Friday, March 16, 2018

Christmas Vacation Wrap Up

We tried to squeeze as much as possible into our last four days at home.  We managed to go ice skating, on a date!, to the trampoline park and had last meals with Wes's family, Bobbob and Colleen and, of course, Nonni and Papa George!!

^ blurry, but one of my favorite parts of staying at Nonni's house is watching the girls get their hair done every morning - Nonni does the best french braids :). ^
^ after Christmas, Adge and I took the girls over to the Galleria to go ice skating (since the first time went so well :)). this was Evsie's first time and I was a little nervous for her, but overall she did great! ^
^ lambie hat!! ^

^ love this one of Emma and Adge :). ^
^ me and my baby! ^

^ so big!! and this picture really wants me to dig up a picture of me by this tree to show Emma. ^
^ I think this will be such a fun family tradition for us!! ^

^ fun morning spent with these three! ^
^ Wes and I got to go on a double date with one of his best friends (can you tell we were on cloud 9! so many dates!!). ^
^ what a fun night! ^
^ Evsie's had been asking to make cinnamon rolls with Nonni so one morning she finally got her chance. ^
^ so cute! ^
^ then Ev's joined Nonni in her workout. ^
^ the cuuuutest!! ^
^ and then we all headed to the trampoline park for a morning of jumping! ^
^ love this picture of Emma and Nonni. ^
^ and this sis wanted to join and it reminded me of the Nonni sandwich pictures we took when Nonni was in China. ^
^ until this happened - poor Ev's got kicked right in the face (it was an accident). ^
^ Evsie's and Nonni. ^
^ I cannot even believe I am posting this picture, but I can still do a toe touch and I was trying to teach the girls! I was sore for days afterwards ;). ^
^ we had dinner with Wes's family and the girls got to play all things boy with their boy cousins (they really loved playing with these two!). ^
^ Emma and Aunt Celeste (Em's really has a way with showing people she loves them!). ^

^ Aunt Celeste and Evsie's! ^
^ Aunt Celeste and both girls!! ^
^ my sister got the girls Hatchables (or Hatchem's - can't exactly remember) for Christmas and they l.o.v.e.d them! ^
^ every morning they would race out to check on them.  we put two of them away for them to rediscover the fun over summer break. ^

^ when we had lunch with Bobbob and Colleen, I took pictures of the girls (and myself) with sweet Bailey.  he is such a good pup! and has adjusted quite well to his new life.  we are very thankful/grateful/appreciative that Colleen has taken steller care of him! ^
^ and there Bobbob went with lifting her in the air again!! ^

^ I love any chance the girls get to spend with Bobbob and Colleen - such special memories for all of them to have :). ^
^ the girls love helping Papa George with a project. ^
^ this is one of the only pictures I have from our last day- we literally just chilled at my parents house all day. and did nothing. and after being go go go for so long, it was perfect! ^

^ we were pumped when Papa George got home from work and we got some last minute snuggles in :). ^
^ me or Everly? ha! definitely me, but we had fun looking at some pictures that my dad brought home from work. ^
^ and just like that, we were back on an airplane headed back to China. ^
^ goodbyes are always so hard, so we definitely prefer see you later's :).  we feel so fortunate that we were able to spend a decent amount of time at home! we love our life in China, but we are so so so excited about moving home when this adventure is over!! ^

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Christmas Day!

Christmas morning is one of my favorite mornings of the entire year; I love the anticipation the most and I get giddy thinking about the magic of Christmas in the girls eyes :). The icing on the cake is that we have been able to be home for the last two Christmas's - there is just nothing like being home for the holidays :).

^ when we got back from Aunt Celeste's house, Santa mom and dad and Nonni laid everything out ;). we mostly went with dress up stuff same as last year because the girls are still into it (it makes me tear up when I look at these pictures because sometimes I think this will be our last year for dress up). ^
^ my mom had stockings all ready for the girls! ^
^ Santa ate cookies and milk and left the girls a note. Emma was particularly obsessed with leaving out milk and cookies for Santa.Santa also took Snowflake with him back to the North Pole ;). ^

^ last year we had to wake the girls up at 8am to get the day rolling so this year, I thought it would be more of the same. nope. they were ready to go right after 7 so we hung out upstairs while the downstairs gang got ready to celebrate. ^
^ two excited girls on Christmas morning!! ^
^ Emma could not focus on her presents until she knew what had happened to her milk and cookies :). she couldn't believe Santa could eat all of that! ^
^ Evsie's had been asking for a Stuffy and Hallie for a long time so she was pretty pleased ;). ^

^ and just like that the dress up started - have you ever seen a cuter lambie?!? let me just tell you, the answer is no! ^
^ Elena of Avalor was Emma's most requested dress. ^
^ my girls. ^

^ outfit changes. ^
^ after the girls looked through all their Santa stuff, they opened a few presents from me and Wes.  Everly has been asking for a book with pictures of herself and I delivered :). ^

^ I think she really enjoyed it :). ^
^ Emma 'helped' Nonni get ready for breakfast! ^
^ could she be any cuter? ^
^ my dad sat down to play with the girls. ^
^ I would say, just like that breakfast is ready, but really my mom outdoes herself every year - the food was fantastic! ^
^ I included this picture solely to remind my dad to get a new coffee maker. his coffee maker might or might not have broken down on Christmas morning. he ended up googling stovetop coffee and made it in a pan, definitely a Christmas memory I will never forget. ^

^ stocking time! ^
^ at breakfast, we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and blew out candles. ^

^ the girls opened way too many presents. ^
^ Emma wrapped Nonni a homemade gift to make sure she had something under the tree to unwrap. ^
^ new shoes and new outfits for the girls from my mom - the girls love these mary jane toms if you are in the market for shoes, they stay on their feet way better than regular toms in my opinion. ^
^ the outdoor fire after the Christmas morning shenanigans is one of my favorite parts of Christmas day. ^
^ the girls were a bit of a hot mess after afternoon showers, so we let them have a little downtime with my iPad... ^
^ while the adults enjoyed a glass of wine by the fire ;). ^
^ I looooove this picture of Emma and Nonni! ^

^ the sweetest duo! ^
^ Nonni and Lambie. ^
^ I looooove this picture! ^

^ the silliest duo ;). ^
^ Wes and I took a selfie. ^

^ the best Christmas pictures we could get ;), we sure do love this girl gang of ours :). ^
^ love this guy! ^

^ Everly was in the smooching mood. ^
^ :). ^

^ sharing strawberries with her lemur. ^

^ Elena put on her fancy dress for Christmas dinner ;). ^

^ we had a delicious lasagna dinner that my mom prepared. after dinner, we sang one last happy birthday to Jesus. ^
^ I sure do love our Bobbob :). Ahhhh, what a magical, special Christmas spent with the people we love the most! ^