Tuesday, December 31, 2013


It has been awhile since I have taken sister pictures :).  Everly was just a few days old in this picture below!  I realize that I have not posted my favorites from this photo shoot- I am planning too right after I post Everly's newborn pictures ;).

The girls were dressed pretty cute one day after church and we were visiting my parents so I just decided to go for it.  I started out with some individual pictures.  Love Ev's new tights :).

This might be my new favorite picture of Everly.  I just love that smile so much! And those cheeks!  Oh those sweet, adorable, chunky cheeks :).

Then, it was Emma's turn- she has the most expressive eyebrows.

Loves getting her picture taken- cant you tell :).

But what she does love is holding her sister :).  These are my two favorites.

I also love this picture where she is giving Everly a kiss, but what I really love is Everly's facial expression ;).

Sometimes Emma can be so sweet to her little sister :).

I hope these two grow up with the best relationship- I am really trying to instill in them that they are best friends which is a principle that I hope they take with them the rest of their lives.  There is no better friend than a sister :).

Happy Birthday (The Singing Edition)

My 30th birthday party was December 20th (a few days before I actually turned 30!).  Wes worked with Emma all day on learning how to sing 'Happy Birthday'.  I think she nailed it.

This seriously melts a mamma's heart :).  Even if she thinks it hers/Everly's birthday :).

Monday, December 30, 2013

This is 30

Many of you know, on December 24th, I turned 30.  I have been asked many times how I feel about this- just in case you are wondering, I feel pretty good about 30 and what is in store for the next decade.  Here is a look at my special day according to my iPhone.

Morning snuggles with Everly.

We came down to continue our snuggles (and mostly to not wake Emma up), so I did what is natural to do on your birthday- have a bite of chocolate cake for breakfast :).

Once Emma was up, we were off to McDonalds for a white chocolate mocha for us and playtime for Emma.

She even obliged and gave me birthday morning kisses (best gift ever!) :).

Side note- have you have the white chocolate mocha at McDonalds?!?! They are amazing!  I hope they keep them on their menu for a long time rather than seasonal :).

Emma takes playtime seriously :).

Waving hi to daddy and Everly!

Then, we were off to my parents house for biscuits and gravy- one of my most favorite things that my mom makes (of course it was served on the special day plate)!

Then, we recreated a picture of me, mom and dad by the tree when I was brought home from the hospital in a stocking.  Love these two parents of mine :).  Forgot to get a copy of the picture of me in my stocking when I was a baby!

We looked at some more pictures of me as a baby- I sometimes (literally) cannot get enough of myself and how cute I was as a baby.  I also think that Everly looks a ridiculous amount like me in the top picture- she doesn't quite have the chin rolls that I had (yet!).

Then, it was time for an outside fire.  Emma loves being outside and was clearly excited about the fire- I caught her mid-dance move here.

This was the start of the fire that never panned out- the wood was just too wet.

Another picture of me and my girl- who is clearly more interested in the fire than taking a picture :).

Austin and Everly were snuggling inside.

Emma giving Nonni some snuggles :).

Emma was cold and wanted a jacket, but we had forgotten her coat at home- so we improvised and she wore Nonni's sweatshirt.  She was so unbelievably proud of herself!

After the morning of fun at my parents house, I had a special treat and went to the movies with Bobbob, Austin and Adge while Wes watched the girls.  We saw the Hunger Games- I don't know what I was expecting, but it was intense.

When I got home from the movies, I had a pleasant surprise and Emma had agreed to wear her moccasins for the second time ever since I bought them (the other time being the night before thanks to a little encouragement from her aunts!).

Then, it was time to load up and head to Kroger to get my annual birthday lunch- sushi!  But not before making a pit stop outside to say hi/hug Frosty.

Sushi deliciousness :).  I was over halfway through it before I remembered to take a picture.

After that it was time to get ready for Christmas Mass which was followed by the Mitchell Christmas at my sister-in-law's house.  I would say 30 is off to a good start :).

