Friday, February 16, 2018


"Your imagination is your preview of life's coming attractions." Albert Einstein

And sweet girl, you have the best imagination. We love you to pieces Emma Lemma.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Celebrating Our Emma

We celebrated our Emma big this year with our very first outside-of-the-house party!!! Last year, you may remember that Emma wanted a family party with the four of us and so that is what we did.  This year, she wanted to take 15 of her friends to a trampoline park (and obviously, that is what we did ;)).  Organizing the party was fairly simple (I had someone at work help me out with the logistics, Wes ordered some of the Moana specific decorations online and our driver took them there a week before the party and the trampoline park handled all of the set up).  The most complicated part was coming up with a menu that would be ok if the food set out for awhile. Oh and the rainbow cake that was specifically requested by the birthday girl (but more on that in a minute). Emma's birthday is actually this coming Friday, which is Chinese New Year in China.  Since most of her friends leave for Chinese New Year, we had her birthday party on February 3rd to celebrate with all of her friends! 

^ the trampoline park sent me these pictures the night before the party!! I knew Emma would looooove it, but I refrained from showing her the pictures because I wanted her to be surprised on her big day (she didn't know whether they would have the Moana theme or not...). ^
^ the girls and I had spent the previous two nights baking the four layers of rainbow cake and on Saturday morning the girls dug into the icing while I attempted to keep my sanity and ice the cake (homemade icing that turned out delicious!! icing a cake with four grabby hands, not so easy). ^
^ our house was a disaster zone - the entire dining room table was covered in boxes and bags and mess galore.  I snapped this picture right as our driver texted me to tell me she had been in a car crash on the way to our house (and we needed to leave in five minutes!!).  after some moments of panic, she ordered us an uber.  while the girls and I ran to the top of our hill, Wes loaded up as much as he could on the scooter and drove it up there - we were a panicked, stressed out sight to see. not my best moment for sure ;).  Emma and I hopped in the car to go set up while Everly and Wes waited for our driver (who was fine, I am sure you are wondering) and had said she would be there in ten minutes. ^

^ trying to keep our happy faces on, but there were definitely moments of tears! ^
^ I snapped a picture of the cake!! not going to lie, I was pretty proud of this cake!! ^
^ and so was Emma - I still think it was one of her favorite parts of the day. ^
^ I will upload the video later - she was so stinking excited to see all of this surprise put together for her; after some stress, it was just the rewarding moment I needed. ^
^ pure joy from the birthday girl!! ^
^ that smile means everything to me.  also, a little bit later on she came up and told me thank you for all the hard work I had put into organizing her party and I nearly melted.  I think my children are a bit spoiled sometimes (I am sure my dad is rolling his eyes right now at that remark), and genuine thank you's can be hard to come by and it really meant a lot to me that she would come up and give me a very heartfelt thank you. ^
^ this was the top of the stairs that everyone walked up and down to get to the party room. ^
^ haha, not the best picture with the jalepeno jar lid, but I wanted to get a picture of her cake with the candle in it :). ^
^ Emma helped me to put together the party bags for her friends!! which is another entire story in itself for another day on why we were putting these together at the last minute. ^
^ sisters!!! the pure joy that Everly showed Emma most of the day was top notch - birthday parties can be hard on the sibling sometimes :). ^
^ Emma and Everly's besties. ^
^ twirly girly. ^
^ can you believe she's six?!?!?! ^

^ there was a slide to get into the trampoline park - best idea ever, the kids loooved it!! ^
^ our view from the party floor - if you look close you can see Emma (she has bright yellow socks on). ^
^ a little bit better picture of Emma with one of her friends. ^
^ Evsie's!! ^
^ the kids spent a crazy amount of time on that playground looking equipment that was fill of slides and tunnels and fun!! ^

^ this is where most of the parents hung out during the party. ^
^ Moana themed. ^
^ Emma wanted to bring a princess dress to wear during the snack and cake time, but she was sad that she didn't have a Moana dress (Everly gave her one later that night for her birthday present) so she settled for Ariel and ended up loving it. ^

^ the cutest bunch of partygoers. ^
^ Everly, we just adore you. ^
^ Emma gave a speech to her friends - she had told us she wanted to, so Wes got her all set up with a microphone that he had brought and it was the cutest thing ever (I will try to post that video too).  this girl is full of confidence and it was so fun for me to see her surrounded by all of her friends. ^
^ the look of pure happiness. ^

^ making a wish (to this day, she still hasn't told me what she wished for!). ^

^ we hope all your wishes and dreams come true, baby girl. ^

^ it was a bit chaotic as I am sure you could imagine, so I didn't get the best picture of the cake, but everyone loved the surprise inside! ^
^ most importantly, the birthday girl. ^
^ juice break. ^
^ I ventured out with the kiddos on the trampoline and this was the view from the playground if you look back you can see where our party floor was located up there on the top. ^
^ the slide was no joke, but the girls squeeled with delight every time they went down it (and so did I, the few times they convinced me to go down it). ^

^ Emma has made a great group of friends this year! ^
^ present time - somewhere in here is where Ev's gave Emma her present which delighted Emma to no end (she loaded Everly up with all the 'you are the bestest sister ever' and 'Everly, I loooove you so much' compliments). ^
^ Emma loves big! ^

^ ha, the best family photos we could get! ^

^ had to give her Moana costume a go on the trampoline! in case you are wondering, outside of her birthday party, this is a costume just for home since it shows her belly ;). ^
^ most of Emma's friends left between 5 and 6, but her best friends stayed and jumped, jumped, jumped until we closed the place down at 8pm. I love birthday parties that linger :). ^
^ saying goodbye to Em's party - tired, delighted and full of joy. gosh, we sure do love that girl of ours. ^