Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

From my little monkey and fur babies to yours :) I hope you have a great Halloween!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Letter to Emma: Please Stop Screaming Bloody Murder

Dear Emma,

2 out of the last 3 nights you have woken up during the middle of the night and screamed bloody murder for 2+ hours. I really really hope it's because you are cutting another tooth.

It's the only thing that makes sense in my tired head.

Hearing you scream (for apparently no reason) is so hard. As your mommy, i want to be able to comfort you and calm you down. Last night you were inconsolable. I tried. I nursed. Your daddy tried. I tried again. Then finally you and daddy went downstairs where you continued to scream.

You are exhausting your mommy and daddy. We like to sleep. We have been in bed before 9:00 the last two nights trying to catch up from the first screaming night.

Please let your tooth pop through soon. I don't want you to scream anymore. More importantly I don't want you to be in pain anymore.

After all, your first tooth is pretty cute.

All my love,

Monday, October 29, 2012

Letter to Emma: 8 Months

Bah Boo- you can not be 8 months old already.  I just want time to slow down.  This baby stage is the most precious and I am not ready for you to grow out of it.  You are still the best baby.  You like to exercise your vocal chords.  Most of the time it is cute, but sometimes (ahem, during church) it is not so cute.  We get stopped everywhere we go with you. Everyone likes to talk to you and always mentions how cute you are.  They have clearly not read the article called 'how to talk to little girls'.  As you grow up, I hope everyone comments on how smart you are, not just on your good looks :).

You started out your 8th month by helping mommy and daddy celebrate their 2 year anniversary.  Last year at this time we had just found out that you were an Emma (and not an Emmett)  so it was very special to me to have you there celebrating with us on year 2.  I spend a lot of time trying to wrap my head around the whole baby process and how did we get so lucky to have you.  It really is a miracle in my opinion.

This month...
... you crawl like no one's business, you are so fast
... your favorite activity is climbing the stairs, you are a daredevil and scary mommy half to death
... you love to get into the dog food/dog water
... you also love your fur brothers- although I think bailey is liking you less and less (we are working on gentle petting)
... you eat everything we put in front of you; it's hard to tell your favorite but I think it may be avocado
... you also really like steak, chicken, fish, potatoes, bread, bannanas and of course your beloved cereal
... you are still napping in your swing
... you are sleeping on your tummy (un-swaddled, horray!)
... you still wake up once a night, sometimes two or three
... you only nurse at night, but you drink pumped milk two - three times a day (which means you have one to two bottles of formula a day)
... you squeal with delight after you are finished eating (and you think this is hilarious)
... you stayed with  your Nonni and Grandpa George twice
... you wave your hands up and down when you want more food/are excited/are upset
... you pull up on everything and we had to lower your crib down
... you cruise on the furniture
... you can stand up by yourself, just not for very long
... blocks are your favorite toy
... you still take a pacifier
... you still smile widely whenever I enter the room (I still selfishly think that I am your favorite)

This month we did a lot of fall activities.  We ate outside.  We took long walks after dinner.  We went to the church picnic.  We went to the Dallas Arboretum.  We went to the Texas State Fair. We dressed you up in your Halloween costume.  We have seen tons of pumpkins.

Most importantly, you got to catch up with Adrienne!! She lives in Colorado so we don't get to see her as much as your other aunts.  But we had a really good visit with her.  We cant wait until she comes back over Christmas.

Emma- I love you to pieces.  I smooch you like its going out of style.  Your are the best thing that has ever happened  to me and your daddy (fur babies included :)).  Keep staying sweet and stop growing up so fast!

All my love (xoxo),

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Loving Lately

… purchasing my dream couch after waiting patiently for almost 3 years
… a baby that slept in the car until Austin
… Emma’s first trip to McDonald’s (haha, we don’t eat fast food much so I bet she won’t be back for awhile!)
… free kolache samples at Bucee’s (so delish, we bought some)
… stopping at the san marcos outlet mall on our way home
… having a safe trip to San Antonio
… sleeping in on Sunday (thanks, babe!)
… a Sunday that was full of productive errands
… free macaroni and cheese from Corner Bakery (Emma loved this!)
… our first trip to Trader Joe’s
… Sunday dinner with Bobbob
… family walks in the evenings (this is currently my favorite thing to do as a family)
… upcoming holidays
… Emma cutting her first tooth last Saturday
… a baby that sleeps through the night
… walking downstairs to find Emma and daddy snuggling on the floor (cutest sight ever)
… that my nightly conference calls are over for awhile (three this week = exhausting)
… the best $9.04 project ever- details coming this week
… catching up with Adge on the phone
… finding the lamp I have been wanting on clearance at Target
… breakfast for dinner
… playing with Emma on the stairs (she thinks she is getting away with something and ends up belly laughing)
… watching Emma eat Salmon for the first time
... pumpkin carving

Friday, October 26, 2012

It Feels Like Christmas Morning

Those were the first thoughts rushing through my head when I woke up at 3:45am on Saturday morning.

