Friday, July 27, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

Better late than never, right??? I still need to post about Easter, Mother's Day and Father's Day...

We had a very fun 4th of July.  I have always enjoyed holidays- any reason to celebrate is always ok with me.  However, since Emma has been born, I have been obsessed with making sure that she has the best holiday ever.  I know she won't remember them, but it is important for me to celebrate them with her nonetheless (that, and the fact that I dont want to be the reason she ends up in therapy one day claiming that her parents dont love her and they never celebrated holidays).

We started celebrating on July 3rd.  We went out to eat Mexican food for dinner at Cafe Aculpoco- yum!  Then we headed out to watch the fireworks at the Levitt pavilion.  My parents were there when we arrived and had saved us some good seats.  Emma had spit up all over herself and I had left her 4th of July outfit at home (by mistake) so my mom immediately dressed her down to her dipe.

Passing some time listening to music and playing paddycake- does it get any better than this?

Happy girl hanging out with Nonni before the show started :)

Yay- the first fireworks went off!

Looking on in amazement- she loved the fireworks!!! Anything that lights up and makes noise easily grabs Emma's attention.

Posing with mommy :) We need to work on our night photography :)

Great fireworks show!

The next morning we went to Thrift Town to buy Emma some winter clothes for our San Fran trip.  We had my family over in the afternoon for swimming, grilling and chilling :) 

Emma and Nonni getting ready for their swim

Swimming time :) Emma looking a little petrified (and she didn't even know what was coming up next!)

Close up of Emma's cuteness in her hat (gifted from Norma)

Mommy and Emma on the 4th :)

Starbucks watching all of these people fawn over Emma- didn't he used to get all of the attention??

Craig and dad chilling out (probably discussing the flowers :))

Austin and Craig!  Days after their 1st anniversary :)

Nonni getting Emma ready for her first real swimming lesson.  Nonni picks Emma up like this and blows in her face

Then dunks her right under the water.  I would say Emma didn't hate it, but also didn't love it.  I was just glad I was the one that got to 'rescue' her.

Now my dad decided to get in on the action- ready Emma!

There she goes!

She preferred the backstroke

More her style!

Everybody watching Emma swim

Yummy hamburgers and sausage that Wes cooked us

A few veggies to go in there too

The cake Austin made- it was delicious :)

The group eating dinner.  Emma playing in her office wondering why she can't have any yummy food.  Next year girly.

Wes joining in on the Prochaska tradition of eating Whoppers on July 4th.  Austin also brought along some Big Red :)

Emma says "I am dreaming about the year that I get to eat Whoppers"

Happy family- tired baby = successful July 4th

 Emma- I hope you had the best 4th of July :) Cant wait to celebrate with you again next year!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Welcome to My Office

Hi- my name is Emma and I do my best work in my office.

I yell (shriek) at my co-workers and show them who is boss!!!

Then I eat my animal friends/co-workers.

My office is my new favorite toy!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Letter to Emma: 5 Months

Best Bah Boo- you are the best.  I know I say this everytime, but I cant believe how fast time is flying by.  I fall more and more in love with you everyday.  I do my best to kiss you hundreds of times a day.  I love those cheeks (especially after you have eaten as they always seem to have gotten chubbier).  I love you so much it hurts sometimes.  You are not a newborn anymore, you are now an infant.  Sometimes, I just want to freeze time.  I am trying to live in the moment and savor every day with you.

This month has been a big one for you.  You are doing so many adorable things.  Your smiles are bigger and brighter and gummier every day.  I love that when I walk into the room you will turn your head towards me and smile really big when you recognize my voice.  This month you started blowing raspberries :) oh my goodness, cutest thing EVER.  Sometimes we had raspberry blowing contests with each other.  Don't worry- I let you win :).  You are also finding your vocal cords.  Most of the time you find them when you are at home with loud shrieks, but sometimes  you find them at church (not so cool).  You have definitely found your feet.  When you are laying down on your back, you are constantly touching your feet.  Also, you don't like to lay down on your back nearly as much anymore.  You would always prefer to be sitting or 'standing'.

