedly saying this is the best age this month- I just love her to pieces.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Hangover :)

We had the very best, merriest Christmas you could have had and this weekend feels like  we are having a bit of a Christmas hangover :).  Last night my family  over in the comfiest, coziest clothes (i.e. the nice word for sweats or pajamas) for pizza and a (somewhat) epic Taylor Swift dance party!  We are spending the weekend recuperating (read three hour naps all around), but before snuggling up the girls all weekend I wanted to leave you with a few of my favorite Christmas photos from the big day!

Can't wait to share more in the coming weeks :)

Friday, December 26, 2014

Feeling Blessed!

I can't tell you how long I have waited for this day. A picture of my girls, holding hands, smiling and looking at the camera.  The stars aligned and I got this picture. And it may be my FAVORITE picture of the two of them ever. And that's saying something- I think we are clocking in at close to 30,000 pictures of these two over the last (almost) 3 years.  I know I am a bit biased, but gosh, they are just so beautiful.  And dressed so well ;).

So I already knew that I loved the picture.  As soon as we got home from the park on Saturday, I downloaded the pictures (normally I am about a week behind, but I was just so darn excited and I needed to get started on our Christmas cards!) and I immediately posted it to Instagram.  On Sunday morning, I was just browsing through and I saw there was a contest to have the girls drawn in watercolor by an artist I follow (account: sophieandlili).  I immediately used the hashtag, crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.

And guys, I was chosen! And I couldn't believe it! Seriously, perma-smile on my face all day Sunday.  When I went to my parents house after church on Sunday I might have walked in and proclaimed 'I am the luckiest person ever!' to my mom and sister. Ok, I did do that :). Because really, I feel lucky and blessed and seriously just so so happy! I will cherish this watercolor forever. My girls- swoon!

Side-by-side. I mean, I cannot gush enough. I love in L.O.V.E.!

And here it is, all framed in our house (sorry about the glares, I promise- it's gorgeous!).

And just for grins I got a few other cute pictures of the girls on Saturday :).  I love the way Ev's looks at her big sister :).

Love it when we get an eyes closed smile- even better that it has all three teeth showing!

And suddenly she looks like a little girl and not my baby - I have all kinds of mixed emotions about this :).

Definitely an Emma look- this girl is soo soo expressive!

And this is what 90% of my pictures look like #keepingitreal.

Love these sweet girls of mine.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas from our family to yours- we truly wish you the very best holiday spent with family and friends :).

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Emma's Preschool Christmas Program

Emma goes to the preschool at our church and every year, they have a little Christmas program for the kiddos.  It is sweet and all kinds of adorable and a very good excuse to get them all dressed up in their Christmas best a little early! Bonus if you get a picture of them in front of the Christmas tree! I won't name names, but one of the girls was not cooperating ;).

I don't necessarily love this picture, but when I came across it, I couldn't help but think this looked exactly like Emma!

Everly and me waiting for big sister!

Ok, enough of Everly right- onto the star of the program ;).  Emma is in the older 2's classroom- they came in first and sang Baby Jesus.  And she blew me away with her singing skills ;).  Ok, not really, but honestly, I was shocked that she even sang. I asked Wes earlier on in the day if Emma was ready for the big performance and he said the teachers told him she doesn't really sing much with her class :/.  Because of that, I was expecting no singing. So I was very very happy to see her participating :).

Here is the video :).

Then another class came in and started singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star- Emma decided to stand up and sing too, which was more than alright by me :), but note she is the only one in her class standing :).

I just love the way she starts clapping at the end!

And then the whole preschool sang a final song- Em's is a bit hard to see, but just look for the girl in the grey plaid dress :).

After the singing portion was over, we got to say hi to Nonni, meet Santa Claus and grab a cookie.  I will never forget the way Emma insisted that we must say our prayers before eating our cookies.  Her little heart is starting to understand more and more about baby Jesus everyday :).

Monday, December 22, 2014

Dallas Arboretum 2014!

I feel like I say this all the time, but are you ready to go back, like way way back to November 8th :). 
Better late than never, right? That is my blogging strategy- I am looking at you Halloween pictures I am still hoping to get to before year end! Early on we decided to go on our annual trip to the Arboretum in November hoping for fall weather and fall weather, we got! When we walked into the Arboretum, it is normally full full full of pumpkins and there was not one in sight! Queue the dramatics and second guessing our option of going to the Arboretum in November! The pumpkins are mine and Ally's favorite part of the Arboretum, so we were in disbelief and then thrilled to death when we found these two pumpkins!

Ally and Travis :). 

Me and Ally- After reviewing these pictures closely, I have decided that my plaid blanket scarf coordinates much better with stripes when there is a white base to the shirt ;).

Emma thought it would be a good idea to take the Marigolds off the shrubs #notagoodidea #itoldherwewouldgetintrouble #thatwasthedevilishsmileshegaveme. 

I was trying to rope these two girls into getting a picture and this was the result :) I do think it shows their pure joy!

Ally and our sweet Bobbob!

Weeee Christmas trees!!

Love this picture of them two by the Christmas tree- it should definitely be their Christmas card picture this year, right?!? Ally- it't not too late ;).

Family picture attempt :).

Emma was all kinds of obsessed with Ally this day :).

And rewarded her with lots of smooches right on the lips :) maybe this is how the stomach bug was spread?!?!

Then, much to our surprise! and Emma's delight! we found that the pumpkin patch was still open!! Yay!!!

Evsie's was more interested in the hay then sitting and taking her pictures by the pumpkins :).

My sweet mom and dad! They are much easier to get a good picture of :).

Me and my mini :).

In case you are wondering, this is what pure chaos looks like at a pumpkin patch :).  Please note, Ally and Travis in the foreground trying to get Emma to smile, me on my knees trying to get a picture of Everly and Wes and Bobbob in the background taking it all in :).

Ahhh, they finally escaped Emma and got this cute picture :). It might just be my favorite picture ever taken of these two :).

Everly and her Bobbob :). He really enjoyed watching her run around like a crazy person this morning!

Gathering for our group shot, Wes took this one while we were waiting for someone to take one of everyone. I was a little worried seeing as how Emma was sitting on a pumpkin with her back facing the camera :).


Emma and Papa George climbed all over the pumpkins!  I would venture to say that this was her favorite part of the day!!

Love Ev's sheepish grins combined with fall outfit combined with pumpkins :).

Ev's ran and ran and ran all up and down and around the Arboretum as fast as those short little legs would carry her.

Until she got tired and into the baby carrier she went :).

This might be my favorite picture of the day!!

Mommy and girlies selfie- Ev's face is saying "why do you torture me with these pictures and kisses mommy" ;). In her defense, she was recovering from the stomach bug and Emma's kisses can be a bit on the aggressive side ;).

She loved sitting atop these frogs!

Oh sweet Ev's, I already miss that two teeth smile!!

As we were walking to the front of the arboretum to leave, I was still trying for that elusive, girls sitting on the pumpkins sweet sisters shot #nailedit.

At least Ev's was being semi-cooperative :).

Love our annual trip to the Arboretum!!