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Denim on Denim?

I don't know why- but I was dying to try the denim on denim trend on my toddler.  Think she can pull it off?  I think the sticker makes the outfit.

I think with the addition of the military jacket- she looks adorable and so grown up all at the same time!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Everly Grace: 21 Weeks

Likes: meeting Adge for the first time!!!!, sucking on fingers, clothes, blankets, anything she can get a hold of, first family dinner of the Christmas season, big gummy smiles, breastfeeding

Dislikes: getting into the car seat, being hungry

bonus picture, mamma's vintage clothing :)

Monday, December 23, 2013

More Everly

For many various reasons, I went back to Target and bought the rest of Everly's 3 month pictures.  Are you ready to beam with joy at her cuteness.

After my mom looked at the pictures to see what she wanted, she called me to tell me that this picture looks just like me when I was a baby.  Of course, I was already obsessed with it- it's the one in my office!  But that comment made me even more obsessed :).

These were my parents two favorites :).

This picture is still my most favorite :).  

Can't believe how much she will change by the time we have her 6 month pictures made!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Bathroom Funnies

Two cute videos for you today that revolve around bath time.  Our bath time routine is that Emma and I go upstairs to take a bath and we let her splash and play for awhile, then Wes brings Everly up for her bath and sometimes Emma wants to stay and help and sometimes she wants nothing to do with her sister.  When Wes brought Everly up, he mentioned that I really needed to scrub under her neck because of all of the spit up. I noticed that when I was rubbing underneath her neck, she would start giggling.  So I did what any mom would do and went to go get my phone to record it. Bath time giggles are the cutest :).

The next video might only be funny/charming to me and Wes.  When Wes brings Emma down from her bath (whether it is before Everly gets a bath or after, he is always in charge of Emma post-bath), he always walks funny knocking into all the walls because it gets major giggles out of Emma.  Well, Everly and I were walking downstairs after bath and I find Emma knocking herself into walls and then giggling.  So naturally I called Wes over to witness this funniness and record it :).

Saturday, December 21, 2013

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

We started getting ready for Christmas a little early this year :).  The weekend before Thanksgiving we got out our tree and we let Emma get in on the decorating this year.  

She was obsessed with the ornaments.  

Moral of this story- I have never been more happy that I bought plastic ornaments three years ago by mistake :).  If you have kids or you are going to have kids buy plastic ornaments for your tree.  Then you don't have to worry about them wanting to "help".  I have put away my pink and red glass bulbs for the foreseeable future ;).  

She was so cute even placing some of the ornaments on the tree.  

We decided to put up our smaller tree this year- it is such a better fit for the space then our 9 foot tree that touches the ceiling.  We have so many gold and silver ornaments that it looks so full along with a few "E's" sprinkled in there.  

After we put it up, for the life of us, we could not find our tree topper- so off to Target we went where I found a wreath that I had to have.

And a tree skirt that I am hoping to score on clearance after the holidays :).  I think it will go so much better with our tree (sorry, the price references are for me- not the blog!).

We came home and put the new tree topper on, the wreath up and decided it was time to light the fire.  Emma loves the fire.  She loved watching Wes get it lit (now we have the remote control working, which she is amazed by!).

After we came home from Port Aransas- we put the outside decorations up.  Meet our snow family.

Emma was very scared of them at first.  But I have convinced her that it is appropriate to wave to them every time we come up our driveway and say Hi, Frosty :).  Not pictured is also our Santa that is hanging from our bedroom window :).

While we were going to Port A- my mother-in-law knitted us the most beautiful stockings.

I mean really- they are so gorgeous and just what I pictured.  The grey and cream stripes are for the girls.  The navy blue and cream stripes are for the guys.  And Bailey has paw prints on his stocking.  So stinkin' adorable.

We don't do much other inside Christmas decorating- other than our annual Gingerbread house (more to come on this).