Monday, August 21, 2017

Twirling in Thailand | With Daddy Edition

On day 2 afternoon after my mom and I got a massage - I saw blue skies!!! I raced back to the room, we got the girls ready and headed to the beach for some twirly whirly pictures. To get the girls in the right mood, Wes set the stage and started twirling right away - best daddy, right?

^ look at him go ;). ^
^ then it was the girls time! I love this one of Emma :) ^

^ love this one! ^
^ you can see the storm already starting to come in - the weather changed so fast in June. ^

^ Wes wrote their names in the sand and I love the added touch. ^

^ I knew it wouldn't be too long before twirling gave way to playing in the water - storm approaching and all :). ^
^ two little girls, one ginormous ocean. ^

^ writing her own name in the sand! ^
^ the storm was really approaching - the girls had taken off their sopping wet dresses at this point and we scurried back to our rooms before the storm rolled in. ^

^ storms approaching is so mesmerizing to capture. ^ 

Friday, August 18, 2017

Thailand with Nonni | Day Two

Day two, here we go.

^ at breakfast on day two, it looked like it might be a nice morning so I thought we should take advantage and take twirly pictures; Wes made Emma think it was her idea and she was in the best mood heading to the beach. p.s. isn't she looking so ginormous here?!?!^
^ only to get to the beach and see that the tide was up too high to go down and twirl. ^
^ but not too high for a few sister pictures; however, one sister was not in the mood (isn't that always the case).  Emma did her best trying to pull Ev's out of her funk. ^

^ the sequence of the three above pictures is my favorite. and that raised shoulder Everly is giving Emma in the last picture gives me indication that we will be in for it during the teenage years. ^
^ Emma warmed her up enough to get a smooch, but still not a smile. ^
^ even a hands on the cheek smooch. ^
^ and then some real smiles came out.  this is quite possibly my favorite candid shot of the girls. ever. even though the lighting and composition is not 100% perfect. ^
^ sisterly love. #kindof ^
^ followed by sisterly shenanigans. ^

^ be still my whole heart - I love these pictures. ^
^ and then that Everly Gracie smile we are so used to seeing came out! ^
^ we walked back just in time to feed the fish- it is amazing what you can accomplish before 8:30am with two small kids. ^
^ best travel buddy. ^
^ we loved having Nonni with us too! ^
^ tippy toes ^

^ then swimsuit time. I love love love when I capture them in real life looking at each other. I love the way they look at each other. ^
^ silly girls. ^
^ I spy with my little eyes two photo bombers (daddy and flamingo). ^

^ day two was my mom's birthday!! and the day after was my half birthday! she doesn't necessarily love celebrating her birthday so we didn't play it up too big; however, I do love birthdays (even half birthdays) Wes had laid these cards out on the bed for me and the hotel left a nice surprise. ^
^ I feel like I capture this same picture every summer - I should go back and put together some comparison pictures. ^

^ swimming to our hearts content. ^

^ vacation is the best! ^
^ someone was excited about her watermelon smoothie. ^
^ my mom and I got a massage together!! when we were done, it wasn't raining and so I told the girls we should race down to the beach to take twirly pictures. ^
^ after our twirly pictures (more of those to come on Monday), another storm was headed our way.  I was obsessed with the way the light was hitting the water - even with the dark clouds, the water sparkled and shined. ^
^ almost magical. ^
^ she swam for a bit before it starting pouring rain.  ^
^ so we checked these two munchies into the kids club... ^
^ and enjoyed a little date at the bar right outside. ^
^ our view of the storm. we were literally sitting right outside the kids club.  ^
^ the girls joined us for an ice cream.  Emma loves her a good hair accessory ;). ^
^ they played out in the rain for nearly an hour just having the best time. ^
^ back in my mom's hotel room, they left her a cake for her birthday - which my two little ones really enjoyed.  then we were off for dinner (we just ate at the hotel again because of the rain) and then to bed. ^