Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Four Random Things

One. These noodles are my F.A.V.O.R.I.T.E!!! I literally get excited when I get to eat these noodles; 100% my favorite local find - it's just too bad this place is not closer to my house.  This is the same place I took my parents when they were in town, I just happened to go again a few weeks ago and I am still thinking about those noodles.

Two. At the mall the other day, Emma did the cutest art project.  You use different colors of foam sand (I think that is what it's called?) to fill in your design and I loved that it was completely age appropriate, little mess (and it wasn't at our house!), and creative for her (since she got to choose the color design).  It took her about an hour to complete (the last picture shows that Ev's had a little place to play while she did it - she wanted to buy stickers instead of doing an art project) and Emma was so proud of herself when she was done.  She has carried this butterfly all around the house with her the last week or so.

Three. You guys, we are drowning in paper.  I never thought my kids would be 'those kids' that loved to color all.the.time and use all.the.paper. all the time.  But yep, my kids are definitely 'those kids'.  This is just a small sample of the art they worked on while they were on 'holiday' for Golden Week and I had to work.  The last picture might be my favorite - Emma offered to take the picture of Everly and Ev's was so stinking proud, you can just see it in her (half chopped off) face. I am pretty good about going through the artwork once a month and 'decluttering', but sometimes the paper is overwhelming.

Four.  I am actually in the Philippines right now.  I just thought you might want to know :).  I came for a quick work meeting and will be heading back to Chengdu on Thursday.  This is the first time I traveled without the girls and over a year and leaving them and Wes was harder than I thought it would be.  Can't wait to get back and snuggle everyone up!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Singapore | The Singapore Flyer

The girls were the most excited about the Singapore Flyer - they saw the giant Ferris Wheel every time we drove in this area and they kept asking when it was going to be their time to get to ride it.  They were pretty pumped when we started heading that way after seeing the Merlion.  

^ we had the most serendipitous surprise when we stumbled upon this cute bakery on our way to the Singapore Flyer. ^

^ I know some people hate cheesy tourist attractions, but I am the opposite - for some reason, I just love them and I shared in the girls excitement to go to the top.  As stunningly beautiful as it was from the bottom, I knew it would be even better from the top. ^
^ the cute model that we peeked in on walking up the entrance ramp. ^
^ the details were so cool - since we were early, we got a private cabin to just ourselves and it was wonderful! ^
^ you can see Gardens by the Bay - there is the Cloud Forrest and Flower Dome looking from the outside. ^
^ Marina Bay Sands sticks out everywhere you go, especially since Singapore is so tiny. ^

^ Ev's was a little nervous at first, but dad helped her get through it! ^

^ once she got used to it, she started having lots of fun pointing out all of the things she had seen and done so far. ^
^ I know, I say this a lot, but I really love travelling with this guy - we balance each other out perfectly! ^

^ the views were outrageous, it was fun to see Singapore as the tiny island we had been bopping around for a week from up above. ^
^ they have some type of Nascar event in Singapore each year. ^

^ love love love these two snaps of the four of us. ^

^ unprompted smooches for daddy. ^

^ how did she get so big? ^

^ if you zoom in really close, you can see the Merlion across the bay. we had such a great time riding the Singapore Flyer and if you ever find yourself in Singapore with little kids, I highly recommend this activity. ^
^ we ended our morning back at the hamburger place! I think of all the food I miss from the states, hamburgers (and queso) top that list!! ^

Monday, October 9, 2017

August Little Things

I got so wrapped up in our Singapore vacation pictures (still a few more posts to come - we did so much fun stuff there!) but I let September come and go without wrapping up August.  Here is a little look at some of the things we were up to in August.
^ Wes germinated jalepeno seeds and he planted a few pots - one survived and looked like this at the beginning of the month. ^
^ working on their roller blade skills despite the heat (August was pretty hot here). ^
^ a random weeknight dinner at a burger place. ^
^ I think I mentioned this already, but one night we went to a cool light show exhibit. ^
^ they had pretty fancy ice cream cones. ^
^ the four of us plus the guide that was assigned to us for the evening ;). ^
^ the girls loved watching the performers - these acrobats were their favorite. ^
^ I love when the light streams in through the trees on our bike/scooter rides. ^
^ our date at Iron Pig that I talked about awhile back :). ^
^ checked out the global center water park one Saturday. ^
^ but ended back up at our pool the next day - a much better choice for the girls ;). ^
^ we decided to let the girls try gymnastics class so Wes hopped on tao bao and ordered a leotard for their first class. ^
^ this girl and her puppy! ^

^ I couldn't narrow down which picture to include so I just included all three. ^ 
^ mommy got in the picture :). ^
^ we took the girls to our favorite indoor playground (and met our friends there). ^

^ this place is really great for kiddos (I think someone asked me why it is not crowded here - I think because it is a little pricey for the entrance fee, but once you are in, everything is included). ^
^ Good Good tacos for dinner is always a good decision (sorry, I couldn't help myself). ^
^ this is the only picture I have from the time we went to the wrong mall for our gymnastics 'trial' class.  it was really a disastrous afternoon, but we all survived ;). barely :). ^
^ we prepped for the first day of school - and Wes got Everly's snack bag all ready to go. ^
^ Wes took the girls to meet their teacher the day before school started. ^
^ I believe on this particular day the power was out so we ate dumplings for dinner. ^
^ the girls were excited about their first day of school!! ^
^ Wes and I had a Starbucks date after our immigration appointment. ^
^ we ate tex-mex the Saturday after school started and the girls worked on their crafts while Wes and I ate. ^
^ we fed the neighborhood fish and realized it was so stinking hot we nixed our playground plans... ^
^ and headed to the swimming pool. ^
^ that Sunday started an insanely busy week for me at work so I made some cinnamon rolls for the girls (and me!) for the week. ^
^ Everly decided that blue lips were a good idea; doesn't she look guilty here?!? ^
^ we made paper crowns and the girls had fun decorating them. ^
^ by Friday, I was so ready for the weekend and came home to this sweet scene to kickoff the weekend - Wes was a student and the stuffed animals were his classmates. ^
^ family selfie before we attended a baby shower for our neighbors. ^

^ they were having a boy! and the girls had so much fun with all their friends at the party. ^
^ the next day we made it to the mall super early for our gymnastics class so we let the girls jump for awhile. ^
^ found a balloon. ^
^ and walked through the mall arm in arm. ^
^ on our way to Starbucks for a treat. ^
^ this mall has a ropes course between all the levels - it really is crazy! ^
^ the girls tried (and fell in love with) their gymnastics class and we signed up to go regularly. ^
^ the jalepeno plant at the end of August, still not quite ready but we were excited about the growth! ^
^ Emma got a book at the library about hermit crabs so I sent my mom this picture since hermit crabs were a big part of our Thailand trip (doesn't she look like she grew five inches during August!). ^
^ seeing me snap a picture of Emma, meant Ev's requested a picture as well :). ^
^ silly faces to send to Nonni to tell her that we love her!! ^

and that is a wrap on August.