Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

HAPPY HALLOWEEN from our little elephant,  


and Duck Dynasty family. 

We hope you have a great holiday!  We had a Halloween parade and party at Emma's school this morning and are going to cap off the night with $3 Chipotle burritos, trick-or-treating at Nonnie's house and the fall carnival at our church.  

Bonus pictures- me and my duck dressed up for a Halloween party we went to last Saturday night!

The duck family :). 

And another shot of Jase and Uncle Si :) I told you, we are obsessed :). 

I really think Wes nailed it this year :). 

Halloween is so much better with kids :).  

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Everly's Three Month Photos

I know, I know- I still need to show you Everly's newborn pictures.  And I should really do that before I show you her three month pictures.  But I am beyond behind on my posts and just want to share her three month pictures, because 1) she is three months old today (yes, we had the pictures made a few days early), 2) she is so stinking cute and adorable and 3) it's my blog and if it is out of order, oh well #reallife #workingmama.

I love this fall, navy striped dress with the elbow patches.  Baby Gap still kills me and I will probably put my girls into it until they cant't fit any longer.  

I die over Everly's hair.  Seriously it is so cute and precious and it looks like me.  She is wearing the pink dress Emma wore for her three month pictures.

And a comparison shot (because I am that mom that already loves to compare her kids)- here is Emma at three months!

They are so different, but so beautiful just the same :). Love having two girls!  Happy 3 months Everly!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Everly Grace: 13 Weeks

Likes: tolerating a bottle (finally!), being mom and dad's date to a Halloween party, visiting mom at work and having a midweek lunch date, walking a 5K wrapped in the baby carrier, boo at the zoo, wearing a party hat to celebrate Ally's birthday, nursing the second mommy walks in the door every night, trick or treating with Nonni and Emma at Weston Gardens

Dislikes: dressing up as a monkey, taking a pacifier, being put down when she wants to be held

Letter to Everly: 2 Months

Height: 23 inches
Weight: 12 lbs 7.5oz

Sweet, Sweet Everly,

This letter is going to be short and sweet because your mommy is so behind on blogging and so so tired, but I just wanted to take a minute to remember your second month.  This month we really had a lot of bonding time while Emma was at preschool.  I love snuggling you.  If I could hold you all day, I would.  I love soaking in your new baby/milky spit up smell- I know it doesn't sound all that good, but it is intoxicating.

You are so patient and kind.  You don't expect much out of us- to feed you and change you, but oh sweet baby, you reward us with the best smiles.  Your favorite time of the day seems to be the morning.  This is when you are the smiliest and most content (just laying by yourself).  You are my chunky monkey as I like to call you.  You have the best belly and baby thighs- I love squeezing those things!

ps. you have the best smiles.
pps. you have the best hair.
ppps. i love you to the moon and back.

All of my love,

Sunday, October 27, 2013


It was a big big day in the Mitchell household- today, Emma said her name for the first time!!!! I was so excited, I couldn't wait for Wes to hear it!  I called him back in the room and she said it again! and again! and again!

You might be wondering why this is such a big deal?!?!  Well, Emma has been talking pretty well for about three months now.  However, she will not say three particular words- Emma, love you and grandma.  We work on these three words everyday (without trying to go over the top and pushing it).  So I was thrilled today when she said it.  I recorded one of mine and Emma's chats so you could hear it for yourself :).

Friday, October 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Ally

Happy Birthday Ally!  Today, this girl turns 23 :).  Can't wait to celebrate her today- so excited for the lunch date, pumpkin carving, outdoor fire and coconut chicken tenders that are in store for us today.  Love you little squirt ;).

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Rough Go

Today marks one week of me being back at work.  To say that these three have had a rough go at it might be an understatement.  Everly took one 4 oz bottle on Thursday (I posted about the success too soon), she took two 4 oz bottles on Friday, none over the weekend, one 4 oz bottle on Monday and then finally FIVE 4 oz bottles on Tuesday!!!  It seems like maybe she has finally got the hang of the bottle- however, Wes has to do the craziest things to get her to drink the bottle.  This is what he posted on Facebook and I found it too funny not to share (plus we will laugh at this in a year when we have no babies on bottles).