The day had finally arrived.

The day I have been waiting for almost three years.

I found my couch on Craigslist.  For a reasonable price.  Not a steal, but a price I was comfortable paying.  I felt even better that I had talked the guy down $900.  When I want something I have a hard time negotiating down sometimes and I give into the higher price.

I was pretty proud of myself.

There was one catch- I found the couch while looking on the Austin Craigslist.

One might wonder why I was looking on the Austin Craigslist.  My dad has taught me a couple of things in my life and one of those things is to not limit yourself to your local Craigslist :).

I have been searching for this couch on and off for three years.  Then I blogged about it.  Then I found it.

I think the point is put your wish on the internets (and you are patient), the Craigslist people will look out for you.

So we asked my dad to borrow his truck- he obliged (thanks dad!)

Then we got set to go get it and the guy emailed me his address- he lives in San Antonio- what?!?!?!

Another hour to our drive.  But I really wanted the couch.

Back to 3:45am.  I found myself going to the restroom and making noise so that Emma would wake up :) and around 4:15 she did.  I went in and fed her.  Then I brought her to our bedroom and I told Wes- I don't think she wants to go back to sleep.  He looked at me and said that I didn't try very hard- haha.

We left around 4:45.  We had a very smooth trip.

This was my view most of the trip:

She woke up after we drove through Austin and we stopped in San Marcos to eat breakfast at McDonald's.  Baby girl loves her some biscuits.  The rest of the trip was uneventful.  We made it there around 9:30.

That's when we realized he lived on the second floor!.

Looked at the couch.  LOVED the couch.  Paid the guy for the couch.  Then Wes and him carried the couch downstairs (I was lucky enough to be holding the baby!).

Then we headed home, but first making a stop at this place:

Yummo.  They had samples of kolaches.  Delish.  Emma decided to stretch a little bit too.  She said "mommy I love this couch too" just not in so many words :) 

There are two lessons you can learn from this story (and that my dad has taught me): delayed gratification and don't limit yourself to your local Craigslist (when you are looking for something important).

I still love this couch.  And I will love it for a very long time.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Emma's 6 Month Pictures

We decided to use Austin's wedding photographer- Jenny Linh ( for Emma's 6 month pictures   I could not be more pleased with the results :).  We took the pictures early one Saturday morning in the stockyards.  You might notice that she is wearing one of the same dresses as in her three month photos- this is the bonus of having a dress you love and a petite daughter!

It was hard to narrow it down to a favorite- but I think I finally did. Love the goofy smile, how she is holding daddy's hands, the big bow and the light behind her!

Before I had a baby- I would see this type of photo and wished I could have a baby of my own and have this type of picture.  I just love how ours came out :) I am hoping to get one of these photos every year while Emma is small so we can see how she grows.

Here is another favorite- love the background against Emma's eyes.

This picture melts my heart (and will be blown up to a 36 * 24 in our house)!  There is nothing sweeter than the father/daughter bond.  

Mini me's- no?

Love this picture, but is she really even my daughter?? Of course she is- but she still doesn't look a thing like me :).  

And here are a few more of my favorites:

And last, but definitely not least some flying pictures   So happy Jenny was able to catch these moments since Emma loves to "fly" with me :).  

Love you baby girl!  You are beautiful!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Loving Lately

