Thursday, November 28, 2013


… for having two, beautiful, healthy, spunky daughters
… for having a husband that is my best friend and true partner in life
… for having a job that I love and that is able to support my family
… for the results from mole surgery turning out positive (even though there were some scary moments)
… for being raised Catholic and subsequently being able to raise our girls Catholic
… for having a house that is truly a home
… for having both sets of Emma and Everly's grandparents living nearby and that she gets to see them weekly
… for being able to breastfeed both of the girls
… for Starbucks finding a new home (I really hope he is happy!)
... for my morning cup of coffee
... for having two sisters that live close by
... for hot showers
... for blogs that inspire and a husband who will take on my inspiration projects
... for open mouthed kisses from the girls
... for outdoor fires in the fall and indoor fires in the winter
... for spending Thanksgiving with my family in Port Aransas
... for having a fantastic (almost) 30 years of life
... for bailey and all he does to put up with Emma
... for family traditions- almost nothing makes me happier than traditions
... for my extended family (on both sides)
... for maternity leave (some of the best 12 weeks of my life)
... for reading books with Emma and watching her mimic shush to the old lady ;)
... for baby giggles, there is nothing better in the world
... for watching Emma develop a vocabulary (not something to be taken for granted)
... for babies that fall asleep on you
... most of all for this sweet, little family that I get to call mine

Happy Thanksgiving :)

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Tongue's Out

Isn't this hilarious?!?! Everly loves to stick her tongue out- it drives Wes crazy!

First she starts by just poking it out a little...

Then, a little further... 

Until it is sticking out all the way!  Which causes her to be slightly embarrassed and shy away from the camera ;)

Little stinker :).

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Letter to Everly: Three Months

Sweet, sweet, Everly,

First I just want to say that I love you. so. much. You are the sweetest, little chunky, most lovable girl that I know.  This month was one of the best and one of the hardest for you.  First, let’s talk about the best.  We spent the first half of the month snuggling up during my maternity leave.  We kissed, we snuggled, we played, we ate, we talked and we giggled while sister was at school or her grandparents house.  When sister was home- it was a balancing act between which child to hold.  You always wait patiently for us enjoying your role as the baby/second child. 

Everly- this month was a smiling month for you.  In month two, you showed us glimpses of how smiley you could be, but this month- you just let your smiles overflow.  I am more than ok with that.  You were able to track us this month and when you saw us, you let us know how happy you were to see us!  We are always so happy to see you too J

You started to really use some of your toys this month- you spent a little time in the bumbo, activity center and jumparoo.  You nap in your swing just like sister does.  The swing has been our best baby investment ever.  You are a spitter, just like your sister.  Your daddy and I are drenched daily by the spit up attacks.  You still do not like to take a pacifier- but you have found your fingers and like to gnaw on them occasionally. 

You did so many fun things this month- we went to the arboretum twice, the state fair, boo at the zoo, Westin gardens and many lunch dates.  You love to ride around in the Ergo carrier and often fall fast asleep within minutes of getting in.  You spent time with both sets of your grandparents who adore you.  The most special thing you did this month was being Baptized.  We had your first party in your honor and it was so much fun! 

This month was also the hardest month on you because you refused to take the bottle when I went back to work.  Our hearts seriously broke for you.  We knew that you just wanted the real deal, but you cried and screamed and cried some more when we gave you the bottle.  Your lips would quiver when you just caught sight of a bottle.  It took you a solid four days of mommy being gone for you to tolerate the bottle.  I was so happy and relieved when you decided not to starve yourself over this situation and went back to giving us those smiles.   

Everly- I love you so much and I am so happy that you are a part of our family.  You always make our days a little brighter and our hearts a little fuller!

All my love,


Monday, November 25, 2013

Everly Grace: 17 Weeks

Likes: celebrating her first Thanksgiving with the Mitchell's, rolling from her stomach to her back for Monica and Daddy, smiling, sitting up by yourself, falling asleep on Nonni during the Aggie game, breastfeeding

Dislikes: falling asleep on your own, being hungry, being put down when all you want to do is be held

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Everly's Baptism: The Dress

After I found out that I was having a girl the first time I was pregnant, my mom pulled out a few of the things that she had saved from when we were babies.  The most exciting thing that she saved was our Baptism dress.  I have truly loved seeing my girls wearing the same dress that I wore when I was Baptized.  It is just so special and sentimental for me.  I really hope this dress lasts for several more generations :).  

