Friday, September 21, 2012

Loving Lately

… Watching Emma eat eggs (my favorite food)
… getting Emma’s 6 month old pictures taken at the stockyards
… purchasing Emma’s new winter wardrobe at the JBF sale
… purchasing a new stroller for Emma that we scored for twenty bucks (also at the JBF sale)
… hanging up pictures for our gallery wall (pics coming soon!)
… cooler mornings
… enjoying coffee on cooler mornings (making me pine for pumpkin spice coffee creamer)
… outdoor concerts at the Levitt (such a fun, free family activity)
… Los Lupes for breakfast
… the way Emma smiles at me when I get home from work (as soon as she spots me, she lights up)
… milk breath, sloppy kisses
... taking Emma to her first Ranger's game at the Ballpark (she has been to one Ranger's game in Oakland)
... celebrating Wes's birthday with his family + Kelli and Cecil
... seeing Wes so excited when the restaurant staff sang for him (everyone cheered for him)
... watching Emma eat Mexican food (it never gets old)
... iced coffee with pumpkin syrup from Starbucks
... seeing our yard in full bloom

… watching Emma crawl for the first time
… seeing how her daddy taught her to feed herself (we think from this she will definitely be right-handed)
… trying out our first Diner, Drive-in’s and Dives restaurant
… getting videos of Emma crawling while I am at work
… getting my old boss back!
… Killdares at the Levitt (my favorite group that comes there- celtic rock)
… maple pecan nut coffee from Central Market
… looking at Emma’s 7 month photos and knowing my milk gave her all of those baby rolls (even if she is on the petite side)
… Wes’s support after my breastfeeding/formula post (reminding me that I am the best mommy for Emma and that I have worked so hard in the feeding department and I should be nothing but proud)
… surprise checks from my dentists (for once I don’t owe them)
… all of the birthday celebrations (outdoor brunch on the patio to celebrate my dad’s birthday, dinner at Bobbob’s celebrating grandma’s 83rd birthday)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

It Happened

The day has come.  Emma will have her first taste of formula today.

Part of me is devastated.  Part of me is sad.  Part of me feels like a failure. 

I just can’t produce enough milk for my baby.  I feel like I have tried almost everything.  I drink 3 – 4 cups of Mother’s Milk tea a day.  I take Fenugreek.  I drink tons of water.  I even try to eat oatmeal in the morning.  But I still can’t get more than 15 – 18 ounces while I am at work. 

I know I could wake up in the middle of the night and pump.  I just don’t have that in me.  I am tired and worn out from working all day and the last thing I want to do is wake up to pump.  Especially when I loathe pumping.

I know my baby girl will survive.  I know she will thrive. 

A little part of me feels like I have given up.  

But a bigger part of me feels pretty proud of myself that for the last 7 months, she has had nothing to drink other than my milk.  

(For those wondering, I am definitely not planning on giving up breastfeeding- I just think Emma will have to start taking one bottle per day of formula to supplement)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Currently Coveting: Part 1

I love lists.  I keep a running list of all of the things that I want for our house which I will start blogging about.  This has been on my house list since I started looking at furniture for our house almost three years ago.

I LOOOVE this couch, like love love love it.  I originally loved it upholstered, but when I realized that would never work with our lifestyle with kids and pups I started to love the leather version.  It is beautiful.  It is luscious.  I want it to be mine!

Wes and I went to San Antonio two Valentine's Days ago- and we stopped at the Restoration Hardware outlet on our way home.  It was there in all of its chocolaty leather goodness.  I loved it.  I loved it more than the upholstered version.  I could see it becoming a family heirloom.  I can just see Emma duking it out with her brother and sister "the only thing I really want from mom and dad's house is that leather couch".  At least that is what I have made up in mind to justify spending that much on a couch.

Ahhhh, but the price point.  It is over $4000.  For a couch.  Since my husband thinks that is a ridiculous price to pay, I stalk Craiglist hoping coming coming across one for less.