… attending Kelli and Cecil’s wedding (we love them!)
… delicious food and cupcakes (and wine J) at Kelli’s wedding
… celebrating baby Noah’s impending arrival
… watching Emma eat real food at the baby shower
… after fussing loudly for twenty minutes- finally getting Emma to sleep through the remainder of church
… Sunday walk to Albertson’s
… homemade fish tacos
… Emma sleeping through the night
… happy hour with my old boss
… family walks every evening after dinner
… finding Emma new toys on our walk (a car/walker and a lawn mower- people were just throwing them out!)
… finding my couch on Craigslist and then talking the seller down $900 (talk about delayed gratification)
... when my husband brings home iced pumpkin coffee just for me
… sticking with my blog and published my 100th post yesterday (after all, this has morphed into Emma’s baby book)
… brats on Hawaiian rolls
… fall tv (big bang theory, survivor and the amazing race- love it all!)
… nursing Emma (even though she is down to just nursing twice a day L)
… taking Emma’s 8 month pictures on the calendar
… receiving the cd from our photographer (can’t wait to show you what we are going to blow up!)
… getting my oil changed (I always just feel like life is more put together when my oil is changed)
… watching Emma climb up and down the stairs (she is amazingly fast)
… and last but not least, baby giggles (lots and lots of them)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Park Time

I am so happy to have a husband who will pull out the camera and take pictures of our baby girl when I am not around :).  Emma and daddy went to the park the other day and these pictures of our ladybug were just too cute not to share (even if I have mommy goggles).

Here she comes towards the camera.

"you are so silly, daddy!"

Love love love her hair and her chubby thighs in this picture.

And leaving you with my favorite picture of the day :). The sun is perfect and you get a glimpse at those little chubby thighs again.

Love you ladybug- and I am still having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that you are 8 months old.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Walking at the Trinity River wore this panda bear out :)

Bye Bye

This morning as I was leaving for work, Wes brought Emma out to the garage. He said wave bye bye to mommy. And she stuck her little hand out and moved her hand an waved bye bye.

My. Heart. Melted.

So precious :) and my big 8 month old is growing up way too fast :(.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Where Did Emma Go?

We play the "where did Emma go??" game with Emma all the time.

When I first saw this picture, it was my first thought.

Ahhhh, now this is a little better :) we can now see my panda in all of her glory!

I don't know why I was dying to get a photo of my munchkin as a panda in her diaper- but I was.  Here is my favorite picture from the "photo session"

Monday, October 15, 2012

Church Picnic 2012

Our church picnic was the last weekend in September- we had a blast!  Side note- I LOVE church picnics, the food and games are all very reasonably priced and you feel good about donating money to your church.  This being said because we visited the state fair and nothing there is reasonably priced (post to come).

As soon as we walked up, and I saw the pony ride, I knew that Emma would be participating.  I mean how could she not- this little girl was born to ride ponies.  Here we are posing before the ride got started.  

And we are off- Emma was not so sure at first.

Side angle...

Finally getting the hang of it, she figured how to hold on to the horn of the saddle.

Here we are posing for daddy as we are walking around, our hair is blowing and we were having fun!

I imagine Emma was saying "this pony goes fast" :)

Emma and I were starting to wonder if we were done yet, haha.

Nonni congratulating Emma when she was done and making her impression of the bah boo face :)

Love this pic- we were telling Emma what a great job she had done!!!

Up next, time to pick a duck.  This was Emma's second and final game she participated in.

Getting ready to go in, pondering which duck she will choose (see that cute belly sticking out??)

"I choose this one mommy!"

"Ahhhh, I got it!!"

Showing her daddy that she got the duck.  Everyone was cheering for Emma and thought she was just adorable (of course, so do we).

While watching Emma's brothers play paintball, daddy snapped this cute picture of us enjoying the picnic.

Brent made Emma some spin art- pink just for Emma.

Look who we ran into :) Love this picture.  Emma is chewing on her dinosaur that she won at the duck game.  Bobbob loves him some Emma.

Next up, we went inside and watching daddy play bingo.  Emma got a little restless so I took her right outside of the room so she could crawl around.  I went back to grab the camera from our stroller (literally a three second walk, please don't think I abandoned my child), and Emma turned and followed me with her eyes.  This nice gentlemen thought it was so cute and asked if he could grab a picture of us together- here it is!

Had to snap a picture of Emma crawling in her blue jeans- it also marked the first time she wore blue jeans :)

On our way out, we stopped by the petting zoo.  Emma loves her some animals.  I don't think these pictures capture the pure joy that was on her face while she "petted" them.  Emma's petting includes some pretty ferocious grabbing so I am glad the church picked some kind animals to have there.

She looooved the donkey.

More smiles :)

Then, I decided it would be fun to have her sit on the donkey; kind of like riding a pony.  Emma was not so sure about this move.

Let's try standing on the donkey- you cant tell, but she was just smiling and laughing the whole time!

The church picnic was so much fun- we will definitely be back next year.  Cant believe Emma will be walking by then- I am definitely not ready for my baby to grow up.