We started off the month with taking you to meet some of your cousins you had never met.  We followed that up with your first horse races for Father's Day- we even won on 4 out of 5 races.  We celebrated what a good daddy you have.  He loves you so much Emma.  We are so lucky to have him.  Then, on Father's Day, Austin came over to babysit you so that mommy and daddy could sneak away to the movies.  We always have so much fun together, but missed our baby so much.  The next day, you had your four month old appointment and received your vaccines- ouch!  Nothing a little milk couldn't fix though.  This also resulted in your first fever.  Mommy felt so sad for you, she even caved and let daddy give you baby tylenol.  It pains me to think you have any medicine going in your sweet, little body. Mommy also found out you were small at your doctor's appointment which caused lots of worry on my part.  I was determined to give you more milk.  So with a lot of pumping and determination, we can still say you are a 100% breastfed baby- which I am incredibly proud of.

You also celebrated your first 4th of July and saw your first fireworks and wished you could have eaten your first Whoppers (oh well, maybe next year).  Just so you know Emma eating Whoppers and drinking Big Red  on the 4th of July is a tradition in mommy's family.  On the 4th, you actually had your first true swim.  Nonni just blew in your face and dunked you under the water.  I wouldn't say you hated it, but I also wouldn't say you loved it.  I was just glad I was always the one to 'rescue' you from the water.

You took your first flight during your 5th month.  You aced it (of course).  You are such an easy going baby.  We often get comments that you are the best baby and the world- and as your mommy, I totally agree.

You are ridiculously cute.  Other people were taking pictures of you on our family vacation- i thought it was a little wierd, but I understand how amazingly beautiful you are too :).

This will be the last month that you are purely breastfed.  This makes me sooooo sad.  Sometimes I just tear up at that thought.  I love love love breastfeeding you.  It is the best!  It is going to be bittersweet when you have your first taste of solid food.  

Things I love about you this month: I love the way you blow raspberries, I love the way you gnaw on my cheeks, I love the way that you put everything and I mean everything in your mouth.  I love that you are so easy going.  I love that you stroke your hair when your nursing.  I love that you love to eat from mommy.  I love that you are my milk baby.  I love your blue eyes.  I love how smart you are and how I can tell when you are thinking things through.  I love how you touch your toes.  I love that you blink and bat your eyes when mommy is tickling you or kissing you all over.  I love that you love pulling bailey's hair.  I love that bailey doesnt mind you pulling his hair.  I love the face that you make when you see your bottle- you get so excited.  I love that you still love your papi.  I love that when you poop it's so loud that I hear it.  I love that operation chunk up Emma is working.  I love that you are good in church.  I love that you sit in your bumpo so that you can be part of our family dinners. I love your little belly.  I love that you laugh when you see bailey walk by.  I love that you try to get mommy's food.  I love that you pull my hair.  I love you for you and the little personality you are developing.  

I love absolutely everything about you.

All my love,

Monday, July 23, 2012

Roll Em Over

The pun is not lost on me :)

On Saturday, July 21st (at approximately 8am), Emma rolled from her back to her stomach for the very first time.  I was soooo happy that I was at home to see this milestone :).  I had missed her rolling from her tummy to her back the first time- and have still yet to see her do that trick.  She must be more comfortable performing rolling from her back to her tummy because Nonni, Ally and Wes were all able to see it this weekend.  

Here she goes- getting ready laying on her back.

 And she is off- by far my favorite picture :)

Uh oh- did I really mean to do that.

So proud of herself and very confused as to why mommy is clapping and giving lots of kisses.

Friday, July 20, 2012

We're Back

Our first family vacation is over and we are (sadly) back in Texas.  We had a great time in San Francisco and the surrounding areas.  So many stories to tell and pictures to share :).  Emma was an angel on the plane and such a well behaved bah boo on the trip!  Vacation pictures and stories to come next week!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Eat My Toes

At Nonnie's house- she also discovered how to eat her toes :) Nom nom nom :)

Those taste pretty good

Nonni can make my feets squish my face- oh to be flexible like a baby!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Touch My Toes

Look who discovered her toes!!!

Step 1: getting prepped (i.e. contemplating whether I want to show mommy my tricks)

Step 2: raise titty toes into the air

Step 3: use all my baby powers strength to reach out and touch my left toe

Step 4: aaahhhhhhh, get a firm grasp on both of my toes (all while wondering, why is mommy snapping all of these pictures)

Step 5: showing mommy I am multi-talented by touching my toes and chewing on my hand all at the same time

They grow up so fast :(

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Look Who's Going Bald

And it's not daddy :)

Check out Emma's bald spot.  I think it is so endearing at this stage :)

Probably only something a mom would love- but I don't want to forget a minute of this stage.

Don't worry Ems- one day your hair will grow in.  Maybe it will turn dark and thick like mommy's- there is always hope :)