I think Everly has finally trained me to feed her a bottle.  Below are the steps.
1. Hold her in my left arm standing up
2. Put bottle at an exact 45 degree angle
3. Pinky and ring finger must be touching her cheek
4. Begin to turn counter clockwise under ceiling fan
5. Slowly put nipple in her mouth
6. Wait for her to begin to lick the dripping milk
7. Wait for her to latch on
8. Take a deep breath, relax and celebrate

Sweet Sisters

Sometimes, when Everly is upset and I know she just wants to suckle- I will stick my finger in her mouth for her to gnaw on.  I know it is very germy, but there are points where I can't handle being a human pacifier for a minute longer!  Well, big sister picked up on this habit.  When she sees Everly crying, sometimes she will try to "comfort her" by sticking her fingers in Everly's mouth.  In the picture below, she is also patting Ev's on the tummy which makes my heart melt.  

Then, there are always kisses involved.

Most of the time it is super sweet, but sometimes Everly gives her this face!

We are really trying to instill in Emma that Everly is her best friend.  When we ask Emma "is Everly your best friend?", she nods her head yes.  However when I ask her "what is Everly to you?"- hoping she will say best friend (or at least sister) back to me, she just stares at my blankly.  We have a little ways to go in the best friend department :).  

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

House of Mia Obsession

Do you remember me talking about these leggings? And how I wish I could buy them for Emma... Well I did it- I bought them for Emma and told Wes that I would buy Emma one special pair of leggings each season.  They arrived a few weeks ago, and I LOVE them.  Like capital L O V E them!

Then this happened.  They had a sale and I bought Emma two more pairs.  The heart leggings I am going to let her wear right away when they come (they are a 2T).  The hot air balloon leggings I sized up on and will give her those for Christmas!  If you are going to be having a baby, I seriously suggest that you check out her website- in my humble opinion- they are the cutest legging out there.

Also, I bought these mocs for Emma.  I am heartbroken because Emma wants nothing to do with these.  Just imagine- these mocs with the above leggings- toddler fashion at its finest :).  I ask her (daily), Emma do you want to wear your mocs?  She replies back "no, no, no" and brings me her Toms to wear.  Why does she already have opinions about clothes?  Wes thought this wouldn't happen until she was 10 or 11.  Yeah, right?!?!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Everly Grace: 12 Weeks

Likes: watching Emma (she gets the biggest grins on her face when she sees her), smiling for mommy, daddy and oftentimes "strangers", giggling and cooing, looking up at the moose and the fan, "jumping" at the trampoline park, accompanying mom and dad on their last lunch date of maternity leave, standing up when being held

Dislikes: mommy going back to work, taking a bottle (poor girl is averaging 7 - 8 ounces the entire time I am gone!), we have completely given up on the pacifier

Friday, October 18, 2013

Train Ride

During my maternity leave, I wanted to take Emma on a train ride through trinity park.  In August when the temperatures dipped below 100 degrees- we decided to head out there and take advantage of the "cooler" weather.  Me and my girls before the train arrived (it looks like Everly is saying get me out of here!).

Emma waiting on the train.  Even though we had talked about the train and practiced saying choo choo, she didn't really get the concept until the train arrived!

A little unsure at first.

But then it was all kisses from there- seriously, this girl gave me a kiss every single time I asked for one on the train.  Absolutely in love with this picture.

Looking out over the water- I don't know why, but I was mildly panicked that there was nothing to keep her from falling in the water.

Oh yeah, this guy came with us too :).

I just loved seeing how genuinely happy she was!

More kisses!  I was eating up all of the kisses that she was giving me.

Family shot- look closely and you will even see Everly!

Weeee- love this girl :). 

Then, like any toddler, she had a major meltdown when she wanted to start standing up on the train and we wouldn't let her.  There was at least five minutes of tears leading up to our intermission stop.  

As you can see, not quite has happy as she was when the train first started!

Trying to put a smile on her face- but it was more like a grimace!

I wanted to get one picture of her and Wes together- but she wasn't having it at this point. 

Emma does not understand when something that you pay for is over, it is over.  We have had several major meltdowns when pony rides have ended, when carousel rides have ended, when petting zoo's are over and now when the train ride ended.  So this is the look that we get- poor baby.  I hope she starts understanding this concept soon!

Then, we decided to hop on over to the zoo to check out the second baby elephant that the zoo introduced!  We got to see the four elephants (the babies and their mamma's).  


Emma pointing out the elephant to me and Everly. 

Great morning activity- hanging out with my family!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Best 12 Weeks of My Life

These last 12 weeks have been the best twelve weeks of my life.  I started maternity leave with no baby (which is why I am going back to work a smidge before she turns 12 weeks), but was blessed with a few extra days snuggling my first baby.