Craigslist, please grant me this one wish.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Hubs

Someone had a birthday!!!! I love birthdays!  And I love to celebrate birthdays.  And ask all kinds of hypothetical questions about birthdays (which are typically met with eye rolls).  Oh well :).

We had a pretty low key day.  We had gone to church the night before so we just relaxed and had coffee at home (maple pecan nut from Central Market- BEST coffee ever!).  We went out to breakfast as our little family of three and then ran some errands.  Back home, Emma and I took a killer nap while Wes watched football- best of both worlds for everyone.  After we woke up, Emma took her first four baby steps crawling.  It was so precious and Wes and I couldn't have been happier that we were together to see it.  We cheered and clapped at her and she looked at us like we were crazy.  We were just so darn proud of our munchkin.  Then we got ready for his family birthday party + Kelli and Cecil (who are also like our family :)).  It was at Cancun Mexican restaurant- Wes's favorite place to eat and was all kinds of yummy.  We had margaritas, good Mexican food and sopapillas :), yum yum.  Emma had lots of attention and loved seeing all of her uncles and aunts.

It was a great day- so glad we got to celebrate with Wes.  We love you baby.  So happy we got to spend another year together.  Cant wait to see what the next year holds ;).

Sunday, September 16, 2012

On The Move

Emma CRAWLED today.  While she doe finitely doesn't have it down, she took about four little steps (crawls) this afternoon.  We were so happy that we were both home to be able to see it and a little frightened for what the future holds (all the baby proofing).  What a great birthday present for Wes :).

Friday, September 14, 2012

Rough Week

This has been a rough week.  I am glad that it is coming to an end.

On Monday my car was hit and there is an insurance dispute underway.  Boo.  I really dislike this kind of stuff.

On Monday night, Emma decided to scream her head off at 11pm.  She didn't go back down until 12:30.  And she was back up at 4.  Thank goodness for Wes, so I could get some sleep.

On Thursday, I found out that my boss is retiring.  I heart my boss and am very saddened by this news.

But there have also been some good things, and we have a really fun weekend planned.

For that I am grateful.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Loving Lately

… hosting Kelli’s bridal shower
… three day weekend
… coffee cake
… watching the Today show on my three day weekend
… spending extra time with Emma
… Emma getting to hang out with her great uncle and great aunt
… homemade pulled pork sandwiches and margaritas on labor day
… scoring a dress for $24 at the banana republic outlet store
… strolling around the new Grand Prairie outlets
… eating leftover breakfast casserole and sharing it with Emma (and Starbucks and Bailey)
… outdoor concerts at the Levitt
… hearing one of my favorite songs played that I haven’t heard in ages (traveling soldier)
… football season starting
… Emma going from her belly to sitting
… coffee (loads and loads of it after Emma doesn’t sleep)
… Emma eating prunes and cleaning out her system (only something a mom could love)
… the giggles that ensued after letting Emma play with the thermometer- hilarious (she would just put the thermometer up to her mouth and laugh her head off)
… baby video monitor
… a sleeping baby in her footie pajamas

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Emma went from laying to sitting today!  Wes called to tell me the good news and then sent me this video :). Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sleeping Woes

Baby Girl,

When you wake up at 1:00 in the morning with that ridiculously sweet gummy grin and muttering "na na na na na", it is not so cute.  Mommy and daddy prefer to be asleep at 1:00 in the morning.  Mommy prefers to feed you and lay you back down and you roll on that tummy of yours and go back to sleep.  Not have to go in and comfort you 15 minutes later.  Then have to wake up daddy to comfort you (because that is what worked the night before).  It is even not funnier that you liked to keep daddy up until 3:30 in the morning.  He likes to sleep too.  I know this is just a phase, but I am ready for this part of the phase to come to an end.  Sweet child of mine- please sleep during the nighttime.

ps- feel free to flash that sweet gummy grin during the hours of 6am and 8pm.  We do agree with you that you are ridiculously cute (especially during the daytime).  Not that your mommy is picky or anything.

All our very tired love,
Mommy and Daddy

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


"All the love we come to know in life, 
springs from the love that we knew as children."

I hope you know how loved you are, Emma :)