My mom and me: 1984
Wes, Emma and Me: 2012
Me and Everly: 2013

Friday, November 22, 2013

Perfect Fall Afternoon

A week ago Friday, we had the most perfect fall afternoon- it wasn't super special, but it was just perfect.  I got home from work a little early (around 4:30pm).  Wes suggested that we go to Starbucks to take advantage of their holiday drink special.  We sat on the patio because the weather was so nice outside.  First red cups of the season!!!

Emma was elated because not only did she get her very own cup of water- I had brought her a piece of chocolate home from work.  Here she is giving me her cheesiest, best smile- with her eyes closed :).

This is better Emma!

She even obliged and took some selfie shots with me :).  Love this girls smiles :).

My sweet family- love these three so much!

Everly slept through most of our date together- but she woke up near the end to give us a sleepy smile :).

Such a good way to wrap up the work week!

Do You See What I See?

Yes, that is correct.  Everly can sit up by herself for about 9 seconds before falling.  How is that possible?!?! She is only 3 1/2 months old.  Stop growing up so fast Everly!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Everly Found Her Toes

On Sunday as we were getting ready for my mother-in-law's surprise birthday party, I put Everly down in a haste (I am sure Emma was screaming HOLD YOU at the top of her lungs), I looked back and noticed that Everly had found her titty toes as we affectionately refer to feet around here.

I ran to grab my camera- I love this sweet little milestone in babies lives.

A little spit up couldn't stop this one from smiling while holding her feet :).

And a sweet look back at Emma finding her feet (around 5 months I believe). So bald.

I also find it interesting that both of my babies found their toes while naked and in a diaper- that was not planed, I promise :).

Little LE?

Me as a baby on the left, Everly on the right (3.5 months)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Everly Grace: 16 Weeks

Likes: smiling (all of the time), waking up super early (between 3:30am and 4am daily), being outside, sitting up by herself (for 10 seconds), watching her big sister Emma, going to the nail salon with all of the Mitchell girls

Dislikes: being hungry, the first few seconds of her bath

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Everly's Baptism: The Mass

Everly was baptized into the Catholic Church on Saturday October 5th, 2013.  The girls Baptisms are so special to me.  I believe it is the biggest milestone in their first year and should be celebrated with friends and family.  We were so blessed to have both sides of our family (and a few of our friends) there to celebrate this special day with Everly.

I love this picture of Wes and Emma walking into church together :).  Emma has been very into holding hands with me and Wes lately and I have to say- I am loving this phase.

Everly and I getting ready to go into the church.  Since Everly is a spitter, we took her up to the church with just her diaper on.

What a happy girl.

Me and Ally helping her into her dress.  I just think it is so special that Everly is wearing the same baptism dress that me and all of my sisters wore as well as Emma.

My only regret from Emma's baptism was not getting there early enough to take as many pictures as I wanted.  This time I made sure we were there plenty early so we could snap away.

Ally is Everly's Godmother.  Wes and I could not be more excited for this- we know she will do a wonderful job in helping Everly along her faith journey.  We love and respect Ally so much and are so excited that she moved back to the Dallas area so that she can be close by as the girls grow up (Ally- if you are reading this, don't feel guilty if you decide to move away for a few years ;))!

After pictures with Ally, it was time for a few family snapshots.

And some close ups- don't mind that Emma is eating a carrot in all of these pictures.

And, the family plus Ally.  I really like this one :).

Wes, his parents and the girls :).

As you can tell, Emma was over pictures at their point, so we took Emma out of the pictures and got one of Wes, his parents and Everly.

Love this next series of photos :).  Me, Wes and Everly!

Wes and Everly- there is just something about seeing a daddy hold his little girl!

Me and Everly :).  Little LE as my dad likes to call her!

Ally and Everly.  Couldn't decide which picture I like better ;).  Aunt Celeste thinks that Everly looks most like Everly out of anyone in the family :).

Love this group shot that Natalie took for us!

Then my parents got there :).  And Everly decided she was about done with pictures.

After all of the pictures were taken, it was time for Mass.  Everly getting ready to be baptized.

The next series of pictures show Everly being Baptized.  If you watch the video below, you will see her tense up and then start crying during the Baptism.

If you were not able to make it to Everly's Baptism, here is a video:

So happy for my sweet girl :).