There are so many things I loved about maternity leave.  I loved the extra morning snuggles that I got with Everly.  I loved being at home when Emma wakes up every morning.  I loved the extra kisses that I was home for.  I loved reading Goodnight Moon in the middle of the day.  I loved lunch dates with my husband once Emma was in preschool.  I loved dropping off and picking up at preschool.  I loved being able to feed Everly whenever she is hungry.  I loved watching Emma's vocabulary develop.  I loved being able to drink wine again.  I loved that the weather finally cooled down.  I loved that we got in the rhythm of being a family of four.  I loved coming down the stairs every time hearing Emma say 'wee' as she jumps in my arms.  I loved hearing Emma ask for baby every morning.  I loved watching Emma give her sister kisses.  I love loved loved watching Everly smile for the first time.  I loved bath time and how excited Emma would get for her baths!  I loved watching Everly giggle.  I loved making treats.  I loved enjoying my coffee every morning (even if I would have to reheat the same cup of coffee 5 times).  I loved being able to spend time swimming with Emma.  I loved home cooked meals every night.  I loved being caught up on laundry.

I am not going to lie, it was not all a cake walk.  For the first week of Everly's little life, she had her days and her nights confused which was tough.  We wondered if we would ever sleep again.  Emma has been a terrible sleeper since Everly was born making the nights extra tough.  We have changed more diapers than I care to count.  We have kissed away more boo boo's than I ever thought possible.  We have cleaned up spit up (and sometimes Emma's throw up) every single day.  Emma has hit me and tried to bite me while I am nursing Everly.  We have had both girls screaming at the top of their lungs in the car.  But I still loved every single minute of it.  

We did so so so many fun things while I was on maternity leave.  So many fun things that I still have to make time to blog about.  Here is my maternity leave to do list- updated!

... take Everly's newborn pictures
... celebrate Wes's birthday
... find Emma's Halloween costume (an elephant), Everly will most likely be the monkey
... take Halloween photos at the arboretum
... go to the zoo with Wes's family
... Central Market Hatch Festival
... have my mole removed
... eat at the Fort Worth food truck park
... take Emma to a splash park
... visit the park by our house at least five times (5 out of 5)
... on hot days take Emma to the parks at the mall  (3 times)
... celebrate 3 years of being married to my hubby
... take Emma to bouncing babies at the library
... take Emma swimming in the afternoon (at least 2 days a week)- she loves this!
... order pictures of Everly
... take Emma and Everly to Fort Worth Day in the District
... frame the prints I bought for the dining room
... visit Bobbob once a week (so far we are 3 for 3)
... take Emma to her first day of preschool
... order 75% of the prints for the gallery wall in our newly designed living room
... share those prints I ordered on the blog
... write Everly's birth story (remember this took me nine months to complete for Emma)
... keep up with Everly's weekly pictures and posts (and figure out if I am still going to do the calendar pictures)
... take Emma on a pony ride at the church picnic
... finish the other half of the family gallery wall
... order a new engineering print with Everly in it (as soon as we get the cd's from our family shoot and Everly's three month photo shoot, I am going to order new engineering prints)
... keep snapfish up to date
... go to the state fair
... lunch with my sisters in Dallas
... take Emma on a 1:1 frozen yogurt date
... celebrate Everly's baptism with a bar-b-que at our house
... take Emma to the petting zoo in the stockyards (we didn;t go to the petting zoo at the stockyards, but we went to one at our church and one at the arboretum so I am calling this a success)
... go to one outdoor concert at the Levitt each weekend
... squeeze in one non-anniversary date with my husband (Everly came with us because of her bottle issues, so I am not sure whether you would count this as a date :/)
... get quotes on repainting the cabinets in our kitchen (we are going to table the kitchen project until Everly is in preschool)
... in the same light, research and scout cork flooring options for our kitchen (see above)
... take Emma to toddler time at the trampoline park (we didnt make it to this, but we will be going on Saturday for a birthday party)
... have our family pictures taken
... have Everly's three month old pictures taken
... paint the inside of the front door blue
... take Emma on a train ride at Trinity Park
... enjoy the extra time that I get with my husband and my two babies :)

The last one is the one I am most proud of.  I made a conscience effort to snuggle my babies as much as possible and inundate them with kisses every single day.  Ahhh- I loved maternity leave.  

Because I Know You Are Wondering

Yay Everly!! Yay Wes!! Let's hope this was not a fluke :).